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Pelican hook? What can pelican hooks do? They belong quite clearly among the group of martime articles, because a use on boats and yachts is almost always the reason of installation. They are quick to attach and when the train is raised, pelican hooks lock themselves and are no longer detachable. Stainless steel for pelican hooks is also a basic requirement.

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In this article we would like to explain everything about the stainless steel pelican hook in more detail. Many people are looking for a pelican hook more and more often, but you have often heard the name, but you can't assign the name correctly and therefore don't really know what exactly a stainless steel pelican hook should be? We have just created a special category for this special hook, where you can learn everything about stainless steel pelican hooks and their function as well as their applications. Of course it should also be mentioned briefly how such pelican hooks are made and which materials are used, so that finally a usable pelican hook comes out. The name Pelican Hook is surely due to the fact that the neck and the arch of the lock are very similar in their curvature to a neck with the head of a pelican. We would like to start with the location of stainless steel pelican hooks. Basically such hook fasteners are used almost exclusively on boats and yachts which are equipped with a sail or generally with a mast. It is important to understand that the mast is a standing good and does not have to be lowered or turned down during use or often in port. So that such a mast can also stand safely, it has a secure footing due to the bracing by shrouds and the force of the wind within the bracing sails can be transferred quite simply to the forward movement of the boat via the bracing. Since shrouds or ropes for bracing cannot simply be tied by knots, it makes sense to use stainless steel pelican hooks. These then take over the function to quickly erect the mast and also to be able to fold it down again. This also ensures optimum mast support during sailing operations. But not only sailboats have discovered the pelican hooks for themselves, pelican hooks can also be found in all other areas today. Especially the well thought out lock is optimal for a reception of heavy loads and still a slight opening of the whole lock. As the main location of pelican hooks is, as already mentioned, used outdoors, the material of the stainless steel is an optimal protection factor for a smooth function and a high degree of rust protection. Especially the stainless steel V4A is usually the best of all possibilities. But also pelican hooks made of stainless steel V2A can always be found on boats and yachts.

The pelican hook and their function

Pelican Hook Stainless SteelMany of you who are interested in buying a pelican hook would like to know how such stainless steel pelican hooks work. Of course we would like to answer this question in more detail and therefore start with the construction of the pelican hook before we go into the function in more detail. A pelican hook is a cast element, which consists of a basic body and a safety hook lock. It has to be said that the safety hook lock is mounted by means of a pivot point that is tiltable/swivelling. Since the fulcrum of the Palikan hook lies outside the tensile force of the lock, the locking bracket in the bolt is always tensioned under the load. The safety bolt, which locks the lock, is inserted laterally in such a way that it protrudes laterally above the base body and is provided with a ring. There is also a spring in the bolt which always holds the bolt in the closed position. The closing hook can now be pushed through the resistance of the bolt by closing it and then engages automatically. Since a pelican hook is a safety hook, it has to lock securely due to its function, load and tensile forces. This means that if the load on the hook is increasing, the resistance on the locking bolt will increase and it will be harder to unlock. However, if the longer lever on the handle part behind the locking bolt is pressed firmly together by hand, i.e. pressed against the base body, the load is removed from the locking bolt and the bolt can be unlocked in this state. This is the only way to unlock the pelican hook deliberately and intentionally. This function protects the pelican hook so that it cannot be unlocked unintentionally. As this function is also desired for many other applications, the stainless steel pelican hook is becoming more and more popular. Finally, it can be said that there is always a metric right-hand thread on the basic body, which can be M5, M7, M8 or even M10 to be screwed in securely through a wall or another thread. The loads that can act on such Palikan hooks can range from 900 KG to 2500 KG. So a massive load!

Our stock program of Palikan hooks - Buy online in our online shop

Pelican Hook Stainless SteelYou will find pelican hooks made of stainless steel in more and more areas of economy, production, trade and hobby. Especially the yacht area and the other areas divide the places of use of Pelikan hooks more and more. For this reason, the availability of Pelikan hooks in the online shop of other suppliers must also be ensured and thus the fast and smooth dispatch initiated. But due to the increasing demand for such safety elements the availability is often limited and for this reason we decided to create the Palikanhaken category to ensure the increasing demand for our customers. So that an online purchase via our online shop can also be ensured and your required and stored data are also secure, it is all the more important that the transfer of your order data can also be encrypted. The result is that we have equipped our online shop with an SSL certificate, which can safely protect all your order information through the encryption and therefore a data tap by third parties when buying your cheap stainless steel Palikanhaken is not possible. And in this connection we would also like to inform you about the optimal order process, so that you can see how an order process should be derived in the right way. In order for you to be able to order your stainless steel pelican hooks from our online shop at all, one of the hundred large search engines must be suggested to you when searching for your pelican hooks on our website. If this is the case and you get our website with the pelican hooks displayed, click on it and the link in the search engine will automatically lead you to our category of pelican hooks made of stainless steel. Now you can choose the best hook and determine the quantity of hooks you need. If you now have the Pelican Hook in your shopping cart in the desired quantity, you can now buy further products from us at a favourable price or complete the purchase. If you want to complete the purchase and buy the pelican hooks, create an account with us. Now deposit all your relevant data in the shop and return to the shopping cart. You can now follow the shopping cart instructions until you find a selection of payment methods that you can select. Now execute the payment. If the purchase of your pelican hooks was successful and the payment has been completed, you will receive a purchase confirmation from us. Your order will now be processed and sent to Suie if available. After a few days the post office should deliver the package with the ordered pelican hooks to you.

The production of stainless steel pelican hooks

In the last section, as always, there will also be an insight into how such auxiliary equipment can be manufactured on Palikan hooks so that an economic price can be generated in trade. In order to shed more light on this point, we would like to start by describing the processes involved in the production of such stainless steel palikan hooks. In principle, it is also the case here that Pelikan hooks are not a turned or milled part which can simply see the light of day on one of these machines. These hooks are called castings and the "contour" is so undefined that casting in a mould can be the best solution. In order to be able to produce cast parts from stainless steel, the lost wax process is predominantly used today. Because the basic body consists of two separate parts, these have to be produced using the casting process. Of course, we will also go into the production of the locking bolt, which is a turned part. But let us now begin to illuminate the pelican hook and its production. At the beginning, imemr moulds have to be produced on a 3D printer. These are made of wax. This wax is then put into a mud form and burned out under heat in an oven and hardened. The heat causes the sludge to harden and the wax to evaporate. Only the shell remains finished. Now the hard shell can be poured out with liquid stainless steel. The stainless steel is now filled into the mould and waited until it has cooled down. Afterwards the shell can be knocked off and the part of the pelican hook can be removed. Once the hook and the basic body of the pelican hook are finished, they can be ground and polished. Now the necessary drillings are set. At the same time the bolt can also be produced on a lathe and finally the complete assembly of the Pelikan hook can take place. These are then stored in our warehouse fully assembled and shipped to you with an order or purchase.


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