Bollards are very special fastening elements in the field of maritime articles. How else could ropes and loops be fastened quickly and safely to jetties? Only bollards can do that. Again, rust must be avoided, so bollards are always made of stainless steel.

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Have you just started looking for a bollard? If you have now landed on our website, you have certainly been looking for the product of a stainless steel bollard and have now landed in our category of stainless steel bollards. You are now in the right category. In this article we would like to give you all the important details about bollards for boats and yachts, or even for a jetty. We would like to highlight the function and construction of a bollard and also the areas of application. The next paragraph will also deal with our range of stainless steel bollards and of course the last paragraph will give you a little insight into how bollards can be produced quickly and cost-effectively on modern machines. However, we would like to start with the construction of a bollard. A bollard is an element that acts as a holding element and can withstand a lot. The stainless steel bollard always has a base plate as a fastening element. This is usually always provided with at least four drillings. These drillings at the bollard these exclusively a safe attachment at an underbody from wood, then by means of the wood screws, or at a steel underbody, then machine screws are used for the attachment of a bollard. The pipe part is located on the base plate. As a rule, this is firmly connected to the base plate of the bollard. The upper opening of the bollard is closed with a semicircular cover. In the middle of the bollard there is a cross beam which passes through the column completely and looks out at both ends. If a rope can now be laid around the bollard, it is often twisted and hung with a knot on the crossbar. The trick is when a boat or yacht pulls on the rope and tension is applied, then the rope pulls tight and the "knot" tightens on the bollard. Due to the skilful attachment of the rope to the crossbar, even a rope that has been pulled strongly once can be opened again without any problems. The surface of the bollard for boats and yachts or the boat dock is protected with a beautiful shining and polished surface, against all corrosions, thus rust, in the best way. The material from which the bollards are made also contributes to this. In addition, only stainless steel in its travelled form, the V4A, is used.

Our stock program of bollards - Buy online at Online Shop

Bollard Boats Yachts Stainless SteelWhat do you want me to tell you? Boating and the purchase of boats and yachts has grown so much in recent years that the demand for a wide variety of stainless steel bollards for boats and yachts and also for jetties has increased steadily. The boats and yachts must be fastened accordingly also at the boat landing stages and be fastened surely at a bollard. Now, of course, it is not so easy to buy a high-quality bollard made of stainless steel, so that the quality can also find a maximum. We have found a supplier who can now supply us with very high quality and polished stainless steel bollards in larger quantities. That is important and so we can supply our faithful customers and our new customers fast and uncomplicated the best quality at bollards. You have thus the possibility yourselves your bollards over our on-line Shop fast and favorably, 24 hours on the day, with us to buy. So that the security does not come too briefly, if you want to buy your bollards with us, we decided and some time ago to the fact that we will switch our entire web page over to an encoded web page. This is the only way to keep your data safe when you want to buy your bollards from us at a good price. In this context, we would also like to briefly explain how an optimal and fast purchase of your stainless steel bollards should be designed so that you can reach your goal quickly and easily and pay for the bollards. Certainly we may welcome you now in our category of "bollards", because the search engine you have used has shown us. Now you are in the right category. Now take your time to look for the right bollard. If the decision has been made and you have found your perfect bollard with the right size, you can put this bollard under indication of the quantity in the shopping cart. If you now want to complete the bollard purchase, step two takes place, which now gives you the opportunity to create your customer account. Now enter all your data and remain logged in and return to the shopping cart. Just check again if all the bollards you want to buy are in the basket. Now simply click on Next several times until you are shown the payment options from which you can choose the best. If the bollard is now paid and everything was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from us. Now we can process your bollard placement and send it to you.

Production of stainless steel bollards for boats, yachts or jetties

Bollard Boats Yachts Stainless SteelLet us say a few words in the last section about the manufacture of stainless steel bollards for boats and yachts, as well as for jetties. We would like to start with the base plate. This is done on laser machines in order to enable cost-effective production. Large stainless steel plates are placed on the table and the program for the bollards is invited. Now all base plates for the future bollard can be cut out. In the process, base plates with the same obstacles are always cut so that the costs can be kept low. The tube of the bollard is provided with a cross hole, through which the traverse in the form of a stainless steel round solid material can be inserted during the assembly of the bollard. In order to allow the assembly of the individual parts of the bollard into one piece, all parts must be joined together. The first step is to fit the curved cover onto the tube and weld it cleanly all around. Of course, not all seams are sanded afterwards. Now the cross pin can be put through the round tube and after the alignment, be welded cleanly on both sides. These seams should also be sanded. In the last section now, the bollard end assembly takes place. The bollard top, i.e. the tube, is aligned with the base plate and welded cleanly all around. These seams should also be sanded cleanly. Now the bollard is almost finished, but the clean surface is still missing. This must be sanded evenly by pre-grinding. Afterwards the whole bollard part is hand polished until the surface is mirror polished. This procedure for assembling the stainless steel bollards is repeated until enough of these parts are finished and stored in our warehouse.


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