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Cross-hole nuts are nuts which are always provided with two opposite holes on the upper side of the nut. With cross-hole nuts, the nut can then be tightened quickly and easily with a cross-hole nut wrench.

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Cross hole nuts have become indispensable in today's industrial applications. Many questions arise when you hear the term " cross-hole nuts" for the first time, how such a special nut looks like and especially how they are used in industry. Today we would like to explain all these questions in summary and many more. For example, how they are constructed and what materials they can be made of. Certainly the questions of our stock range of cross hole nuts are also interesting or the production of such nuts. In this article we would like to start again with the detailed structure of the cross hole nuts. The construction is such that these nuts have a round ring, which has a relatively low wall thickness compared to a normal nut. The outer ring is round and cleanly machined and the thread is almost always a fine thread. In the outer ring there are four holes, which are drilled in the front side, seen from the outside. So every 90 degrees offset. So it is no problem to hook into the hole of the capstan nut with a hook spanner which has a pin and tighten the nut firmly. These nuts are very often used in industry on shafts with bearing seats and a fine thread for screwing on the cross hole nuts. Due to the fine thread, the nut can be tightened very tightly and is also safe against self-loosening, as the pitch is too small in relation to the static friction. Therefore, there is an enormously high static friction due to the small gradient, which allows a secure connection. Also at spindle drives of machines to clamp the bearings, often cross hole nuts made of steel or stainless steel are used. The fields of application are almost unlimited when considering these nuts. The materials used are always bright steel or even stainless steel. As stainless steel variant there are two alloys for the cross hole nuts. One is the alloy V2A, which is water-resistant, or V4A, which is completely resistant to salt water and is also resistant to acids and alkalis.

Our stock range of cross hole nuts - buy online in our online shop

Cross Hole Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AMore and more companies in industrial production, especially in mechanical engineering, use cross hole nuts to produce secure shaft connections. However, not only industry is the main customer for such special nuts, but also more and more hobbyists who build complex constructions at home. So the industry, i.e. the online shops, also have to provide the correct and common cross hole nuts so that these parts can be delivered to the customers quickly and in larger quantities. Therefore we decided some time ago to include the most common cross hole nuts in our delivery program to give you the possibility to order them promptly. So we have created a platform with our online shop, where we offer our customers from Germany and also the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their capstan nuts quickly and promptly via our online shop. So that the shopping experience can also be safe, the topic of security is not completely unknown to us. Some time ago we decided to change the whole domain to a secure SSL certificate. This exclusively creates more security for your data when handling your data and especially when exporting data to our merchandise management system this is no longer an issue. While we are on the subject of shopping, we would also like to say a few words about what makes shopping in our online shop quick and easy. Surely we may also welcome you on our site now, because you have found us via one of the big search engines with the keyword "cross hole nuts". If you are now on our site, you now have the possibility to assemble your star nuts in the desired size and put them in the shopping cart together with the other products. If this first order process is also completed, you now have the possibility to create your own account. To do so, simply log in on our website and create an account. Once this has been done, you enter all your data, such as delivery address and email. In the next step you can either continue shopping or you would like to complete your order. To do so, just follow the instructions of the shop and at some point you will come to a step that will tell you the different payment options. You can now choose which payment method you prefer for your purchase of the cross hole nuts. If the order was successful, you will receive an automatic email confirmation. Afterwards your crosshole nuts will be packed and shipped to you.

The production on cross hole nuts

Cross Hole Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last section, as always, we would like to take a closer look at the manufacture of the cross-hole nuts, which could certainly be of interest to most of you. All those people who are constantly working with cross-hole nuts in machine construction, all those who know exactly how this type of nut is installed and how the assembly should be done with a cross-hole spanner. We would also like to start again with the machines that are used to produce these types of nuts. In modern production times, machines are provided for this purpose that can handle fully automatic production, whereby the connection of a loader should be a must in order to maintain unmanned night shift operation. Only this type of production is economical and efficient today. These machines are called CNC lathes and they can be controlled by entering a CNC program. A production of the cross hole nuts made of steel or stainless steel is thus possible without any problems. To start the production, the loader must first be loaded and the appropriate raw material inserted. Once the program has been loaded and the program has been loaded, the production of the cross hole nuts can begin. The first step here is to draw in and clamp the raw material round steel bars. Now the machine starts to turn the first outer contour of the nut. The chamfers can also be applied simultaneously. Now the inside diameter is turned out so that the fine thread can be cut afterwards. If this process is also completed during production, the cross holes are drilled on the outer end face. Once all bores have been deburred, the finished cross-hole nut made of steel or stainless steel is cut off. When enough nuts have been produced and collected in the collecting container, they can be removed and stored in our warehouse. If you place an order or purchase via the online shop, we can assemble the goods and ship them to you. After a few days the cross hole nuts should arrive at your place and can be installed at the plant.


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