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Acrylic glass signs are called all the signs in the advertising technology, which use acrylic glass as a basic sign. Acrylic glass signs can be quickly attached to walls or other locations. Acrylic glass signs can be clear as glass or even milky.

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Acrylic glass, in particular acrylic glass signs, have become indispensable in this day and age and can be found more and more frequently in the most diverse areas. If you as a customer are looking for an acrylic glass sign or a plexiglass sign, then you definitely want to have an optical, high quality sign, which comes close to an advertising sign and wants to transport the attention of other people through the eye contact and the information standing on it, a certain information. Acrylic glass as a sign in the most different possibilities has fought its way to the forefront in the last years, especially because certain demands are made on such acrylic glass signs. So today these advertising signs can be made of glass or acrylic glass. The properties are fundamentally different. Starting with the weight between the two materials. Glass has a very high density and therefore a corresponding weight, which is often not desired. An acrylic glass sign, on the other hand, is extremely light in relation to its size and still has very good breaking properties, which give the material priority. There are also serious differences in the processing of the different materials. Glass is always cut and broken. With an acrylic glass sign, the contour or the cut is often done with a milling cutter or a laser, and thus the subsequent edge processing can be done. The edges of a cut out acrylic glass plate can be processed in different ways. Starting with laser edge grinding, where a laser runs around a cut surface, the surface is fused by heating the laser beam in such a way that an almost smooth cut surface can be expected. Of course, the edges of an acrylic glass plate can also be polished to a high gloss by hand, so that the surfaces no longer show any loss of quality. The direct edges of an acrylic glass sign are thus broken in the same breath and no longer show any sharp corners or edges. With these acrylic glass signs, advertising signs can be created by people in the simplest way and printed or pasted with a motif. The foils can be either transparent or completely matt or opaque. However, we would like to set some modern accents with our acrylic glass signs, which are intended for demanding customers, which you cannot find otherwise on the existing market. So such acrylic glass signs are suitable for advertising or company signs to quickly send certain messages to the viewer.

Our program of acrylic glass signs - buy online in our online shop

For many years we have been developing acrylic glass signs that can be combined in a harmonious relationship with our stainless steel. So we have put together our programme of acrylic glass signs online, so that you can quickly get an overview of the type of signs we can offer you in combination with stainless steel. So we offer with our online shop system to every buyer the possibility to buy your acrylic glass signs cheap. If you have found our website through one of the major search engines, we are happy to welcome you to our website. Now you have the possibility to choose all our stainless steel signs, which are often equipped with acrylic glass, in different sizes and types and to put them into your shopping cart. If this first order process of your acrylic sign is completed, you now have the possibility to choose further signs and put them into the basket or you move to the checkout and can buy the ordered acrylic signs comfortably over the different payment methods over our online shop. We would like to explain to you how such an order should be processed in our online shop. For this purpose, you now set up your own access, which allows you to enter all your required data, so that we later know where we may send the ordered acrylic signs. Once the account has been created in our online shop, you can complete all Dwten in the login area. This always includes your address and your email. Once all these missing data are entered, the next step is to choose the best payment method for you. Once the decision has been made, you can pay for the acrylic glass plates and the ordering process is almost complete. You will be redirected back to the shop after having paid for your acrylic signs. Now we also receive your order of the acrylic glass signs and can process it. At the same time you will also receive the order confirmation via our online shop and see exactly what and in what quantity you have bought the goods from us. Now the dispatch or the production of the ordered acrylic glass signs starts. As soon as the goods are ready for dispatch, you will always receive a notification by e-mail with the tracking number, so that you can see exactly where your order is at the moment until the acrylic glass plates can be delivered to you.

Acrylic glass signs for outside

Basically, it is so that just a few years ago, if the acrylic glass signs were used externally, they lost their shine and freshness after a few years and if they were exposed to direct sunlight they also tended to slowly lose their shine. But that was already several years ago. If you are looking for acrylic signs for outside use today and would like to attach them to walls and houses for your advertising purposes, you can confidently fall back on acrylic glass and mount these signs in the sunlight without any problems. The compositions for today's modern acrylic glass signs is already almost perfect, so that a mounting of such signs outside is no longer a problem. For this reason, we also use glass and acrylic glass for our signs, which are usually always paired with the material stainless steel, to set accents and impress customers with a very special advertising sign. This succeeds with all of our customers, who attach importance to high-quality acrylic glass signs for the outside and thus want to leave a lasting impression on your customers or your clientele. Further information about acrylic glass signs for outside can be found in our online shop, where we offer you our acrylic glass signs at a reasonable price. We wish you now much fun with rummaging.

The combination of acrylic glass signs with stainless steel

As we have already partly informed you in the previous article, we would like to develop and produce very special acrylic glass signs for very special people who want special attention for their company. Thereby it is very important to us to let the advertising signs appear in a very special combination with a beautiful and great material, the stainless steel in a harmonizing combination. So we produce your acrylic glass signs in the different combinations with stainless steel for you. The materials are not only available in stainless steel and acrylic but also in gold-plated parts of the stainless steel signs or the full 24 carat gold-plating. Now you can surely imagine the luxury that this special combination between the individual materials can trigger and our customers are always enthusiastic when it comes to special acrylic signs that also reflect the company, to get the attention that your company needs. So we offer acrylic signs as parking signs, which can be printed or foil wrapped on one or both sides. But also stand signs made of stainless steel with an acrylic sign can be easily ordered from us. The signs always consist of a tubular frame which holds the entire acrylic glass sign securely. These tubular frames can be screwed directly onto an existing base plate or they can be embedded in the ground. The columns can have a round shape or be square or angular. Just as you wish. The acrylic glass panes or the acrylic glass sign is always firmly screwed to the frame and is often also provided with decoration screws. Thus the acrylic glass sign gets a firm fit and is also secured against theft. All components of the frame are always made of V2A stainless steel or even V4A. Only in this way can you enjoy your acrylic glass sign with a stainless steel frame purchased from us for a long time. But not only such signs, which can be screwed directly on the floor or embedded in the floor, we would like to offer you, but also with a granite base or other combinations. We will complete this category step by step, so that you can see all our acrylic signs at a glance.

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