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Decorative screws are already fixing materials in the true sense of the word, but these serve as the main feature for the optical aspect. Decorative screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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Decorative screws are a very special type of screw and are usually used very little in industry. Many questions arise about how the name originated and what a decorative screw is? Let us tell you a little bit more about the topic of decorative screws in this article. Despite all this, decorative screws belong to the large family of screw connections and fastening elements. In principle, such screws are constructed in the same way as most other screws. With one small difference! The small difference lies with a decorative screw in the head area. For this reason and this adaptation and/or change the rough over-name of the decoration screws developed. But what are decorative screws used for and in which areas are such screws used? Basically one can also say here that decor screws, as the name already says, are a type of screw which should fulfil a decor function. This is not primarily a matter of a secure fastening method or a particularly stable connection of two workpieces, but in the true sense of the pure visible head shape. The shape of the head has thus contributed significantly to the fact that these screws have been given the name decorative screws. Such special screws are mainly used in the furniture industry and in all other areas where the head shape must play a decisive role as a visible detail. We can also mention the area of advertising technology. Especially in the field of advertising technology such screws as the decorative screws are often used more often. This comes as no surprise, as the haptics and the appearance are decisive factors, especially for advertising boards. Let us also say a few words about the design of the decorative screws. Such screws always have a head area. This can look round, semicircular, angular, conical or trapezoidal or pointed on a screw. The head of the decorative screw does not have a normal mounting for a drive, otherwise the screw would look too technical again. This almost always involves drilling or milling holes that serve as drives for screwdrivers or other tools. Because also this screw must be tightened firmly with a tool. Below the head, the shank of the screw also flows directly into the decorative screw. This is set according to length and either provided with a continuous thread or a partial thread. With the material one can say so much that the standard for decor screws has almost always become the stainless steel decor screw, the measure of all things. This is always V2A or even V4A. Of course, other standard materials are also used, such as normal structural steel, but this material can quickly begin to corode in use.

Our delivery program of decorative screws - Buy online in our online shop

Decorative Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we could tell you a lot about the decorative screws and their construction and their use in the previous paragraph. Decorative screws made of steel, stainless steel (V2A and V4A) can be found today in the most diverse areas of industrial production of furniture and in private areas and are optical pieces of jewellery that set a special feature and thus offer the observer an overall picture in harmonious composition. So we would also like to offer our customers all over Europe the possibility to buy their stainless steel decor screws fast and uncomplicated via our online shop. This purchase can be concluded practically 24 hours from any place in the world. So we have created our online shop to offer you a modern way to buy your decor screws. So that the purchase can also run safely, it is important that the entire data transfer can also run on a very secure level, so that all your stored data can also be securely loaded with us into the merchandise management system. For this reason, we have decided to convert the entire online shop to the secure SSL certificate. Only with this certificate you can order and buy your decor screws made of steel or stainless steel. In this context, let us also briefly explain how the order and purchase of such screw types via our online shop should proceed. Of course, you must first find our online shop with the decorative screws. You are sure, if you read this text also over a large search machine to us into the category of the decoration screws arrives. Then we welcome you cordially. Since you are now already in the right category, you now have the opportunity to select the appropriate decorative screws and then put in the quantity you need in the warning basket. Once this has been done, you can now create your account and enter all your data, such as delivery address and sender as well as your email. If you now want to pay for your decor screws and complete the order process, you can follow the shopping cart instructions in the logged in state until you are shown the payment options. Now you can choose the best payment method to buy your decor screws. If the purchase was successful, you will then receive an order confirmation by e-mail. In this connection we also get your order by mail with all your goods, like the decor screws and the other articles and can pack these and give them to the dispatch.

Production of decorative screws made of steel or stainless steel

Decorative Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last section, we would also like to explain a few things about the production of decorative screws and how these work processes work. Because most of you certainly do not know how such decorative screws can be manufactured in the actual manufacturing process. Thus the decorative screw is an exception in the manufacturing process, like the conventional screws. These can be produced on so-called screw machines. With decorative screws, things look a bit different. Since these screws must be inserted in the head, i.e. in the front area or in the forehead area of a head, these screws must be manufactured on CNC machines. Here CNC lathes with a drilling device are used, which are mostly always equipped with a bar loader. This bar loader contains the tube materials, such as the round material as stainless steel V2A or V4A for the decorative screws or bright structural steel blanks. In this course the machine must get of course still the CNC program. Once this CNC program has been loaded and the machine has been adapted and equipped for the production of the decorative screws, production can begin. Now the machine first pulls a bar into the chuck and starts the actual production process. Now the head is turned first and the mould is screwed onto the decor screw. Now the drill holes are set either in the head front area or on the front side. In the next working process, the shaft is screwed to the decorative screw. Once this is finished, the thread can be screwed in: Once all these processes have been completed, the almost finished decorative screw can be cut off. If there is any drilling oil left on the material, the finished screws are washed. Now the screws are packed together in packed units. These can now be stored in a warehouse and when ordered the decorative screws can be sent to you.


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