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Plastic nuts are nuts that are made of plastic. Such plastic nuts can be found in more and more areas of hobby and industry, because these plastic nuts are very light.

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Plastic nuts naturally belong to the large family of nuts within the fastening elements. Of course, plastic nuts are not metal nuts made of steel or stainless steel, but neither should they be, because the material from which plastic nuts can be used is not actually plastic, but rather polyamide. These plastic nuts have, due to the material, a very special property to fulfil. All these questions, among others how plastic nuts can be used and how they can be produced, we would like to discuss in this article. Surely you all know the countless nuts that are made of plastic or polyamide? Many also often refer to these nuts as plastic nuts. The exact name of such nuts is left up to the individual. We would like to stick with the term "plastic nuts. We would like to start with the construction of these fastening elements. On the outside these nuts have a hexagon, so that the nut can be tightened with an open-end wrench or a ring spanner. These plastic nuts are available as metric thread and also as inch thread in all common thread sizes. Such nuts are used wherever this material has to perform two different tasks. On the one hand, these elements are used where conductive surfaces are used and a certain degree of insulation must be created to provide protection against other components so that no current can be passed on. This includes the electrical industry, which has to screw and fasten circuit boards so that a protective insulation is created. Or the second area is the specific weight, which is very small for plastic nuts and therefore such fasteners are perfect for achieving a large weight saving. As far as strength is concerned, it must of course be said that plastic nuts naturally cannot compete with steel nuts. Although the material polyamide is already very strong, it still cannot hold a candle to the steel nuts.

Our stock program of plastic nuts - buy online in our Online Shop

Plastic NutsPlastic nuts have continued to increase in popularity. Not only the industry has recognized the advantages of polyamide nuts or plastic nuts and the fields of application are expanding more and more. But not only the industry appreciates such properties, but also many hobbyists and hobby builders of models have come to appreciate the nuts made of plastic and use them in ever increasing numbers in their building projects. So in the last years the demand for such nuts has grown more and more and therefore the demand has to be covered by the online shops. We have also decided to include this article in our stock range, so that we can supply you with such polyamide nuts promptly and quickly. So we offer all our customers, who come from Germany and the rest of Europe, the possibility to buy their plastic nuts quickly and easily through our online shop. This is quickly possible and so you can buy from us around the clock. Let us also say a few words about the purchase through our online shop and how the order process should be, so that the order can be completed quickly. Surely we may welcome you as well, because you have found us via a search engine and the search word "plastic nuts". If this is the case, you now have the possibility to assemble your plastic nuts and put them into the shopping cart together with the other products. Once this has been done, please create your customer account with us by creating a login area and entering all your delivery data. If you have also deposited your email, you can complete your purchase by following the instructions in the shopping cart. In the next section you will see the payment options you can choose from. Now choose the best option for you and pay for the items. If everything was successful, you will receive an order confirmation by mail, where you can see all purchased plastic nuts. Now we can also assemble your goods and send them to you.

The production of plastic nuts

Plastic NutsThe last article will also deal with the production of plastic nuts made of polyamide and how these can be produced on modern machines. Many of you surely know exactly how such nuts made of plastic can be nailed every day and how they can be used on components for bolting. But most of you do not know how these plastic nuts can also be manufactured. So we would like to shed a little more light on the dark, so that you will also know how such a production of plastic nuts will work. In order to produce such nuts, today almost exclusively ultra-modern injection moulding machines are used, because these CNC-controlled machines can be used for such mass products. So that a plastic nut can be produced with such a machine, appropriate moulds are used. These injection moulds have exactly the same shape as the later nuts. When the mould is inserted into the injection moulding machine, the production of plastic nuts can be started after loading the CNC program. For this purpose, the almost liquid polyamide is heated to a certain value in an extruder machine at the injection head, so that the solid becomes an almost liquid state. Now the liquid plastic can be pressed into the mould under high pressure. As a rule, such moulds have an increasing number of nuts incorporated, so that several nuts can always be produced per injection process. These can then be removed after cooling in the mould and automatically fall into a collecting container. If enough plastic nuts are finished and collected, they can be stored in our warehouse so that they can be delivered to you promptly after you have placed your order. After a few days the package with the plastic nuts you ordered should arrive at your place and you can use the plastic nuts on your project.


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