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Machine screws are called these screws because they can be installed on machines. The thread of a machine screw is standardized and fine.

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Machine screws are a large part of different screws, all of which can be used in machines. Many people wonder what exactly the term "machine screws" means? Because it is used more and more often and so we would like to shed some more light on the dark, which screws belong to this large group and why these screws have been so called? Many questions arise when people search for machine screws on the major search engines and then come to the different websites that offer these screws. An exact type of screw is not really associated with this term. What is meant is a group to which many screws belong. Excluded from this group of screws are all those that have nothing to do with a metric or inch thread and screws for wood or sheet metal as well as terrace construction screws or plumber screws that have a coarse thread. All mechanical engineering screws are usually equipped with a metric thread and are always screwed tight as a screw connection either with an appropriate washer and nut, or in a threaded hole. The same applies to metric threaded holes in machine parts or housings. Machine screws can be made of steel, brass or stainless steel (V2A or V4A), even plastic. Thus the term can be described as a broad generic term for a fastener which is predominantly installed as standard in technical systems as well as in machines and devices. Always in connection with a metric and/or inch thread. Others, on the other hand, regard machine screws as a superior group of screws, which is based exclusively on the use of hexagon head screws. Opinions often differ widely. We always see machine screws as a classification which includes all metric screws which can be screwed into all possible counterparts such as nuts or threaded holes by means of a standard thread. For example, even stainless steel machine screws can have many different head versions with different drives. For example, the cylinder head screw with a hexagon socket is just as much a machine screw as the hexagon socket screw, which is also provided with a standard thread in metric form. Countersunk screws can also be machine screws if the screw has a metric thread. The drive can also be a Torx drive, a cross slot drive or even a slot drive. The industry makes few distinctions in this respect, and so machine screws remain on everyone's lips when it comes to creating durable and re-removable favourable connections over long periods of time, which the machine screw of course fulfils perfectly.

Our stock program of stainless steel machine screws - buy online in our online shop

Machine Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs we were able to tell you about the large group of machine screws in the above article, thousands of them are now being used in many technical installations worldwide. There is a good reason for this: With the technical revolution, the machine screw has really gained momentum and has been able to further expand its triumphal procession since the beginning. Today, no technical system or technical device would be conceivable and functional without a machine screw. However, this does not only apply to technical systems in all conceivable areas, but also to technical equipment as well as its use in heavy engineering or even in light engineering. Imagine, even in a clockwork you can find today miniature machine screws which firmly connect the cover plates of gears or other parts with the rest and thus create very special details. When we started to build up our company at that time, we started to increase our stock as standard machine screws, so that a quick delivery of your purchase in our online shop can be done in a timely manner. In the last years we could expand and optimize our stock management so that today many different types of machine screws are quickly available and can be shipped to any place in the world by the transport company. Thus we have enabled many of our customers to buy our low-priced stainless steel machine screws worldwide through our online shop, which can be purchased from us around the clock. In order to make this ordering process for your machine screws and the other products even more secure, we have rebuilt the entire Internet presence so that encrypted data transmission is used. We would like to explain what this means in more detail. By means of this security function, your data is transferred to our merchandise management system in an encrypted form when downloading your orders, whereby access by third parties can now be excluded. In this breath we would also like to give you an understanding of how a purchase in our online shop can be carried out quickly and easily if you want to buy your machine screws from us at a low price. If you have come to our website through the search engine and are looking for your machine screws, please add them to your shopping cart with all the other desired products in the quantity you require. If this part of the order is completed, please continue to create your account. Open your account and leave all your data for the delivery address, the delivery note and the invoice. Once this part is completed and you would like to complete the purchase by paying for your machine screws, please follow the next instructions. Now a variety of payment options will be suggested to you by our system. You now decide for the best one. By paying your machine screws the purchase is now completed. The goods will now be assembled for you in our warehouse and will be shipped to you promptly.

The production of machine screws

Machine Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AThat there are machine screws, certainly many people who are engaged in technical professions or hobbies with screws know. But how many do not know how machine screws are actually manufactured. In order to close this gap, we would like to show you how these screws can be manufactured economically and cost-effectively. In order to install machine screws first of all, it is always absolutely necessary that they are manufactured. In order to make this production possible, CNC machines are always necessary, which carry out all technical processes independently and make the set-up costs for another type of machine screws possible quickly. To illustrate the production process in more detail, we would like to illustrate this using the example of the cylinder head screw. This CNC machine always has a chuck as its main component, which serves as the initial processing tool. Behind the machine there is always a drum holder for the raw material made of stainless steel or steel, which has to be fed into the machine as endless material. When machining and manufacturing machine screws, the first thing that is always done is to cut the stainless steel pin to the correct length. Once this manufacturing process is completed, the next step takes place, which uses an upsetting tool to form (press) the first head shape with the collar of the machine screw. Once this first part is completed, the pressing is carried out with an upsetting tool that produces the final shape of the screw. In this process, the drive is also pressed into the head, which is usually a hexagon for machine screws. Now only the metric thread or the inch thread is missing, which is rolled onto the screw shaft of the screw. This rolling process is made possible by two separate thread plates. These have the prescribed standard thread on file. Now the screw shaft is pressed between the thread plates by high pressure and rolled back and forth until the machine screw is completely rolled. The last step is the washing of the screws and the removal of oil. If this part is also completed, the machine screw can be stored in our warehouse to be shipped to you promptly when you order.


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