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Nail screws have the name because they can be nailed and screwed on one side at the same time. Nail screws are nevertheless used in a nailing device to shoot the screws into the material.

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Surely you have all asked yourselves what exactly nail screws are and how they are used? We would like to explain these and many other questions in more detail in this article, so that most of you know how to use such nail screws made of metal, steel or stainless steel. This type of screw/nail is assigned to a special group of connecting elements, because these screws for nailing actually correspond to a nail for the first fastening part and are used as screws for the second part, the loosening. But we would also like to highlight many other questions, such as the structure of a nail screw and also the actual purpose that these screws should serve. In the further part we would like to explain more closely which stock goods, i.e. which stock assortment we have available in our online shop for our customers who would like to buy such screws for nailing at a reasonable price. But we want to start with the actual function of nail screws made of steel or stainless steel. As the name suggests, a nail screw is a type of screw that has both functions. This type of screw is only used on wood or beams, because it is a wood connecting screw and not a machine screw. The idea behind a nail screw is that such screws can be hammered into a wood component by hand or even with an automatic nailing device. The screw is hammered in with great pressure and pressed in up to the head. Due to the screw structure the nail screw gets a great hold. Since it is a screw, it is also a detachable connection, so that the screws can be removed at will. If that should be the case, the nail screw can be unscrewed simply by the appropriate tool. The idea behind this type of screw is that the time for screwing in can be saved, because this process can be shortened by hammering in. Especially when nail screws are used in box making on wooden packaging, this saves the company a lot of time and also costs, which can be saved during packaging. The structure of a nail screw is very similar to that of a normal metal screw or another wood screw. Also the nail screws made of steel or stainless steel have a head that has a drive. At this head is the shaft which has the coarse thread or the wood thread. This tapers down to a point and can therefore be used like a nail. By the wood thread at the nail screw, unscrewing is possible without problems and of course hammering in again. The material used for the nail screws is almost exclusively high-strength steel with the correct coating or stainless steel. The stainless steel can be installed as V2A or V4A with such screws.

Our stock program of nail screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Nail Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANail screws were first invented in recent years, when the packaging industry was looking for time-saving ways to produce their wooden packaging in an even more favorable time frame and further reduce costs. Only with the invention of the nailing devices, such an application had become possible and the use and demand could be increased strongly. This had followed, because the delivery of such nail screws made of steel or stainless steel must be constantly adapted to the demand. So that the Menegn, which are needed can also be supplied, we have also decided to take up this screw type to our assortment with and to offer thereby to our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe, the possibility, these screws, which are also nails, over our on-line Shop 24 hours on the day favorably to buy. For this reason there is this category of the "nail scrapers" since some time. In this context we would also like to say a few words about the safe purchase of our products. So that your data is also safe, we have converted the entire website to the secure SSL certificate, because only this certificate provides the security that is required when your data is transferred to our merchandise management system and cannot be accessed by third parties due to the encryption. This is a milestone in the purchase of all products in our online shop. So that you can also buy the goods quickly and easily and cheaply from us, we would also like to give you some directions regarding the ordering process, so that you know which is the direction. Now we also assume, if you read the text, that you have found us through a search engine and have entered the term nail screws. That is, nice that you are now with us and are also immediately in the right category. You can now get an overview of our product range of nail screws and can choose the best screws for your building project. If you have found what you are looking for, you can now add your steel or stainless steel nail screws in the desired quantity to your shopping cart and then purchase other products from our range. If you would like to buy only the nail screws and also pay immediately, you can create an account with us and enter all your data. This includes the email address and also your delivery address and billing address. If this step is completed, the shopping cart with your nail screws in the basket is opened and now you can click on continue to follow the following pages. After a few clicks you will be offered a selection of payment options, where you can choose the right one for your payment. Now buy and pay for your nail screws. If the purchase was successful, you will receive an order confirmation with all details. Now we can process your order and send it to you.

The production of nail screws

Nail Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AArrived in the last section of the very special screws, the nail screws made of steel or stainless steel, we would not like to deprive you of course also the production of nail screws. Especially these screws have a special shape, which can only be made on ultra-modern CNc screwing machines. Only 40-50 years ago such special screws were still produced on older, purely mechanical production machines, which of course did not have any CNC programming. This was basically no problem, but these machines were purely mechanically driven and could also be programmed via a cam. All adjustments had to be made via the cam and by turning special screws. This resulted in a long changeover time, so that if a lot size had to be placed on nail screws, these had to be produced in a very large quantity. However, these machines were not at all susceptible and produced the desired product rather slowly, but with a high repeatability. Today, time has changed fundamentally and therefore, for purely economic reasons, only machines that can be loaded by CNC programming are used today. These machines are very fast in production and also very easy to change over to another type of screw. In the machine there is always the processing head, which takes over all processes. Outside there is always a bar loader or the drum loader. Depending on the wire thickness, the different screws, here the nail screws, can be produced. When the machine is set up and loaded and the CNC program is in the machine, the production of the nail screws can be started by inserting the wire. The first step is to calculate the length of the blank and cut the wire to length. In the second step the head of the nail screw is pressed out. The drive as a cross slot or torx is also worked in. Now only the thread has to be attached to the shaft of the almost finished nail screw. Here the thread rolling procedure is usually used, because this procedure requires two rolls, which already have the thread furrows. These rolls or rollers are hardened. If the nail screw is now held in the rotating thread rolls, the thread can be transferred to the screws. If the nail screw is then ready, everything can be collected in a collecting container and then stored in our warehouse. If an order comes from you, we can pack the nail screws and send them to you.


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