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Basket nuts are nuts that have a shackle on the body. This shackle has the shape of a basket. Hence the name basket nut. Basket nuts are actually always made of steel or stainless steel.

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In this article we would like to tell you a little more about the metal basket nuts. We would like to take a closer look at the following points concerning basket nuts, whereby we would like to go into the exact structure of a basket nut. At the same time we would like to go into more detail about how basket nuts are used in industry and the materials from which they can be used today. Of course, we would also like to discuss how basket nuts can be made of steel or stainless steel and the different production methods available. We would also like to start with the exact structure in this amount. Basket nuts have been given the name simply because of their design, as the upper structure of the clamp is very similar to that of a basket. The upper part is very wide and designed, and the basket nut is attached to the main nut in a curved inward direction. This main nut is the base of the whole basket nut. In this nut is the through hole with the thread provided for this purpose. Basket nuts are used in industry in many different areas. The main areas of application, however, are container construction and vehicle construction, where liquids have to be transported and lids and other coverings can be permanently and quickly removed. The advantage of basket nuts is that these nuts can be tightened quickly with little effort, and the nut can also be loosened again without much effort. An increased torque can be applied, which can be generated solely by manual operation without tools. Let us also talk briefly about the main materials used for basket nuts. Firstly, there is the standard material, the bare steel, which is either nickel-plated or completely untreated, and the stainless steel basket nut, which can be produced in two different alloys by casting or forging. These alloys are V2A or V4A, which is much more resistant to salt water or alkaline solutions and acids. However, if you want to use your basket nut on boats and yachts, you should always consider the stainless steel basket nut V4A as the best solution.

Our stock program of basket nuts - buy online in our online shop

Basket Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn this article we would like to give you an understanding of the basket nuts made of steel or stainless steel that we offer in our online shop. Due to the constantly increasing demand for basket nuts, which has been generated by the production of containers and technical equipment in industry, the market must of course also be able to supply industry reliably with such special fastening elements. For this reason we offer you today in our online shop the most different basket nuts, which either have a special shape or are made of steel or stainless steel. So customers from all over Germany and the rest of Europe use our online shop to order the right nuts quickly and cheaply. The purchase via our online shop has increased steadily in recent years and for this reason, security is of course also more and more important. So we have decided to change the whole online shop to the secure SSL certificate, so that all your stored data is safe and cannot be accessed by third parties even when exporting data to our merchandise management system. This is a great advantage for data transfer. Because now all data is encrypted so that it can no longer be read out. In this context, we would like to briefly explain how a purchase or an online order in our shop is optimal and your goods can be delivered to you quickly via our storage system. We assume that we, like most of our customers, have also found you on our site via the search word "basket nut". Therefore we welcome you most cordially! You now have the possibility to choose your basket nuts made of steel or stainless steel and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you require. If this first order process is completed, the second step follows, which now enables you to store all your data within our domain. Thereby you open an account and deposit all the required data. Once you have all your goods in the basket and would like to complete the order, simply follow the shopping cart and the checkout symbol and you will now be shown one payment option after another. Choose the best one for you and confirm the purchase with your payment. Now you will receive an order confirmation for your purchased basket nuts and we can now assemble your order in our warehouse.

The production of basket nuts

Basket Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe last article deals mainly with the possibilities of manufacturing basket nuts in two different designs. Many people who install and bolt such nuts at their workplace every day know exactly how they are constructed, but few know more about how these basket nuts can be manufactured and how production can be carried out. For this reason we would like to take a closer look at this point. The most economical basket nut is the cast version. A blank is made of a hard resin, which is produced by a 3 D printer and this blank can then be dipped into a mud bath with a special solution. Now comes the moment when the mud mould can be fired hard in a kiln and in the same breath the resin evaporates and the mould is empty but very hard: Now follows the pouring out of the whole mould with liquid stainless steel. After cooling down, the outer layer can be knocked off and the finished basket nut can be removed. Now the finishing is done by drilling the hole in the base piece and the thread can be inserted. In order to create a beautiful outer shape, the nut is now ground and polished. This was the production of basket nuts by casting. The much more resilient material of a basket nut is produced in a forging process. Large drop forges are used to forge the basket nuts with large punches. This form of production retains the structure and the microstructure has a better bond. If all the basket nuts are manufactured, we can store them in our warehouse and if you order online, we can send them to you quickly and easily.


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