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Knurled knobs are round handles that have a knurled edge. The fingers can hold on to a knurled knobs well. Knurled knobs can be made of plastic and steel or stainless steel.

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Have you ever asked yourself what knurled knobs actually are? We would like to shed some light on this question in this report so that most people quickly understand what knurled knobs are and how they are constructed. We would also like to take a closer look at which materials are used and how these knurled knobs can be used in industry. Another very important point is also to introduce our stock structure and the knurled knobs we offer. For all those people who also want to know how the manufacture or production of such knurled knobs elements is carried out, you only have to read the last paragraph and you will find a brief summary of all points. Let us start with the detailed construction of knurled knobs made of plastic, steel or stainless steel. It must be said that the name "knurled knobs" was chosen for these hand control elements not without reason, because this type of handle has a head. This head serves only to allow you to clamp the knurled knobs firmly between your fingers with your thumb and forefinger, and this then serves as a screw connection that can be tightened or loosened without any tools. So that when tightening and gripping this knurled knobs, the fingers do not slip and lose grip, the whole head area is knurled knobs continuously and all around. Through these grooves the skin and the skin contours can penetrate into the grooves or the knurling by the exerted pressure and the necessary pressure can be exerted and slipping can be safely prevented. This special knurling knobs makes the knurled knobs a popular handle element that can be used in all imaginable areas of mechanical engineering or fixture construction. Especially in these technical areas, where screw connections have to be made and released quickly, knurled knobs are an optimal method of fastening. Now we come to the materials used. These are always designed as plastic base materials. Plastic knurled knobs are inexpensive to manufacture because they can be made reproducible by the repeatable injection moulding process. Not to forget and far more resilient are the stainless steel knurled knobs or the steel knurled knobs. These can be found and used as stainless steel in the alloys V2A or V4A. Especially in highly technical areas or the food industry, stainless steel knurled knobs must be used, as they come into contact with water. Whoever wants to make the corrosion resistant to alkalis and acids should definitely switch to the alloy V4A, because only this stainless steel alloy is resistant to all liquids.

Our stock of knurled knobs - buy online in our Online Shop

Knurled knobs Stainless Steel plastic V2A V4ASince knurled knobs have assumed a very special position in industry and now also in the private sector, these manual control elements can no longer be neglected and are found in more and more technical installations. But also the private users have discovered the benefits of such control elements and use these elements more and more often and prefer to use them in various construction projects. Due to the compact design and the low space requirements of these elements, they can also be installed in space-saving locations. Edge knobs can be ground with threaded bushes or threaded inserts, as well as with screws. Depending on the requirements of the respective application. As the demand for these elements is constantly increasing, the supplying companies have to increase their storage capacity in order to sell the required quantities and to be able to use them. So we also decided some years ago to include knurled knobs in our stock to become another important pillar for the industry. Today we offer you a wide range of knurled knobs in shapes and sizes and materials that exceed the usual dimensions. We use edge knobs made of plastics and steels and stainless steels such as alloys of V2A and also V4A. So we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their edge knobs fast and second hand in our online shop at low prices and have the products sent to your company. So that the purchase can also run off sier, the topic security is not to be neglected. So we have changed the whole domain to SSL encryption some time ago, so that access by third parties is no longer possible. This makes shopping even more secure. In this context, please let us say a few words about shopping in our online shop to address some important points so that your margin order can be processed quickly. To do this, simply visit our website and you can now put together your rim handles at your leisure and add the quantity you require to your shopping basket. After this step, step number two follows. This is now done and you can create an account in our online shop, so that you can enter your data and also your email address. If you would like to complete your order, simply log in with your account in our online shop and follow the shop instructions. After a few steps, you will be introduced to the different payment methods we offer. Choose the best one for you and pay for the goods. If the payment was successful, we can send the edge knobs to you in the next step.

The production of knurled knobs

Knurled knobs Stainless Steel plastic V2A V4AAlso knurled knobs made of plastic or metal or steel or stainless steel have to be produced first, so that they can be sold in the industry and to the private hobbyist. So we have already arrived at the last stage in the production of such knurled knobs. Here we will mainly focus on how such handle elements can be manufactured and produced on modern machines. We would like to start here again with knurled knobs made of plastic. These are the most sold elements which are used on devices and other areas. These knurled knobs have a special structure because these parts have a threaded socket injected so that screws or threaded rods or set screws can be screwed in tightly to produce different lengths. To produce such an injection moulded part, this always requires a mould made of metal, which is produced by a CNC machine and therefore has the same contour as the same knurled knob later. Therefore the metal mould made of steel must consist of two halves. These halves can then be clamped on an injection moulding machine to be filled directly into the mould by hot injection. The liquid plastic is pressed into the mould and the threaded bush is overmoulded so that it finds a firm hold in the plastic element. When the finished knurled knob element has cooled down, the mould can open and the element can be removed. If enough knurled knobs have been produced, they can be stored in our warehouse. In the production of stainless steel knurled knobs, the production of these elements is somewhat more complicated and also more costly. Therefore you need a CNC lathe with a connected loader. This is the only way to guarantee an economic production of stainless steel knurled knobs made of V4A or V2A. If the raw material is stored in the loader and the CNC machine is set up by the CNC program and all tools are set up, the start button can be pressed. Now the raw material can be pulled in and clamped in the chuck. The turning tool now turns the heel into the knurled grip first. The next step is to drill the core hole in the middle. Now the thread is cut. If this step is also completed, the knurling of the knob or the head of the knurled knob nut takes place. If this step is also completed, the knurled knob can be cut off and falls into the collecting tray where enough pieces are collected to be stored in the warehouse. If we receive your order for knurled knobs made of steel, stainless steel or plastic, we can send it to you.

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