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Nylon screws are also often referred to as plastic screws when customers are looking for nylon screws.

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You have started to search for the right nylon screws on the Internet? Then you have landed at and definitely right. In this article we would like to answer all the questions that may arise with nylon screws in more detail and thus give our customers so many answers regarding a nylon screw. When we hear the word nylon, many questions arise, especially when it comes to the use of this material for screws. Let us explain such questions in this article, how is a nylon screw constructed? What kind of material is nylon anyway? Why is nylon a perfect material for use in screws or screw connections? What are the properties of nylon? Where are such nylon screws used in modern fastening technology today and of course we would like to go into more detail about our range of nylon screws. In the last point we also come to the question how nylon screws are manufactured today? Because this question interests more and more readers. Of course we would like to start with the material nylon and which properties are associated with it? Nylon is produced by chemical process and thermal effects and the cross-linking and interlinking and chemical modification of oil-containing base materials by chemical processes. The internal structures of the molocule of a plastic-like base material are modified to such an extent that a high-strength and resilient material combination can be created by the interlinking. The resulting properties of a material such as nylon are low flammability, high basic load-bearing capacity and high tensile strength. Not to forget the static insulating properties that make the nylon screw what it is today. Nylon is a developed material, which can offer almost perfect solutions, especially when using nylon screws. Basically one can say that a nylon screw is constructed in the same way as a screw made of metal, steel or stainless steel. There is always a head on the screw, which must be equipped with a drive. This drive can be made possible as a hexagon or slot drive or even as a cross slot or Torx drive. At the head there is always a shank with a thread. The nylon screw can be equipped with either a full thread or a partial thread. Possible applications for nylon screws are mainly in the electronics industry and in mechanical engineering as well as in apparatus and equipment construction. But also in medical technology and for hobbyists working in model making, nylon screws are becoming more and more important.

Our stock program of nylon screws - Buy online in our online shop

Nylons ScrewsAlso in this article we could already tell you a lot about the places of application of nylon screws, as well as the characteristics of such special plastic screws. Due to the ever increasing demand, online shops on the Internet must also provide the necessary quantities of screws in different sizes, i.e. diameters and lengths, so that the industry can be served quickly when these nylon screws are needed. In addition, many thousands of our private customers, would like naturally with a purchase a prompt supply over our system. In order to ensure this service, it is important that we provide our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe with the opportunity to purchase their products 24 hours a day. Thereby you can comfortably buy early in the morning or at night all your nylon screws or all other products, which we offer you via our online shop, fast and uncomplicated. We pay attention also expliziet to the necessary security of your data, which you deposit with us, if you a purchase of your nylon screws strive and implement. So that this security can also be served, we have converted our web page to the safe SSL certificate. This certificate prevents by the special coding a data tap with the delivery of your data to our merchandise management. This creates even more security, if you buy your nylon screws from us at a reasonable price. In this context we would like to give you some information about a clean and fast order process and show you the steps that are necessary when it comes to the purchase. Now we may assume that you have found us, because you have searched for nylon screws via a search engine and you have been shown our website. You are now also immediately in the correct category, where you find all screws from the material nylon listed and you have now time to choose the selection exactly. If you have found the right nylon screws, put them in the desired quantity in the shopping cart. Afterwards you can either buy other products from us or complete the purchase. Would you like to complete the purchase of the nylon screws now and pay, please create an account with us. Please enter all your data, such as the email and billing address and then go in the logged in state in the shopping cart where you can see the inserted nylon screws that you want to purchase. Now simply click on Continue until the online shop shows you the payment options. Select for the purchase of your nylon screws the best payment and buy the article. If the payment was successful, you will then receive an order confirmation from us, which will show you the nylon screws you have purchased. Now we can also assemble and process the goods and also send them to you afterwards.

The production of nylon screws

Nylon ScrewsIn the last section, which should be of interest to many of you, we would like to give you some facts and figures about the production of nylon screws and how it is related to it. Of course we have to mention at the beginning that a nylon screw is not a screw made of metal, steel or stainless steel and that it cannot be produced on a screw machine, i.e. a special lathe. As nylon is a non-metallic material and has to be produced by a chemical reaction, only injection moulding is used for processing or production. The injection moulding process is fundamentally different from the production of metallic screws on a lathe. To produce such nylon screws, an injection mould made of steel or tool steel must be made for each of the individual screws and the contour must be milled. In this process the structure of the entire screw with the thread is worked into the two halves of the mould. The mould halves must fit exactly on top of each other and be precisely centred by locating pins when closing. This mould can usually contain several nylon screws, so that several nylon screws can be injected in one injection moulding run. This mould must now be mounted on the injection moulding machine. One half is fixed underneath, and the second half is movable on the closing cylinder. In order for the CNC injection moulding machine to know exactly which parameters need to be loaded, such as heating, temperature and pressures, the parameters must be loaded into the machine. Once the setup is complete, the production of nylon screws can begin. To do this, the extruder is filled with the granulate with nylon pieces and brought to temperature. When the temperature is reached, the mould closes under high pressure and the hot nylon is filled in through the extruder. The mould fills all parts under high injection pressure the individual nylon screws. After the end, the mould can cool down and it opens again. Now the finished nylon screws can be removed. Now all manufactured screws are stored in our warehouse and can be shipped to you if required. If we receive an order from you for nylon screws, we can process it and make it ready for shipment. After a few days the package should arrive at your place, where you will receive all your ordered nylon screws and can now screw them in your building project.


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