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Toggle lever clamps are lever clamps that work via the toggle lever system. A toggle lever clamp is a special clamping element which allows high clamping forces towards the end point. For this reason, toggle lever clamps are always made of steel or stainless steel.

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Many of you will certainly ask yourselves very often what toggle lever clamps are actually for and why these small mechanical marvels can clamp so precisely and, at the same time, due to their design, can generate such final clamping forces when closing. We would like to examine these and many other questions in more detail in this article. Among the main topics of toggle lever clamps in this article are the detailed functionality, such as closing and opening, and the exact design of such a toggle lever clamps. Furthermore, we would like to discuss how such a clamping element can be used in industry and which materials are used to manufacture such toggle lever clamps. In the following we will also come to our stockkeeping of these clamping elements and of course to the production and assembly. But let us now begin to take a brief look at the mode of operation of such a toggle lever clamp. These manual clamping elements have an unbelievably precise and ingenious mode of operation as far as the actual clamping process is concerned. These toggle lever clamps are always constructed according to the same principle, which is based on a base that is provided with holes in the frame so that it can be mounted on a plate. There is always a toggle lever clamps on this base, which must later take over the actual clamping task. On this part there is usually a rubber buffer which presses on the workpiece to be clamped. On the opposite side of the toggle lever clamp there is a manual control element, which can be pressed down and up. The clamping toggle lever clamps and the manual clamping element are now connected to each other by a connecting strap in such a way that when the closing movement is moved, only a very small force acts on the clamping lever and the more it moves downwards, the force ratio increases until a point is passed where the axis of the connecting strap exceeds the pivot point of the hand lever and a self-locking effect has occurred. The toggle lever clamps can no longer be opened as long as the hand lever cannot be brought back over this axis point. The mechanical force applied to the toggle lever clamps has an insignificant effect on the hand control clamping part, so that this lever can be brought back very easily. The materials used are almost exclusively steel or stainless steel. Whereby the alloy of the stainless steel can be designed as V2A or V4A. The hand control element is usually provided with a protective cap to protect the fingers.

Our stock program of toggle lever clamps - buy online in our Online Shop

Toggle lever clamps stainless steel V2A V4AThe industry has recognized the areas of application for toggle lever clamps made of steel or stainless steel, so that these elements can be used in all conceivable sectors to perform smaller or highly complex clamping tasks on workpieces and devices. It is a great advantage that such toggle lever clamps are purely manual clamping elements which trigger or reverse a clamping process by a tilting movement. Only the fingers are required without the use of tools, which is what has made these elements so popular. As the industry has increased the demand in recent years, the online shops must also be able to provide the toggle lever clamps in a larger quantity to the customers. Of course we have also thought about including such clamping elements in our program, so that the demand can be satisfied in larger quantities. So we have decided to offer all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their toggle clamps quickly and promptly in our online shop. The advantage is obvious. You can buy them around the clock and we will deliver the products to your company second hand. So that the purchase can also run off safely, we have also decided to change the whole domain to the secure SSL certificate, so that all deposited data is safely stored. So it is no longer possible for third parties to access your data. But we are doing an order in our online shop correctly so that you can order your toggle lever clamps quickly and promptly? Surely you also come to us via a search engine and are now in the chapter of toggle lever clamps. You can now look at all the goods and add them to your shopping cart if necessary. If the quantities are also coordinated and available, you can also create your customer account with us in the online shop in the following section. After this first registration process you can now also securely store your data. After this section the last part follows, which now enables you to pay your order. You will be guided through the ordering process of the online shop and after a few steps you will come to a payment point, which offers you different payment options. Now pay the toggle lever clamps in your shopping cart and complete your purchase. Now we can also assemble your goods in our warehouse and send them to your address.

The production of toggle lever clamps

Toggle lever clamps stainless steel V2A V4AIn order for the processing industry to be able to use toggle lever clamps to create fixtures and to clamp and fix components, these parts must first be manufactured so that they can be purchased. In a few sentences we would like to give you a brief introduction to the manufacturing process so that you can understand how such parts can be produced economically today. Since such a toggle lever clamp as a screw-on clamp always consists of at least three parts. We would like to describe these briefly. Firstly, there is the basic shoe with the holes, which is the foot of the toggle lever clamps with the holes. This is a punched part and a bent part, The toggle lever clamps and the hand lever as well as the bridge lever are also punched sheet metal parts, which must be partly formed. The bolts are turned parts and the hand lever usually consists of a plastic part, which is a plunging part. Immersion parts made of plastics are always immersed in a liquid plastic via an immersed mould and cooled down. The caps are finished with this. All sheet metal bends and punched parts are pre-punched on modern punching machines and then pressed into the appropriate shape by a forming machine. These forms can be angles or round shapes. The studs are turned parts and are produced on modern turning machines which can be controlled by a CNC system. The attached loader operates the machine and pushes the raw material into the lathe. When the bolt is finished, it can be cut off and falls into the collection container. Once all the small parts have been produced, these individual parts can be assembled to form a functional toggle lever clamp. All punched parts come to their place and are then secured by the bolts. When the positions are clearly and correctly assembled, the bolts can be riveted together to create secure connections. Finally the rubber buffer is mounted and the plastic cap is put over the hand lever. Once enough of these toggle lever clamps have been mounted, they can be stored in our warehouse until your order arrives and we can ship the goods to you. After a few days, the package should arrive with your order.

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