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Hanger bolts are bolts that have two threads opposite each other. So hanger bolts are perfect when wood is to be connected with metal.

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Hanger bolts are a very special species in the very large family of screw connections. Many people know and work with all kinds of screws and connections, but hanger bolts are not as popular as a socket head screw or a hexagon head screw. Hanger bolts therefore fulfil a very special task when connecting all possible elements and components. With these screws (hanger bolts made of stainless steel V2A or V4A) or steel hanger bolts a building element, such as a wall, and a steel construction can be screwed together without any problems. This type of screw hides some advantages that other screws, wood screws or wall screws do not have. A hanger bolt was designed to connect, for example, metal connections with a metric standard thread to a wood construction or, via a dowel, to a wall or stone construction, firmly and permanently, but also in a way that can be undone again. Of course, other types of screws can do the same, but the hanger bolts have a special feature that makes the hanger bolt so interesting. For this purpose we would like to explain the exact structure of a hanger bolt in more detail, so that you know what we are talking about. Basically such a type of screw is made of a stainless steel pin, which has a certain length. Thus, hanger bolts are always manufactured in different lengths, so that components of different thickness can be screwed to different surfaces. This optical length is essentially reasonable, because there are always different thicknesses of steel parts or other assemblies. The hanger bolt does not really have a screw head as we know it. This is because a screw head is usually always thicker than the screw body or the thread of a standard screw. The hanger bolt does not have a head but a drive that is integrated within the shaft end of the hanger bolt. Thus, a hanger bolt is always equipped with a hexagon socket to be tightened with a hexagon key. This hexagon socket is located inside the side where the metric standard thread or the machine thread is located on the hanger bolt. Or the other type of drive is an external hexagon placed between the coarse thread and the metric standard thread. In this case an open-end spanner can be used for tightening. This is because such a screw always consists of one side with a short metric or standard thread to screw in a hexagon nut and the opposite side with a coarse thread (a wood thread). This combination of two different types of thread allows two different materials to be joined. For example, the stainless steel stair bolt with the coarse thread can be screwed into a wall plug and the other end can be screwed into a sheet metal or steel part, either screwed in or inserted as a through hole and then screwed firmly to the wall using a washer and nut. Hanger bolts are also often used, for example, to provide a spacer for glass plates with a metric thread on the rear side and to screw the hanger bolt in there. Then the entire spacer with the hanger bolt can be screwed together into a dowel in the wall. A perfect mounting method for all possible applications.

Our stock program of stainless steel hanger bolts - buy online in our Online-Shop

Hanger Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the previous article, we have already been able to explain a few things about our hanger bolts and how they are used. Today, hanger bolts are not only used in industry but also more and more often in private areas. In industry, entire piping systems with stainless steel pipes or steel pipes are fastened to walls with pipe clamps so that the pipes have a secure connection. Hanger bolts fulfil these functions perfectly. For example, the hanger bolt can first be screwed into the dowel on the wall and then be fastened securely and detachably with a washer and nut. This gives pipe connections a secure hold. This is how we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their hanger bolts around the clock in our online shop at a reasonable price. This has great advantages, because you have the possibility to order your hanger bolts late in the evening and have them delivered to your home. In order to make the purchase of our products even more secure, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to a secure SSL connection. This change has been completed for a long time now and therefore your sensitive data will be even more secure when you buy your hanger bolts and all the other products in our online shop. The advantage of this is that when exporting your address data, all data can be transferred securely to our merchandise management system without any access by third parties from outside. While we are already on the subject of purchasing, we would like to briefly explain the shortest order process in more detail, so that you can buy your stainless steel stock bolts in just a few steps and an uncomplicated handling is possible. Surely you have come to us via one of the many search engines, if you have entered the term "hanger bolt". If you have found the best article for you, please add it to the shopping cart in the desired quantity and also the other products. If this order section is completed, you can now create your customer account and leave all your data which we need for the delivery and the invoice. If this section is completed and you want to complete your order, just follow the instructions in our online shop. The shop now offers you many different payment options. Choose the best place for you to buy your hanger bolts. With the confirmation of your payment an order confirmation will be sent to you. Now we can also process your order and put it together for you in our warehouse and send it to you.

The production of hanger bolts

Hanger Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn this article we would also like to go into more detail about how hanger bolts can be produced on special machines, so that an economic production is the result, so that production costs can be kept low. Hanger bolts are of course not produced on lathes, but on machines called automatic screw machines. These CNC machines are specially designed to produce hanger bolts in such a way that these parts can be formed from an endless strand of stainless steel (V2A or V4A) or steel. Only then is unmanned production in night shifts the optimal solution for such manufacturing possibilities. Such CNC screw machines are designed in such a way that they always have a processing chuck where the raw wire is introduced and unwound from a large wire drum. This storage drum is located outside the machine. The raw wire made of stainless steel or steel has the outer diameter of the future hanger bolt. When the wire is now fed into the machine, the production of the individual stainless steel stair bolts starts by loading the program and as a first step the cutting of the raw wire to length. Once this first stage is completed, the first step is to roll on the metric "head thread of the hanger bolt". For this purpose, the steel pin is rolled back and forth between two threaded plates (hardened) under high pressure so that the thread structure is slowly transferred into the steel pin. Once this stage of the production process is complete, the large thread is rolled in to be placed in a dowel or in a wooden beam. This wood thread has a tip at the beginning, which is important so that the hanger bolt can be screwed into the wood beam without any problems. A second threaded plate structure is used for this purpose, which holds the wood thread. Again, the hanger bolt has to be rolled back and forth under high pressure between these two threaded plates so that the coarse thread is worked in. Once this process is completed, the final step in the production of the hanger bolt is the stamping of the hexagonal key surface, which is located between the two thread types. The hanger bolt is placed between these tools using an upsetting and pressing tool and the device presses the spanner flat into the bolt. This was the last operation. Now the cleaning of oil residues can be done by washing out the hanger bolts and then the whole production unit can be stored in our warehouse. If an order is now received from your side, the finished hanger bolts can be shipped to you from our warehouse. This way buying hanger bolts at a reasonable price is just fun.


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