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Double terminals are usually used in railing accessories and are connecting elements which in this case should securely connect two steel cables. A double terminal can be used as a screw terminal or as a pinch terminal.

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What exactly is a double terminal made of stainless steel? Do you know it? In this article, we would like to give you detailed information about a double terminal so that you can understand what such double terminals can be used for and in which industries they are used. However, we would not only like to provide you with this information about the double terminals, but also illuminate the detailed structure. How such double terminals can accommodate steel cables and how the installation of the double terminal can also create a firm fit for the steel cables, even under greater loads. We will also inform you about our delivery program of double terminals and the production of such double terminals on modern machines. Basically it can be said that today double terminals made of stainless steel can be described as modern steel cable connectors. This word is certainly more familiar to several of you than the pure designation of a double terminal. Which task should such double terminals take over? Imagine you have to tension a long steel cable on a long fence or a property boundary in order to attach a wire mesh fence to it? You now attach a long steel cable and then find that it does not reach to the other end and you must now connect another steel cable with the short steel cable safely and detachably. Ganau now the double terminal is used. With a double terminal you can easily connect two steel cables without any problems, it is intended for self-assembly. To understand the structure of a double terminal for self-assembly, we now come to the structure. The basic body is a threaded sleeve, which has a fine thread at both ends and above which a respective union nut can be turned on both sides. In the union nuts of the double terminals there are so-called clamping sleeves. These are provided with a hole and slotted in the longitudinal direction. The thrust piece is located behind the clamping sleeve, which increases the pressure on the clamping sleeve when the union nut is screwed in, so that the clamping sleeve is pressed into the cone of the union nut. Now the following happens. The hole inside the clamping sleeve is now compressed by the slotted thrust piece and the steel cable inside is pressed in so strongly that it can no longer be pulled out. The higher the pressing force, the more securely the double terminal holds the steel cable in the clamp. Due to the enormous static friction, the two rope ends can now be clamped firmly and securely in the double terminal. Because no pressing pliers or similar are required to use the double terminal, it is ideally suited for self-assembly. Since double terminals are often used on yachts and boats on the high seas, the most common material used is stainless steel V4A. Of course, double terminals can also be made of V2A stainless steel.

Our delivery program of double terminals - Buy online in our Online Shop

Double Terminals Stainless SteelSince the connection of steel ropes by means of double terminals has become more and more important, the double terminals have become more and more widespread in the economy, i.e. in industry and also in the private sector. By the self-assembly, everyone can assemble the double terminals simply by screwing with an open-end wrench quite simply and saves many costs around steel cables in another way reliably connect. So we have also included the double terminals in our delivery program in order to offer all our customers the possibility to buy the double terminals cheaply via our website in the online shop. Since the demand is constantly increasing, also the Internet Shops, which offer the double terminals, must be able to cover the demand and guarantee a safe supply. We now offer our customers the opportunity to buy their double terminals quickly and cheaply via our online shop and have the ordered goods delivered quickly and promptly. So that the purchase of your double terminals can also proceed safely, we have decided to convert the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate and thus guarantee the necessary data security. Only in this way can the data security and the transmitted data be managed securely without being tapped by third parties when purchasing your double terminals. This creates even more security when buying your goods via our online shop. Whereby we are already with the topic, we would like to go also briefly into it, how an order expiration should look. Now we also assume that you have also found us via a search engine on the Internet and entered the search word "double terminal"? Now you are directly in the right category of the double terminals and can choose between the following rope diameters: Diameters 4 mm as well as 5 and 6 mm as well as 8 and 10 mm. Thus we cover all common sizes of double terminals. Now select the suitable double terminal for you and put it in the desired quantity in the shopping basket. You can now buy more items or complete the purchase by paying. If you want to check out now, create an account with us and deposit all your required data, such as email and address. Now you can go in the logged in condition into the shopping basket and check again the adjusted double terminals made of high-grade steel. If all is correct, then you follow the instructions of the shopping basket by further clicks. After a few clicks, you will be shown the payment options that you can select when paying for your double terminals. Now pay the double terminals. If everything was successful, you will receive an order confirmation and we will receive your order. This will now be compiled in the warehouse and sent to you.

The production of double terminals

Double Terminals Stainless SteelThe last part of the article will also deal with how double terminals made of stainless steel can be produced on modern machines and which possibilities are used on machines today. In order to guarantee economic efficiency and a favourable price, it is important that highly modern and complex CNC machines are used today, which support the possibilities in the production of double terminals. Only in this way can many individual parts be manufactured at a good price. Such CNC lathes are today always the first choice. On such CNC lathes there are also always so-called bar loaders, which ensure that a supply of stainless steel round material is also possible in blind mode or in a night shift operation, where the machines have to work unmanned. In order to start production of double terminals made of stainless steel, the machine must be equipped. For this purpose, all zero points and tools are set to the respective positions. Once these processes have been completed, the program is loaded into the CNC system. Now, when the round material is in the loader, the production of the double terminals made of stainless steel can begin. First the round material is drawn into the chuck. Now the drilling and cutting of the thread for the union nut for the double terminal takes place. Now the union nut itself can be unscrewed and then the collets in the chuck can be prepared. The clamping sleeves for the double terminals are slotted using a side milling cutter. If there are now enough individual parts in the collection container, the assembly of the individual parts can begin. If enough finished double terminals made of stainless steel have been assembled, they can be stored in the warehouse. If we receive an order for double terminals made of stainless steel, we can now process the order processing and assemble the goods in the warehouse. The dispatch is then initiated and sent to you. After a few days you should receive the package with the ordered double terminals. You can now install the parts on your steel cable.

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