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Shaft screws are special screws that are equipped with a cylindrical shaft extension. Such shaft screws can be bearing arrangements that act as a central pivot point.

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Shaft screws are not really real screws, because they do not really have the reason to securely connect two different parts together. Nevertheless, as the name suggests, shaft screws are screws in the large family of screw connections. A very special fastener, which mainly finds its application in the industry. So in this article we would like to give you an understanding of what a shaft screw is, what possibilities there are for the use of shaft screws and what material they can be made of. Furthermore, we would like to give you a little more information on how shaft screws can be manufactured. Basically, this type of stud bolt is almost only used in the industrial production of technical equipment, in fixture construction and model making. But also in the handicraft of locksmiths these screws are more and more often a topic, which can make the work much easier. Let us first come to the assembly of metal shaft screws. This screw, or rather this pin with the shaft is designed in such a way that this shaft, which is blank and without a thread, has a short thread afterwards. Only this small socket with the threaded body is the part that can later be inserted or screwed into a threaded hole. In order to make screwing into the threaded hole possible at all, the shaft screw on the head, if there is a head, has an inserted slot. This slot can be used with any screwdriver to screw the pin securely into the threaded hole until it stops. So it can be said that this screw does not create a real connection, but is rather a kind of centering pin over which components can be inserted with a perfect fit. For example, in mould making, shaft screws are very often used as positioning pins, so that the two mould halves can always be in exactly the same position after opening and during assembly. Steel is always used as the base material for shaft screws. This can be coated or even blank if the screws are used on machines that are very oily, so that the shaft cannot corrode. In recent times, however, the screws used as stainless steel V2A or stainless steel V4A have become more and more popular. Only these two alloys are decisive when it comes to preventing rust (corrosion). However, you will certainly know better which properties you need to pay attention to with your shaft screws.

Our stock program of shaft screws - buy online in our online shop

Shaft Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the previous article, we were able to give you some information about the use and design of shaft screws, so that many people or employees can now better understand where these screws can be used and what sense and benefit these screws have in the production of machines and technical equipment. Today, such screws are standard and no longer should any of these pins be missing in the tool cabinets of technicians when the need is greatest. Some time ago, we decided to offer our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe shaft screws made of metal, stainless steel (V2A or V4A) or bare steel, so that when buying screws, the screws can be ordered together with the other products and screws, so that the amount of work can be kept low. We are of course constantly striving to expand our stock program of shaft screws in different sizes and threads and shaft diameters, so that all common sizes are always available. So we have written ourselves on the flag to provide an online shop, where you have the possibility to buy your metal shaft screws quickly and easily in our online shop. So that also the necessary security is constantly given with the purchase of the products, it is particularly important to us that also your deposited data can be handled surely. So we have decided to convert the entire website to a secure SSL connection, so that your data is safe, if it is about your purchase not to be tapped by third parties, when your order of your headless screws is exported to our merchandise management. This can no longer happen now, because all data is securely encrypted! In the same breath we would also like to explain to you briefly how a purchase on our website should look like and which processes lead to the fact that you will get your purchase fast and uncomplicated. If, like most of our customers, we can now also welcome you via one of the large search engines, if you have found us via the search word " shaft screws", we would like to welcome you most warmly! If you have now discovered your screws in our online shop, you can now add the quantity of screws you require to your shopping basket. If this order section is completed, the next step will follow, which requires you to create your customer account with us and enter all data. If you want to proceed to the last step of the order process, the payment, just follow the further steps of the shopping cart, which offers you several payment options and you should now decide for one. If the purchase of your socket head screws is now confirmed by the payment, an automatic mail will be sent to you, in which you can see what you have just bought. In the next step we will be active in our warehouse and will ship your ordered goods.

The manufacture of shaft screws

Shaft Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow it is the same with the slotted stainless steel / steel shaft screws as with the other screws or special fasteners, these must first be manufactured so that they can also be screwed into technical equipment or on machines and devices, for example as nipples or trip cams. Since of course thousands of technicians or fitters all over Europe screw these pins with a shaft every day, it is probably always good to know how these parts are also produced in machines and equipment so that you can get a feeling for them. Of course we did not want to miss this opportunity and did not spare any effort and work. In the next section the complete production process was created. In order to be able to manufacture and produce these shaft screws, you always need a CNC machine or a screw machine. At the beginning of the set-up all data such as feeds and speeds and all other parameters are loaded. This is the only way the machine knows what exactly has to be done and how the processes are to be controlled. Furthermore, the machining chuck is located inside the CNC machine to hold the shaft screws to be machined and to carry out the processes. Outside there is almost always a bar feeder, if it is thicker raw material, or if it is thinner shaft diameter, it is also wound on a drum as strand material. In this way the wire can be fed once and the production of the shaft screws can begin. For this purpose, the end face is always turned flat and provided with a chamfer at the beginning of production. Directly after this, the head of the shaft screw is slotted, which can be done with a side milling cutter. Once this process is completed, the screws are cut off and the thread is then rolled or rolled on. This process is completed to such an extent that the shaft is now rotated under high pressure between two thread rolls so that the thread can be transferred from the thread rolls to the shaft screw. Now the chamfering at the end of the thread and the screw is finished. This can now be stored to be shipped to you when you order.


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