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Tommy screws are also part of the screws, but the fact is that tommy screws do not have a direct drive, but the transverse tommy screw serves as a drive.

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What would the world be in the industry without the tommy screws. Despite all this, these special screws, although they look completely different, also belong to the large family of screws and to the very large group of fastening and connecting elements. In this article we would like to take a closer look at all the details related to tommy screws made of metal/steel/stainless steel V2A or V4A. We would like to explain in more detail how tommy screws can be constructed exactly and which materials can be used for such screws. We would also like to go into more detail about which application areas the screws can be used for and, finally, how they are manufactured. However, we would like to start with the construction of tommy screws. These always consist of two different parts, which have to be joined together to one part so that a whole screw can be made. The screw itself consists of a screw head, which is provided with a lateral cross hole and must take up the cross toggle. From the head of the screw, the shank leads away downwards, who represents the thread on the tommy screw. The cross toggle can function as a fixed toggle or as a loose toggle. If the toggle is fixed, it is in the middle so that it is easy to grip when tightening. If the toggle is loosely attached, however, the toggle can function as a lever and be pushed back and forth in the screw head. With these lever screws with loose handle, the torque is far greater, which can be produced with the hands on this handle. The material used is bare steel, which can be either bare or coated. But also the tommy screws made of stainless steel are more and more gaining ground in industrial and private use. Debei always distinguishes between two alloys of stainless steel tommy screws. On the one hand the alloy is V2A and also V4A stainless steel. V2A is usually completely sufficient. However, if you want to use the tommy screws on boats and yachts, you should always use the V4A stainless steel alloy. Because only this alloy is absolutely saltwater resistant and also suitable for use in the chemical industry, because it is also resistant to acids and alkalis.

Our stock range of tommy screws - Buy online in our online shop

Tommy Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we were able to give you some information about the stainless steel tommy screws and the steel tommy screws and also talk about the construction. These points are already done and don't need to be discussed further in detail. Most of those who use metal tommy screws on machines and technical equipment every day know exactly how to handle these screws and how to use them. In our online shop we offer tommy screws made of stainless steel and steel and in the version as fixed tommy bar and of course in the version with the loose tommy bar. With this screw the cross toggle can be moved to and fro and the torque can be increased thereby still further. Of course, it always depends on the technical solution in which you want to use the respective tommy screws. Our online shop offers our German and European customers the opportunity to buy their metal tommy screws around the clock at a reasonable price and thus to place an uncomplicated and prompt order. So that the order and/or the purchase can run off also unproblematically, then we set the topic security with the purchase on a new standard and changed the entire platform on an encoded version. This form of encryption has the advantage that your data, which you must deposit with us when placing an order, is also secure if the data export to our merchandise management system can take place. If we are already on the subject of buying, then let us also go into how an order process of your tommy screws should proceed, so that all runs smoothly and you get your goods promptly from us. Surely you have also come to us via one of the search engines using the search word " tommy screws ". Now you have the possibility to choose all your screws with a fixed or loose gag and put them in the desired quantity into your shopping cart. Once this purchase process has been completed, step two takes place, in which you create your customer account with us and deposit your delivery address. Your email address is also important so that you receive the shipping notifications from us later. The second step in the purchase process is the payment process, when you want to finish your order. To do this, the online shop suggests various payment options, where you can choose one. If the payment has been successful, you will receive an automatic order confirmation immediately after the purchase of your tommy screws.

The production of tommy screws

Tommy Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs always, in the last article of this article we would like to discuss again how tommy screws made of metal / steel / stainless steel v2A or V4A are used in machines and technical installations. Of course all fitters and other people are aware of how tommy screws are constructed, but few know more about how these special screws are made. Surely it is not uninteresting for you to learn how these kinds of special screws are formed into a finished tommy screw on modern machines. Today, the most modern automatic machines, so-called lathes, are always used for this production process, where a high level of efficiency can be achieved through fully automated production and the connected loader, an almost unmanned production. A CNC program is loaded into the machine, which stores all data, which have the speeds and feeds in order to deliver a uniformly high quality. When manufacturing a clamping screw, two separate parts must be turned and manufactured, which are then joined together to form a finished screw. The simple part, the gag itself, is compressed on both sides so that it can later either move loosely in the gag screw or be firmly inserted so that the gag is centered. The main part of the tommy screw is made as follows: At the beginning the raw material is inserted into the loader as round steel, which can be stainless steel or steel. Once all the parameters have been loaded, production can begin. The first step is to roll the thread onto the shaft. This process is made possible by thread rolling. Once this process is completed, the cross toggle hole is drilled into the head of the screw. When both parts of the tommy screw are finished, the separated parts can be assembled to a finished product. The toggle is pushed in and both ends are squeezed by compression so that the toggle cannot fall out. If enough individual parts of a tommy screw have been manufactured, they can be stored in our warehouse and, if you place an order, we will prepare the goods for dispatch and send them to you.


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