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Miniature screws are all these screws that are very small. Thus miniature screws are mainly used in small technical installations and devices and in watchmaking.

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Miniature screws are screws in a large family of screw connections and fastening elements that belong to an entire group and thus only comprise a generic term that includes the term miniature screws. In this article we will exclusively deal with the big topic of miniature screws and which types and grades fall under it and from which materials these screws are produced. What are miniature screws actually? As the name suggests, miniature screws are screws that are referred to as small screws. Of course, there is no real distinction as to what diameter or length a screw can be called a miniature screw, but as a basic rule, a screw can be called small or smaller, i.e. miniature screws, if it is smaller than a size below M3. As a rule, only screws with a size larger than M3 and a smallest length of more than 4 mm are used in metal construction and mechanical engineering. Of course this is not a fixed definition, but only an estimation from our side. So we can summarize as a basic rule that all screws can be regarded as miniature screws if the M size falls below M3. Miniature screws are used exclusively in mechanical parts or for the attachment of electrical components or in watchmaking or model making. If you now want to buy miniature screws cheaply, it will be difficult, because especially the small micro screws are more and more complex and precise to work with in the production, for this reason the price remains quite high, even if the screws become smaller and smaller. As versions, small inch screws with inch thread are used as well as the metric miniature screws in all lengths and smallest diameters. For the material use of such screws the steel miniature screws are used as standard. If you want to have a corrosion resistant screw, you decide exclusively for the stainless steel miniature screws, which can be V2A or V4A. As a rule, the V2A alloy is completely sufficient for stainless steel. However, if you want to use your screws in an acidic environment, you should always use the stainless steel miniature screws made of V4A, because only these offer all-round protection when it comes to keeping the screws absolutely rust-free. From the construction the miniature screws do not really differ from the normal sizes, only that these are also by far smaller than normal sizes. The miniature screws also have a threaded shaft and a screw head that is equipped with a drive. This drive can be a slotted drive, a torx or a cross slot or the hexagon.

Our delivery program of miniature screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Miniature Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIf we look back and go once 30-40 years back in history, the screws smelled quite big at that time, because not so much precision mechanics was on the agenda and therefore not so much demand for miniature screws made of metal, steel or stainless steel. The technology has made a great progress in the last 40 years, and the equipment and technical facilities have become smaller and smaller and more deficient, so the demand for such miniature screws has grown steadily. Today in Germany alone, thousands of such so-called miniature screws are used daily in equipment and precision engineering, so that the constantly increasing demand must be permanently covered and secured. If today miniature screws are needed, Goggle miniature screws is entered and the appropriate screws are purchased quickly and cheaply via an online shop. This fast and inexpensive purchasing behavior will continue to advance in the coming years and therefore the online shops must also have ever larger quantities of miniature screws in stock, so that a fast and efficient delivery after the purchase can be ensured. For this reason, we have also expanded our online shop with the category of miniature screws and thus we offer our customers from all over Europe the possibility to buy their goods quickly. To ensure that the purchase is also secure, we have converted our entire website to the secure SSL procedure and thus the data entry when purchasing your miniature screws can also no longer be clouded and data can be accessed by third parties. In this context, we would like to explain to you how an optimal and fast purchase of your miniature screws via our online shop should proceed when you buy from us. Of course, we can also assume that you have also found us, because you have found us via a search engine using the search term "miniature screws". If this is so, then we welcome you warmly! Now you are already in the desired category of miniature screws. Take your time and browse through the whole range of miniature screws and see if the right screws are available as miniature versions for your assembly. If so, you can add the desired quantity to the shopping cart by entering the quantity. Once this is done, you can add further items to the shopping cart or complete the purchase and confirm it with your payment. Now create your own account and enter all your data, such as email address and your billing or delivery address. If this is completed, you can now click on the Continue button to continue to the payment options via the shopping cart. Choose the appropriate one and pay it. After the purchase, if the payment was successful, you will receive the order confirmation by email. Now we can also send your goods, so that the miniature screws should arrive after a few days.

The production of miniature screws

Miniature Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow of course many of you would like to know not only where to buy such miniature screws, but also how such screws can be manufactured today. So in this last section, let us tell you about the production of miniature screws, so that you can gain an insight into the manufacturing process. Like all screws, miniature screws are used in the production process on automatic machines. Of course, the CNC lathes must also be slightly smaller than the standard machines for normal screws. Inside a CNC screw machine there is always the machining chuck. In this chuck, most of the manufacturing processes are run through until the finished miniature screw is tumbled out. Outside, directly at the machine, there is always a drum loader. The loader can take the wire reel as round material in steel or stainless steel version and the round wire can be inserted into the machine. Now the loading and the loading of the CNC program takes place. Afterwards all zero points have to be set up to finish the setup. When all settings are done, the wire is inserted. When the start button is pressed, the production of the miniature screws can begin. Now the correct length calculation is carried out and the wire is cut off. Afterwards the head of the miniature screw is pre-compressed. In the next step, the head is completely upset so that the cylinder or other head shapes can also be seen. In this context, the slot as drive is also upset, or the Torx or cross slot drive. Now only the rolled thread on the shaft of the almost finished miniature screw is missing. For this purpose there are always two thread rolls with the thread inside the machine. These rollers run in opposite directions. Now the shank of the screw is held under high pressure and turned between the rollers. Now the thread grooves transfer into the shaft of the screw. Afterwards the production is finished. Now all Mniature screws come packed into our stock and in case of a purchase we can send the screws to you. After a few days your miniature screws made of metal or steel or stainless steel should arrive at your place. You can now finish the work with these screws.


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