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Screw Bolts also count as screws, but this type of screw is an exception. Thus a screw bolt usually has no head. It is only a bolt.

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Today, screw bolts are one of the most important very special fasteners which are used thousands of times a day in very special applications. Such special screw bolts, also known as stud bolts or expansion bolts, can also be manufactured in many different designs. The standard screw bolts are actually constructed in a similar way to threaded rods. Only in a much shorter version. These special bolts can have a slot in the head area as a drive or they can also be stamped as hexagon socket. Very special screw bolts can also be equipped with a triangular drive. This means, of course, that a triangular wrench is also required for assembly to tighten and loosen the screw. Furthermore we would like to mention not only the cylindrical screw bolt, but also that straight expansion bolts have a thinner shaft in the middle of the stud bolt, which is designed without a thread. Such expansion bolts are used today in many areas of industrial production of special technical equipment. If, for example, two components have to be screwed together in such a way that under load, e.g. vibrations or shocks, they still have to maintain the predetermined strength. This can also be, for example, a cylinder head on a construction machine that is subject to temperature fluctuations and thus material expansion. Especially with such heavy-duty connections, screw bolts or expansion bolts are the perfect part of the pressure that must be exerted on sealing elements, must be the same over the entire time and the bolts must not slacken due to fatigue and the screw bolt can therefore expand and slowly restrict its function. This means that these bolts can be used in a wide variety of materials. From normal steel bolts, which can be coated to achieve a higher resistance, to brass bolts, and further to bolts made of common materials such as stainless steel in V2A or V4A. The variations of screw bolts are almost inexhaustible and hardly imaginable, which forms these expansion bolts can take. In the following article we would like to give you a few words about our stock programme of screw bolts and the production of them.

Our range of stainless steel screw bolts - buy online in our online shop

Screw Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have already been able to tell you a few things about the screw bolts made of different materials in the first article. Today, such expansion bolts are used in all important technical installations to fulfil very special tasks. Thus expansion bolts or also screw bolts are a useful fastening element in technical precise machines and plants. For many years now, we have been offering our customers the possibility to buy their screw bolts at low prices around the clock via our online shop. This is an important aspect, as it allows orders to be processed quickly and easily. Whereby we are already on the subject of buying. We have been thinking for a long time about how we can make our website and your data even more secure, so that access by third parties is no longer possible when exporting data. This important protection mechanism and the protection of your data can only be carried out by an encrypted transmission from a SSL website. So we have been able to switch our website to the SSl certificate and your data is therefore very secure. Now you can buy your stainless screw bolts in DIN standard very uncomplicated and fast via our online shop. How such a purchase can be arranged best, we would like to give you a short introduction. Surely you have come to our website via a search engine when you were looking for your stud bolts. Now find all your expansion bolts or your stud bolts and put them in the desired quantity in the shopping cart. If this part of your order is completed, it is advisable that you now create your account with us and thus store all your data, which we need for your purchase of your studs in order to create your invoice and also to send the goods to you. If this part of the purchase is also completed, the shop will now forward you to the payment. You now have the possibility to choose one of the many payment options we offer to find the best one for you. Now you only have to pay your screw bolts by your purchase and you will receive the order confirmation by mail from our system. Now we can also combine your order in our warehouse and hand it over to the transport company, so that you should receive your bolts within the next few days.

The production of screw bolts or expansion bolts

Screw Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order to be able to install screw bolts in many technical installations, of course, it is the same as with the other screws, they must first be manufactured. Many people know screw bolts and install them, but these people know very little about the production of such bolts. This is to change in this article and therefore we would like to give you a little more information about this part. In the past, such bolts were set up and produced on so-called cam-type automatic lathes. There are still companies which still produce their expansion bolts on such very reliable machines, but these mechanical machines are very slow and therefore extremely uneconomical for today. Today the production is limited to the modern and much faster CNC screw machines. Because these have very short set-up times and can produce extremely economically. This is how such automatic screwdriving machines have finally gained acceptance, because they can run almost unmanned after the initial setup and can also produce the screw bolts overnight. Such an automatic machine always has a work spindle with a chuck integrated as the main unit. Through this the raw stainless steel material is fed into the machine from outside. On the outside there is always a drum which has taken up all the material and functions as "endless material". If the machine is already set up, the raw material is fed in. First of all, in the case of an expansion screw or bolt, the expansion shaft is always inserted first. This is done by unscrewing the shaft. The shank screw that has already been cut off has now already incorporated the thinner middle shank, so that the next work step can take place with the screw bolt. Now the drive is being worked in, depending on whether it is to be a triangular drive or a hexagon socket or even a slot drive. This is worked in by pressing in or by a side milling cutter. If this section is completed during the production of the screw bolt, the last step is the rolling in of the thread. Two thread plates are used, which are arranged separately opposite each other and also have the thread structure that the bolt will later have. Now the screw bolt is moved back and forth between the thread plates several times with extremely high pressure until the thread is rolled in. When this manufacturing process is completed, the bolt is almost always washed once more in a bath to remove all oil residues. Once this process is complete, the stud can be stored in our warehouse until your order is received and delivered to you.


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