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Mushroom handles are round handle shapes which are similar to a mushroom. For this reason mushroom handles are also called mushroom handles. Mushroom grips are used in trade and industry as stainless steel mushroom handles or in steel or plastic.

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What exactly are mushroom handles? We would like to explain this question and many more in this article, so that general questions as well as specific questions about mushroom handles can be clarified. In order to get an overall picture, it is important to deal with detailed questions as well. For example, we would like to describe the construction of mushroom handles and the assembly in more detail. At the same time, we will also come to the materials that can be used for such mushroom-shaped handles and of course you will also learn about our stock, so that you can see which types of mushroom handles we have available for you in our online shop. In the last article we also go back to the production of such handles and so you also have an overview of how such parts can be produced economically on today's machines. But let us now start with the detailed construction. As the name suggests, the mushroom-shaped handle is a form of a handpiece on a handle used on machines and technical equipment, thus giving the operator the possibility to loosen and tighten a screw connection without the aid of tools. The handle is curved on the surface like a mushroom, semicircularly curved, so that it can usually cover the two wings with the mushroom shape. Handles that look like a mushroom are often used for push or pull buttons on machines or control elements, so that levers, for example, can be equipped with them. In its central position, the semicircular mushroom handles has a hole in which a set screw or threaded piece is located to accommodate it. This means that a mushroom-shaped handle can be used as a mushroom screw handle or as a mushroom-shaped handle nut. The materials used are always plastic, steel or stainless steel as V2A or V4A. A mushroom-shaped handle made of stainless steel V2A is of course completely water-resistant. However, if you want to install your handles near salt water or in chemical industry plants, you should use the stainless steel V4A. Because only this alloy is completely resistant to acids and alkalis.

Our delivery program of mushroom handles - buy online in our online shop

Mushrooms handles Stainless Steel Kunststoff Plastik V2A V4AIt cannot be denied that the demand for mushroom handles made of different materials, such as plastics or steel handles, even stainless steel handles, has been increasing in recent years and that the industry has to resort to larger quantities in order to produce technical equipment and machinery. Due to the continuing popularity of mushroom handles, model makers and hobbyists have also recognized the benefits of these control elements and are increasingly incorporating them into all kinds of applications. As a result, most online shops have to provide the goods in larger quantities to enable the market to meet the demand. So we have also decided to continue to fill our warehouses so that the industry can have access to a large number of mushroom handles in large quantities and be able to buy them quickly. So with our online shop we provide our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe with a platform where they can buy their products quickly and easily at low prices through our online shop. To ensure that your purchase is secure, we have decided to convert the entire platform to a secure SSL connection. This means in plain language that all of your stored data is now securely encrypted, so that access by third parties, external persons is no longer possible. Especially if your purchase is exported to our value of goods, it is important that this security gap could be closed. Thus your deposited data are absolutely safe. At the same time we would like to inform you in a few short steps how a fast and reliable purchase via our online shop can be arranged. We now assume that we may also welcome you on our website, because you came to us via a large search engine and the search term "mushroom handles"? If so, then you are very welcome! Now take your time to look at your desired mushroom handles and if necessary, simply put the goods in the quantity you require in our shopping basket and then proceed to step two, where you create your account so that you can enter all your data. Once this is done and you would like to buy the mushroom handles, follow the instructions in the shopping cart and in a few steps you will see the list of payment options. If you have chosen the right one, confirm the purchase! Now we can prepare the goods for dispatch and send them to you.

The production of mushroom handles

Mushrooms handles Stainless Steel Kunststoff Plastik V2A V4AThe last section will deal with the pure production of such important elements. Many of you are of course familiar with the many different shapes of mushroom handles, so this is not a problem, but a great many of you have no idea how such elements are produced in highly technical machines, so that an economical production is possible. So in this article we would like to explain to you some things about a plastic mushroom handle and a stainless steel mushroom handle, so that you will understand afterwards how the processes of manufacturing differ. We would like to start again with a plastic mushroom handle. This has a threaded bush moulded into it. Basically, products made of plastic can always be produced using a so-called injection moulding process, which is the most cost-effective way of reproducible production. Two halves of the mould must be produced, which show the finished mushroom handle when assembled. This mould can then be clamped on an injection moulding machine and filled with plastic under high pressure. The mould then opens and the finished handle is removed. During each injection process, the threaded bush must be inserted into the mould so that it can also be injected. With a mushroom handle made of stainless steel, the manufacturing process is somewhat different. Here, CNC machines are required which can take over the production from a solid material. Usually there are always loaders connected to the machine, which can communicate directly and supply the machine with the necessary materials in steel or stainless steel. Once the CNC program is loaded, the mushroom handle production can begin. First the raw material is drawn in and clamped. Now the centering and drilling of the core hole and subsequent thread cutting takes place. Once this is completed, the contour of the mushroom handle is turned. Afterwards the surfaces are finished and can then be cut off. The mushroom handle is now finished and can be stored in our warehouse. If your order arrives now, we can pack the goods together and send them to you.

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