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Three-star handles are called grips that have three stars on the handle. So a three-star handle is perfect to be touched with the fingers. Available are three-star handles in steel, stainless steel and also plastic.

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This amount is intended to cover only the three-star handles, because they offer a serious advantage that other handle elements cannot offer. Three-star handles made of plastic or metal or steel or stainless steel (V2A or V4A) are used today in almost all areas of mechanical engineering and other constructive areas which require, for example, a type of "quick release" fastener which can be operated by a hand movement. And all this without the use of tools of any kind. In this article we would like to explain how three-star handles differ in their design from other handle elements and how they can be operated by hand or fingers. We would also like to take a closer look at the materials from which three-star handles can be manufactured today and also shed some light on our stock programme so that you can see which of these operating elements we can offer you. The last paragraph will deal with the production of such three-star handles made of plastic or steel or stainless steel and how they can be produced on ultra-modern machines and processes. We with each description, begin also we here in this amount with the detailed structure and the efficiency of three-star handles. As the name suggests, three-star handles have a special arrangement of so-called grip elements, where fingers can intervene to generate a torque, which can be relatively high, by operating the handwheel with secure finger grip. The fingers, normally the index finger and the thumb, grip into one of the three bulges on the handle and can thus create a secure hold when loosening and tightening the three-star handle. Due to the triple arrangement of the stars, a quick grasping and re-gripping is possible without problems, even in different turning positions. Not all handles from the range of the handle elements have this advantage. Thus, three-star handles are particularly suitable for quickly making a grasping movement on the handle itself and for exerting a kind of fluid rotary movement. The materials from which the three-star handles can be manufactured are always made of plastic as the basic version. These are inexpensive and always have a metal sleeve with a thread to securely hold a screw connection. Of course these elements can also be made of metal, such as bare steel or stainless steel made of an alloy of V2A or V4A. V2A as a stainless steel alloy is usually sufficient for three-star handles if these elements come into contact with normal water. If you want to have it of course even better and more resistant, you should always use the stainless steel V4A for these handles. Only this alloy for the three-star handles is resistant to all alkaline and acidic solutions as well as salt water in marine areas.

Our stock program of three-star handles - buy online in our online shop

Three star handles Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AThe sales of three-star handles made of plastic or steel or stainless steel have increased dramatically in recent years because the demands on technical systems and machines have increased more and more and the group of manual control elements has grown drastically. It has become all the more important that the increasing demand for such three-star handles can also be met in terms of quantities and that online shops provide the necessary quantities of handles. As a result, we have decided to include the three-star handles made of plastic or steel or stainless steel in our extensive product range in order to meet the increasing demand. Thus we have been able to build up a wide range of three-star handles over the last few years and can now offer you these manual control elements in unlimited quantities. This is how it should be and this is how we provide our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe with a well stocked online shop where you can buy your three-star handles at a reasonable price. To make sure that it stays that way, we also care about security and so some time ago we changed the whole domain to a secure SSL encryption and can therefore further increase the shopping security. So we would like to give you a short introduction how an order process in our online shop should look like, so that you can order your three-star handles quickly and easily. So we can certainly welcome you on our website, because you have found us through the search engine and the search term "three-star handles" and now you can look around at your leisure to choose all your products and put them in the shopping cart. Once this process of shopping is completed, the next step is to create your account with us and enter your data. If this is also done, the checkout will take place so that you can pay for all your goods. Just follow the instructions of the shopping cart and after a few steps the payment options will be displayed. If you have now paid the three-star handles, we can assemble your goods in the warehouse and send them to your home or company.

The production on three-star handles

Three star handles Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AAs always in this article, the last section will deal with the manufacture or production of three-star handles. As these handles are used in more and more technical equipment and the demand is constantly increasing, we do not want to forget the aspect of the production of such handle elements. It is also the case with three-star handles that they often consist of at least two different materials. This is especially true for the plastic handle elements, so we would like to start with these parts. A plastic three-star handle consists of a plastic handle element and a threaded sleeve, which is firmly moulded into the plastic handle. If we now take a closer look at the production of such parts, it is so that these elements can be produced in an injection moulding process. This means a cost saving because the mould has to be made once and then it is clamped on a machine for injection moulding. Now the injection moulding machine can produce thousands of three-star handles in different plastic groups and colours. After the material has cooled down, the mould can be opened and the finished three-star handle can be removed. A production of a three-star handle as a metal version, as in steel or stainless steel, requires a completely different production method. These handle elements are produced in a casting process. At the beginning a negative mould must always be made, which is then immersed in a mud bath, so that this still soft layer can be burnt out in a furnace by extreme temperatures. Then the soft mud layer is turned into a hard, resilient mould. In the same breath the wax form evaporates and only a shell remains. This can then be cast out in a further casting process with liquid stainless steel V2A or V4A or bare steel. Once this steel has cooled and solidified, the three-star handle can be exposed by destroying the mould and can then continue in further work steps to the finishing process. Now all the surface treatments must be carried out. We are talking about grinding and high-gloss polishing, if the handle is to have this kind of finish. The last step is the drilling of the central threaded hole in the three-star handle. Once all these steps are completed, the finished handles can be stored in our warehouse and then shipped to you when you place an order.


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