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Model making screws are mainly used in model making. Model making screws can therefore be used in technical and leisure model making.

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This article will exclusively deal with the still quite young model making screws made of steel or stainless steel. The reason why model making screws are still quite young in the big family of screw connections is that, first of all, model making has not been around for so long and secondly, these quite small screws had to have this small size when the components and machines and devices also got smaller and smaller components that had to be assembled by model making screws. Imagine, still about 60-70 years ago. At that time it was not possible to think about model making screws as we know them today. At least in some small sizes. Only with the increase of smaller components, for the medical industry, the watch industry and the entire fine mechanical field, the model making screws really got going. Let us talk in this article exclusively about the model making screws made of steel or stainless steel and how they are constructed. Furthermore, we would like to briefly mention which screws fall into the large group of model screws. Of course, we will also talk about the topic of material for model screws and last but not least the production of such small model screws. We don't have to repeat the list of areas in which steel or stainless steel model screws can be used everywhere, because we have at least touched on this point in the upper section. To enumerate all areas would lead too far here. The construction of a model building screw is basically the same as the rest of the big sisters of screws, which simply exceed a certain size. Model making screws are used today as machine screws, wood screws and many other types of screws. Let us now come to the topic of the material. There are roughly four groups of materials available for model making screws. On the one hand it is the normal coated steel. This material is used for model making screws as the predominant material group. The second most common material is stainless steel. Stainless steel is used more and more often because of its excellent properties. These include stainless steel V2A and V4A. But brass is not to be dismissed either. As an increasing demand for materials for model making screws, plastic is also being used in more and more areas.

Our stock program of model making screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Model Making Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last years we could observe an increasing demand for plastic model making screws and model making screws made of steel and stainless steel. We have also noticed this in the increasing demands of our customers and so we have come to the conclusion that the category of model making screws should be expanded even more, so that more and more of these small screws can be bought cheaply through our online shop. We have taken care of this and are now in the process of expanding the category so that our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe can find an ever larger assortment of model making screws and buy the right ones for their work. With our online shop we offer our customers the possibility to order 24 hours a day your model making screws and all other products fast and uncomplicated and to have the goods sent to their home or to your company. To ensure that the purchase of model making screws is secure, we have already converted the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate several years ago. This brings many advantages, because now the area of data transfer to our merchandise management system has become more and more secure and after a purchase third parties can no longer access your data. But not only this advantage is worth mentioning, we would also like to describe the order process in more detail, so that all people who want to buy model making screws also know exactly how the order function should work, so that your goods can be sent to you quickly. Now we assume that you have also found us, because you have entered the search term "Modellbauschrauben" and thus have found us. That is nice and therefore you have already landed in the right category of model making screws and can now look around in peace and quiet in this category. Surely you will find enough screws in our still under construction page, which are small and therefore fit into the category of model screws. If you have found a product you would like to buy, you now have the possibility to put the product into the shopping cart. Please also add the number of pieces, so that we know how many model making screws of this size you need. If this point of the purchase is completed, it goes to the necessary step, which allows you now to create an account so that all your data can be deposited. To do so, please enter your billing address, your delivery address and your contact email address after logging in. If you would like to complete your order, please stay logged in and check the quantity of the model screws in your shopping cart. If everything is correct, please continue to click until the payment methods are displayed for selection. Select them and pay for the model making screws and the other products. If the purchase was successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with all the details of your purchase. Now the products can be put together in our warehouse and the ordered model making screws can be sent out.

The production of model making screws

Model Making Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe last article on model making screws will also deal with how these screws can be produced today in comparison to the older production conditions, as it was the case 30 to 40 years ago. In the past, the production of small model screws was not yet characterized by economic pressure, because especially at the beginning of the emergence of model screws, the quantities demanded today were not yet available. So it was normal at that time that such small screws were produced on outdated machines that were not technologically up to date and were controlled by a mechanical cam disc. These machines were not fast, but very accurate. It is always problematic to change from one type of model making screws to a new one. For example a different length or diameter. These set-up times for changes could only be carried out after a production of large quantities of pattern screws, because they were very time consuming. This is all a little bit different today. Nowadays only CNC screw machines are used for the production of model screws. They have fast changeover times and all parameters for the production are transmitted and loaded via a CNC program. Such screwdriving machines always have a machining center inside, where all production processes take place during the manufacturing of the model screws. For economic reasons, there is always a loader for strand material outside the machining center, which can be equipped with stainless steel bars or steel rods to enable unmanned operation. The drum loader with one drum can take thin stainless steel wire as long lengths to make the production more independent. If the machine is now ready for the model making screws, the start is done. Now the wire is drawn into the machine and can be cut to the right length. Subsequently, pre-pressing processes are initiated, which take over the first part of the head of the pattern screws. In the second step the head is finished pressed and provided with the drive. The last step is the thread rolling, which can be designed as a wood thread or a machine thread. No matter if a metric thread or an inch thread. Two thread rollers are run in opposite directions and the shaft is inserted between them under high pressure. Now the thread can transfer from the thread rolls to the shaft of the screw. Now the model screw made of stainless steel or steel is finished and can be stored in our warehouse. If an order or a purchase from you arrives via our online shop, the model screw will be packed in our stock and shipped to you. After some days the package should arrive at your place.


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