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Locking pins are cylindrical pins which are intended to be locked. Locking pins are used in many different applications. Such locking pins are manufactured from stainless steel or steel.

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Many people actually wonder what a locking pin is and how it works exactly. Because this question often comes up, we have decided to write a longer article about the locking pins. We will go into the detailed structure and the exact mode of operation. At the same time, we would like to go into more detail about the materials used for these standard elements and which stock assortments we can offer you from our program. In the last section on metal locking pins, we will also take a closer look at the manufacturing process, so that you as a customer know exactly how the details work. First of all we would like to explain how a locking pin works. It has to be said that such a bolt always runs in a housing by moving up and down. The secret of a locking pin is that you, the operator, can decide when the pin locks or not on a component to be secured. This means that the bolt can be secured in position by pulling it up and twisting it. The bolt remains retracted at the top and the underlying component can be positioned with the hole exactly underneath. Now it is up to you when the locking pin snaps into the component bore through your release. Due to the spring pressure, the bolt is always held in the locking bore of the component so that it cannot be released by itself. Only if you want to, the connection of the component can be released by lifting the locking pin. This invention is already quite good and must be used thousands of times on many machine parts and devices so that certain safety functions can be implemented quickly and in a controlled manner by the locking pin. In order for the locking pin to have a safe and good function, certain basic materials must be processed at certain points. The locking base body which is screwed into a component and the locking pin must be made of a metal such as at least steel or stainless steel. Only these materials ensure that the breaking load of the pin is very high when viewed in cross-section and that safety during locking can be guaranteed. Stainless steel as a material for a locking pin can always be available in two different alloys. On the one hand it can be a stainless steel alloy in V2A or one in V4A. V2A for a locking pin is sufficient as usual and so they are used in all systems that only come into contact with water or moisture. However, if you want to use the locking pins in a chemical industry, you should always consider the V4A as a material. Only this material defies all reactions with acids and alkalis and is absolutely resistant.

Our stock program of locking pins - buy online in our online shop

Locking Pins Stainless Steel Metal V2A V4ANowadays, locking pins made of metal, i.e. steel or stainless steel, have found their way into more and more sectors of the economy and can therefore be used in more and more applications. This of course also means that more and more people are buying metal locking pins so that they can be used to fit devices or components. This in turn requires that the industry can provide enough of these standard elements so that they can be shipped to customers in the desired quantities. For this reason, we have also decided to include locking pins made of steel or stainless steel in our product range, so that we can supply our customers in Germany and the rest of the world. Thus we have created a platform which has given all our customers the possibility to buy their locking pins fast and uncomplicated via our online shop. This has the advantage that you can buy your goods from us around the clock without having to take opening hours into account. In order to ensure that the purchase of your locking pins is secure, it is important that the entire website is encrypted. This has the advantage that all your stored data is really secure and cannot be accessed by third parties when exporting data to our merchandise management system. While we are on the subject of security, we would like to say a few words about shopping in our online shop and how a secure and fast order process should work. If we may also welcome you on our site, because you can greet us via a large search engine by the keyword "locking pin", you are now on our website, so that you have the possibility to search for all locking pins made of steel or stainless steel, which you can put into the shopping cart in the quantity you want. Once this purchase stage is completed, you can either continue shopping for other products or you can create your customer account with us. You will then have the opportunity to create your account and enter all your data, such as delivery address and email. Once this is done and you would like to complete the purchase, simply follow the instructions of the online shop, which will now show you a selection of payment methods. Once you have chosen the best one, confirm payment of your metal locking pins and we can now ship the goods from our warehouse to you.

The production of locking pins

Locking Pins Stainless Steel Metal V2A V4AAs with all other products, locking pins must first be manufactured so that they can be purchased at a reasonable price in an online shop. So that we would like to shed some light on this area and give you the opportunity to get a small insight into the production processes. As already mentioned above in this section, today's locking bolts are made of two different large important components and, if necessary, of different materials. In order for such a locking bolt to function without a single swath, all components must interlock perfectly and work cleanly. Let's start with the basic body or the body of the locking housing. This can also be produced as a CNC-turned part, or as a cast part. If it is a turned part, we use state-of-the-art CNC lathes with a connected loader. The machine can then execute the different program steps until the locking pin body is finished. If it is a casting as a base body, the production is a little more complex, so that the mould must first be made with a wax model. This is then dipped into a mud bath and fired hard and solid by subsequent firing so that the wax can evaporate in the same breath. Now there is only the empty shell left, which can now be filled with a liquid stainless steel or steel. The basic body of the locking pin can now be removed from the mould after cooling, so that the mould is destroyed. Now the reworking and drilling of the individual holes and the reaming for the locking pin begins. The head on the housing body can either be made of metal and can also be produced as a turned part or as an injection moulded part. If it is manufactured as an injection-moulded part, a mould consisting of two halves must first be milled. These mould halves lie optimally on top of each other and can be clamped on an injection moulding machine. Now the mould can be filled with plastic under high pressure and the housing head of the locking bolt is finished. Afterwards the mould can be opened and the head is taken in. Now the final assembly of all individual parts to a finished locking pin takes place. This can then be stored in the warehouse to be shipped to you when you order.

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