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Plumbing screws have received the name because these screws are used in the roofing sector. Such plumbing screws are quick and safe to install and are intended for outdoor use.

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It is impossible to imagine modern roofing guild without plumbing screws. These screws play a very special role in the large family of screws. There is no other type of screw that has integrated two functions in one screw. On the one hand, the plumbing screws, like the other screws, can quickly connect two different materials and screw them together in a detachable manner. In doing so, the plumbing screw can be screwed into the wooden beam or rafter through the drive, which is located inside the head, using a suitable tool. The second function of a plumbing screw is that after fixing materials, a seal must also be created at the same time. This special task distinguishes plumbing screws in today's application. So let us summarize. A plumbing screw is a fastening screw on the one hand and a sealing screw on the other hand. What exactly are plumbing screws used for? We would like to explain this question to you in more detail. These special screws are used today in all trades that deal with roofs and roof coverings. So everything that has to be fixed around the roof. This also includes deflector plates and rain deflectors, which are supposed to catch and divert the rain. In most cases, aluminium or zinc sheets must be fixed to the wood so that they are tight. Cover plates on pitched roofs can also be neatly fastened using sheet metal covers. Not to forget the fastening with plumbing screws on corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. As you can see, the fields of application can be quite different and not all of them can be listed. Surely you know many more areas of application for plumbing screws. Now we come a little more to the construction of plumbing screws and their sealing ring, which is placed below the head. You have to know that also the plumbing screw has a screw, which has a shaft and a head, which is manufactured a little bit further. The plumbing screw is also equipped with a drive inside the head, which allows the screw to be screwed into the bellows or roof truss without any problems. These drives are usually designed using a Torx mount. Below the screw head is the metal ring, which is equipped with a silicone rubber or sealing rubber. This metal plate is responsible for ensuring that a sealing surface is present and that the screw head presses firmly against the sealing surface. This creates a seal between the sheet metal or roof and the screw. The material from which the plumbing screws can be made is pure steel, i.e. construction steel with a coating that protects against corrosion, or the much better option of making the plumbing screws from V2A stainless steel or even V4A. These materials or alloys protect perfectly against corrosion.

Our stock range of plumbing screws - buy online in our online shop

Plumbing Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAre you also looking for the right plumbing screws, which can be made of V2A or V4A or even steel? Then you have surely come to us via one of the major search engines and have found our website. In order to be able to buy sheet metal screws from us, you do not necessarily have to have a sheet metal company or a roofing company, because we supply many thousands of customers all over Europe and Germany. We also supply private persons, who need these screws for their building projects. So it does not matter who you are or whether you have a company or not, we supply all people who want to buy these screws. When we started to build up our company, we started with the standard screws, which are used thousands of times every day in engineering companies. This means hexagon socket head cap screws. Due to the supply of many thousands of customers all over Europe and Germany, the question arose quickly if we would be willing to include plumber's screws in our assortment. We have taken up this request and have gradually included all possible plumbing screws in our program. So we now offer our customers the possibility to buy their tinsmith's screws around the clock at a reasonable price. So that the purchase is also a quick and uncomplicated success, the security of your data is very important to us. After some considerations we have changed the whole website to the Secure SSL certificate. Now a data access by third parties from outside is no longer possible, because all data is securely encrypted. In this context we would also like to inform you how an order process can be designed in our online shop so that the order can be processed quickly and you can receive your plumbing screws quickly. Certainly you, like most people, have come to us via one of the big search tracks through the search location "plumbing screws". Now you can put together all your screws in the quantity you need and add all products to your shopping cart. Please also collect all other required products you want to order with this order. Also put all these products into the shopping cart. When this ordering process is completed, you can now create an account so that you can enter all your data. We need this data so that we can send the plumbing screws to you. If you would like to complete the order process, please follow the instructions of the shop and you have now the possibility to choose an appropriate payment method for your plumber screws. With your payment you confirm the purchase. If everything was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from us with all details of your purchase.

The production of plumbing screws

Plumbing Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order for you to be able to use and install your plumbing screws every day in your company, it is of course necessary that the plumbing screws have to be manufactured first. For this purpose, old-fashioned manufacturing methods were used, of course only from today's point of view, because the machines that were used at that time could not yet have the same technical standard as the processes and machines of today. Since economy and speed were not so important at that time, the machines could also produce the plumbing screws made of stainless steel or steel at a much slower pace. Today, however, the situation is somewhat different. This means that today so-called CNC machines are used and can produce the screws that were produced on the older machines at that time. These new automatic machines are now called CNC screw machines and are specially designed to produce the plumbing screws for your building projects quickly and economically. CNC programs are used with which the machine data and screw data can be loaded quickly and efficiently, so that a changeover to another product can be carried out quickly. This way, very different screw diameters and thicknesses can be produced on one machine without causing long machine downtimes. This reduces the costs for the production of screws considerably. Each of these machines has a processing chuck within the machine on which most of the work steps can be carried out. Of course such a sheet metal screw machine also needs a drum that can hold all stainless steel wire stocks. This means that the machine is also able to produce unmanned, i.e. in night shift mode. When the wire is fed into the machine, production can begin. First the length of the wire is cut to length. Then the plumbing screws head is pre-compressed, whereby the collar is compressed against the shaft. Once this stage is completed, the second step is the upsetting of the final head with the drive. Now the plumbing screw is almost finished and only the coarse thread or the wood thread is missing, which turns the plumbing screw into a sealing screw that can be screwed into wood. The last working step is the washing and the removal of oil residues. Once this production stage is completed, the plumbing screws can be stored in our warehouse.


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