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Closing screws that are used to seal closures tightly. Closing screws all kinds of things securely and can be removed again.

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You are in the category of closing screws. In this category we would like to explain to you a little more about what closing screws or pipe plugs have to do for a task and what they are used for. Surely you have come to our website because you are looking for closing screws for pipes or tubes made of steel or stainless steel and you have reached us via the search engine. In the first paragraph we would like to explain to you what a pipe plug with a metric or inch thread is. closing screws belong, you may hardly believe it, to the large family of screws and screw connections. Basically one can say that plugs are not connecting elements in the true sense of the word, but belong to the category of sealing elements and must be assigned to them. Because these have the sole task of absolutely sealing pipe ends with a thread. Plugs are available in many different versions and shapes. The standard closing screws is constructed in such a way that it is a threaded plug with a collar at the head that protrudes over the threaded surface. The sole purpose of this collar is that it can be screwed tightly to one end of a pipe by means of a sealing ring. It is of utmost importance that both surfaces are absolutely flat so that the tightness can be achieved. The tool holder, i.e. the drive, is incorporated in the head of this closing screws. The standard version of such a closing screws is always a hexagon socket. Of course, there are also plugs that have a slot incorporated and can be tightened with a screwdriver. Of course there is another type of plug, except the collar plugs. These have only one continuous thread, which is absolutely without a collar. At the head side of the closing screws there is also the incorporated drive, which can safely hold the hexagon key. With these screws in metric or inch thread design, the thread is the sealing surface and usually in conical design. This type of closing screws uses PTFE sealing tape or the traditional hemp tape method. Both sealing materials are perfect for sealing these pipes. The material used is actually always steel or stainless steel (V2A or V4A). Stainless steel is the most common material form for closing screws. Because it is particularly important that the closing screws do not suffer from corrosion, especially in order to seal liquids permanently and safely. V2A is a perfect material for this. However, if the liquids to be sealed are acid-laden or acidic, closing screws in a V4A version must always be screwed in. Only these plugs guarantee a problem-free seal.

Our delivery program of closing screws / pipe plugs / sealing screws made of stainless steel - buy online in our online shop

Closing Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AEven today, it is impossible to imagine the industrial production and manufacture of technical equipment without closing screws or sealing screws. Every day, industry and trade require thousands of these sealing plugs to closing screws and tube ends with a thread and effectively prevent liquids from escaping. As we already informed you in the previous article, the preferred material is actually always V2A or V4A stainless steel. However, galvanized steel is also used as closing screws. Over the last few years, we have been able to expand our range of stock items and supply customers throughout Germany and Europe with many products. However, we have only included closing screws in our stock programme after our customers' demand for the most diverse areas, as we were not really aware of how high the demand for these consumables was and is. As a result, we also started looking for a supplier for closing screws. The search was not really easy, but after some searching we could identify our supplier for closing screws. So we offer our customers all over Europe the possibility to buy their sealing plugs around the clock at a reasonable price via our online shop and to have the goods delivered to your company quickly and reliably. To make the purchase in our shop even more secure, some time ago the entire website was converted to the very secure SSL certificate. These advantages in terms of data security are serious, because your data can then no longer be accessed by third parties through data export. This creates additional security when buying our pipe plugs made of V4A or V2A. While we are on the subject of shopping, we would also like to explain in this context how secure shopping in our online shop works and how you can purchase your closing screws in metric form or in inch thread quickly and safely. Once you have found us, please take your time to find your closing screws and put them in your shopping cart together with the other products in the quantity you require. When this section is completed, you now have the possibility to create your customer account by entering all your data, which are used for the delivery address and the invoice. If this order section is completed in our online shop and you have all the items in your shopping cart, you now have the possibility to complete your order with the other products by clicking the Buy button. Follow the instructions in our online shop when checking out and you will now be shown the different payment variations, from which you can choose one. If the choice is made, confirm your purchase by clicking the payment button. If the purchase was successful, you will receive an automatic payment confirmation by e-mail from our system. Now your order of your closing screws can be assembled for you in our warehouse and handed over to the transport company. After a few days, you should receive your order.

The production of stainless steel (V2A or V4A) / closing screws

Closing Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order to be able to install the closing screws, they must first be manufactured by technical equipment and machines. This task is performed by the manufacturers of screws or closing screws made of stainless steel or steel. To enable this production in an economical way, so-called cam-type automatic screwdriving machines (this is how it was done in the past) or today CNC screwdriving machines are always preferred. These highly efficient machines are designed in such a way that all kinds of closing screws or sealing screws can be turned and produced in a very fast and precise way. Such machines are constructed similar to lathes. The main instrument is always the chuck within this machine. Through this chuck the raw material is fed into the machine as stainless steel or extruded steel. This process goes completely automatically through the connected loader. In order to allow the first step in the production of a closing screws, the fed material is turned down to the core diameter (outside). Once the chamfering at the beginning of the closing screws is completed, the metric or the follow-on thread is cut as a fine thread on the material. When this section is completed, the flat surfaces are turned off cleanly so that the closing screws can emerge. Now the screw plug is finished so far that it can be tapped off with a steel piercing tool. By means of a second device inside the machine, the tapped off screw is now taken over and deburred. Now the most important step in the production of the closing screws takes place. At the front side of the screw the drive is now worked in. This drive is in most cases a hexagon, which is worked into the head of the closing screws. A hole is always drilled first, which is just as large as the opposite sides of the hexagon. Now comes a pressing device, which presses the hexagon shape into the head of the closing screws by means of a hardened hexagon. In doing so, the corners are pressed into the hole. Now the closing screws is ready and must be washed to remove the oil residues from the screw. If this cut is also completed, the finished closing screws can be stored in our storage system and if you order, the goods will be shipped directly.


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