Article requests

We have been successfully operating our online store for several years. During this time we have expanded the online store and added many more items to our product portfolio. Thus a large variety of products was created which continues to grow.

Since we have many deliveries every day, the purchase of new articles must also run smoothly. As the structures at our suppliers have changed in the last years, not all parts are always available at one order. This can quickly lead to delivery bottlenecks. Since our storage capacities are not infinite, we also have to pay attention to how many of the articles we have in stock.

Not all parts are always available

In this aspect just mentioned, not all parts are always available from us. We always place orders with our suppliers when we can combine many parts to achieve lower purchase prices.

Ask us, if articles are not in stock

If you are now on our website and an item is not available in the desired quantity or not available at all, just contact us. We will then try to see if we can order the desired article from our suppliers. Of course it makes no sense for us or for our supplier if the quantity is too small or the total order value is very low. We will gladly order from our suppliers after checking availability, if the total order value is 100 Euro Gross amounts. Please have understanding for this. Because you can quickly determine the amount yourself if you enter the desired number of pieces for the respective article.

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Hinweis / Note
Hinweis / Note