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Fitting screws are screws that can be mounted as fittings in a wide variety of areas. Such fittings screws are used thousands of times every day.

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Have you ever thought about what fitting screws can be used for today? In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the fitting screws and also at details such as the structure of a fitting screw and the places of use with which materials they harmonise best. Today, fitting screws are very often used on a wide variety of materials. Basically it can be said that fitting screws are mainly, as the name suggests, intended for the secure mounting of fittings to wooden constructions. But not only that, for example to fasten back panels to pieces of furniture and to screw small piano hinge bands to wooden panels. However, the application locations of such fitting screws are much more far-reaching than we could enumerate in this article. If we now go further, we now come to the assembly of the screws. Since fitting screws were basically designed for wood fixings, they always have a very coarse thread on the shank, which can be continuous, but was also designed as a partial thread or as a wood thread with very coarse flank structures. Only through these extremely flat and wide flanks can the fitting screws safely bury themselves into any wooden element and provide the necessary strength. The head of a fitting screw is usually always kept very flat and can therefore be used in all possible narrow zones or zones where space is limited. The head of the fitting screw has of course, like any other screw, a drive incorporated. This is used to hold the tool, with which the torque can be transmitted to the fitting screw so that the screw can also be screwed safely into the wooden elements. This drive for fitting screws is usually always a cross-slot drive or a Torx drive, depending on the design. The hardware screws are available as thin versions or as thicker versions in different lengths. Now we come to the material. For the material for such hardware screws, the normal, but somewhat harder structural steel is always used as the base material. Of course, this must always be provided with a coating so that corrosion does not immediately destroy the screw. If you don't want to use it and want to use fitting screws outside, i.e. in wet areas, you can't avoid the stainless steel fitting screws. For outdoor use, where such screws come into contact with water and are exposed to enormous humidity, two types of stainless steel are possible. On the one hand it is possible to buy the stainless steel as V2A with the fitting screws or however the fitting screws in stainless steel in V4A. These are also salt water resistant.

Our stock program of fitting screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Beschlagschrauben Edelstahl V2A V4AThe furniture industry in particular has made great strides in recent years and the demand for stainless steel and steel fitting screws has increased sharply. It can therefore be assumed that this will also be accompanied by a further increase in furniture production. However, it is now the case that the market also has to meet the demand for metal fittings screws permanently and reliably in order to meet the demand. The online shops are also a perfect source for buying the right screws quickly, easily and cheaply. In order to be able to constantly consider the demand, we will also include more and more steel and stainless steel fitting screws in our delivery program, so that we can supply our customers all over Europe and also in Germany with the right screws safely and quickly. So that the purchase of the fitting screws can run off also surely, it is important that the security is put on completely highly and thus we decided some years ago to convert the entire web page to the safe SSL certificate. This has the advantage that your stored data can also be transferred securely to our merchandise management system, so that third parties cannot access the data. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee the greatest possible security if you want to buy your fitting screws from us. If we are already with the topic, we would like to explain also briefly in detail, how an optimal and fast purchase should run off over our web page, so that your purchase can be delivered to you fast. Now we also assume that you have found us via a very large search engine? Then we welcome you most cordially! Now you are in the right category of fitting screws and can choose and look at the suitable screws made of stainless steel or steel. If you have then found what you are looking for and would like to buy the screws, you can now put the correct quantity in the shopping basket. If this step is also completed and you would like to complete the purchase and pay for the goods, you can now create an account with us. For the purchase of the fitting screws you deposit all your necessary data and your email address. If you now have all products in your shopping cart and would like to pay or buy the entire delivery, you can now simply follow the shopping cart instructions and click the Next button. After a few clicks, you will be shown different payment options, one of which you choose and confirm by your purchase. If the payment was now successful, you will receive an order confirmation from us in which you have a list of how many of the hardware screws made of steel or stainless steel you have ordered. We can then process your purchase and prepare it for dispatch.

The production of fitting screws made of steel or stainless steel

Beschlagschrauben Edelstahl V2A V4AArrived in the last article of this category, we would like, as always, to briefly discuss how fitting screws made of metal can be produced in the past and today. Today, the topic of economic efficiency plays a far greater role than it did just a few years ago. This is also the reason why the fitting screws have to be available in ever larger quantities so that the market can always be covered. In the past, machines for the production of such screws for fittings were operated purely mechanically and could also be programmed via a cam disk. The problem, however, was that the changeover times from one length type to the other length type of a fitting screw had to be enormously long. The production time per production run was also not particularly fast. For this reason, today such machines run almost exclusively in companies with a very low production rate. However, if you have modern companies that attach great importance to economic efficiency and also want to and have to produce a large number of fitting screws, then there is no getting around the fact that such CNC screw machines are used today. These are programmable and all relevant data such as feeds and cutting data are entered and stored via the software parameters. The changeover times are extremely short and setup is then completed quickly. The same also applies to the production times and the cycle times for each cycle when a fitting screw has been completed and lands in the collection container. Inside such a screw machine is always the processing station, which is used the entire manufacturing process. Outside there is the loader of the machine. The bar loader is for thicker material and thicker fitting screws and their shafts and for thinner ones also a drum loader can be attached, which picks up the thin stainless steel wire or the steel wire and can process it as endless material. Once all the data has been stored in the machine, the production of the stainless steel fitting screws can begin. The wire is inserted into the machine and cut to the correct length. Now follows the pre-pressing of the head. Subsequently, the head of the belch screw is pressed and the necessary drive is incorporated. Now there is only the shaft without the important thread, i.e. the coarse thread or the wood thread. To do this, the fitting screw is inserted between two rollers with the thread and the coarse thread or the wood thread is rolled in under pressure. This creates the sharp flanks that provide the necessary hold. Now the fitting screw is finished on the whole and can be stored in our warehouse. When your order comes in, we can prepare the screws for shipment and send them to you. After a few days, the delivery of the fitting screws should reach you.


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