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Cylinder head screws are screws that have a cylinder as their head. Cylinder head screws can therefore be perfectly embedded in thick materials. Thanks to the cylindrical head.

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Today, cylinder head screws are indispensable in today's highly modern civilisation. In a highly technical community, where machines and technical devices determine our everyday life, cylinder head screws made of various materials are used almost everywhere to firmly connect workpieces or housings with a machine part or another workpiece. Over the last 100 years, cylinder head screws, either made of steel, stainless steel or plastic, have become increasingly popular. In this article, we would like to explain to you all about screws with the cylinder head. Let us start with the general structure of a cylinder head screw. This type of screw also has its fixed place in the large family of screw connections. Due to its shape, the cylinder head screw has become the most popular fastening screw. Basically, the structure of a cylinder head screw is essentially always the same. However, this cylindrical type of screw has a cylindrical head area. On the outside, the cylindrical head is round and smooth. On the inside of the head area of a cylinder head screw there is always the so-called drive, which enables the screw to take an Allen key or a Torx key. With this you can easily penetrate into the inner area of the screw head and a positive connection is created between the tool and the screw. Through this positive force connection, the forces applied to the tool can be transferred to the cylinder head screw. The resulting torque is then transferred to the screw shaft and the screws can be screwed into an existing thread and tightened. The forces that occur then make the cylinder head screw a fixed but removable element. At a later time the cylinder head screw can be loosened again by engaging the tool and applying the opposite torque. After the cylinder head of the screw has been tightened, the shank is connected to the cylinder head of the screw described above, thus forming the actual cylinder head screw. On this shaft, either over the full shaft length, or only partially pronounced, is the thread to be screwed into other components, or to form a firm but detachable connection with suitable nuts. Many also think of the term cylinder head bolts as a type of screw that is only used in the engine manufacturing industry to screw cylinder heads firmly to the engine block. Of course these screws are also called cylinder head screws. Here two terms meet, which do not have to do in the actual sense with each other. The materials used for cylinder head screws are always steel, stainless steel, V2A or V4A screws or even plastic screws. Basically, all cylinder head screws are classified and manufactured according to a certain DIN, so that certain standards can be declared with them.

Our delivery program of cylinder head screws - buy online in our online shop

Cylinder Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs we were able to tell you in the previous article, cylinder head screws in particular have become extremely popular in recent years and can be found in almost all machines and technical equipment. Exactly this circumstance has contributed to the fact that the demand for such screws has risen continuously but steadily to an unbelievable level in the last few years and this demand for steel cylinder head screws or stainless steel cylinder head screws must also be met by the manufacturers. For many years we have successfully supplied thousands of customers throughout Europe with metal cylinder head screws. To make shopping even easier, we created our online shop a few years ago and so it is possible that our customers can buy their cylinder head bolts partially around the clock, i.e. 24 hours in our online shop. So that this shopping experience can run off also unclouded and surely, we have decided to change the whole domain to the safe SSL certificate. This means that all your data is now transferred to our merchandise management system in an encrypted mode and therefore the data cannot be accessed by third parties. So this measure creates a further security update. Let us now tell you how you can now buy your cylinder head screws made of metal or steel or stainless steel in a few steps via our online shop. Surely you have also found us, because you have found cylinder head screws via the search engine "Suchbrgiff" in a big search engine? If so, we would like to welcome you to our internet presence and you are now already in the right category of cylinder head screws. You now have the possibility to get an overview of the screws you need. If you have found the right cylinder head screws made of stainless steel or steel or plastic, you can put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you require. If you need further parts from our online shop, you can also put them into the shopping cart. If you would like to complete your purchase of cylinder head bolts within our online shop, you can now create an account with us. Please enter all the data required for your delivery address and billing address. If you would like to complete your order, follow the instructions in the online shop and click on the buttons to get to the selection menu, where all payment options are displayed. Now choose the best payment method for you and confirm your purchase by completing the payment. If the payment of your cylinder head screws was successful, you will automatically receive a confirmation email where you can see exactly how many and which cylinder head screws you have just purchased. In this context we can now also process your order in our warehouse and prepare and process your purchase for shipment to you. After a few days your ordered goods (cylinder head screws) should arrive and be delivered to you.

The production of cylinder head screws from steel or stainless steel

Cylinder Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we could already tell you some things about cylinder head screws. But in the last article we would like to go into more detail about how such screws can be produced on modern machines today, so that the cylinder head screws can be offered for sale in our online shop. Many use such cylinder head screws every day to use them in mechanical engineering or to install them themselves. The possibilities are almost unlimited. In order to produce economically high-quality, but nevertheless favorable cylinder head screws, one needs nowadays ultramodern CNC screw machines. Only these are able to fulfil these criteria in the long term. Such a CNC screw machine has only one task, the production of cylinder head screws and all other types of screws. In the past, these screws were usually produced on so-called mechanical cam-type turning machines and these machines usually worked very slowly. The most modern CNC machines, however, can produce your cylinder head screws in a few minutes. These machines usually have a chuck or machining centre inside, so the wire, which is fed from outside via the drum loader, is machined. In the beginning, a continuous wire is placed on a drum outside the machine for the production of the cylinder head screws. The wire is now fed into the machine and the chuck. Now the CNC program is loaded. When the machine is started with the stainless steel wire, the machine will automatically pull the wire in and start cutting the cylinder head wire to length. This wire is now pre-swaged at the head in a further operation to produce the stop of the cylinder head screw. Once this process is completed, the final upsetting or recutting is carried out. The Antrib is now pressed into the head. This actuator usually represents a hexagon. If these manufacturing steps are also completed during the production of the cylinder head screw, the almost final step takes place, which completes the rolling of the thread on the screw shaft. The screw shank of the cylinder head screw is pressed between two thread rolls so that the shank of the cylinder head screw can be rolled between the rotating thread rolls. The only one rolled thread on a cylinder head screw can be permanently and safely loaded. In the last step, the cylinder head screws are cleaned of the manufacturing grease in a solvent and can then be grouped together in packaging units. These come into the warehouse and are now waiting to be ordered by you via our online shop. If you purchase your cylinder head screws online, we will now put together the desired cylinder head screws and can then send them to you via the shipping department.


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