Maritime Articles

Maritime articles are articles that come to the fore in the maritime fields. The maritime sector includes all articles related to boats and yachts or the sea.

1. Maritime Articles
2. Which boat accessories as Maritime Articles do we carry?
3. Maritime Articles: Fishing rod holders as boat accessories
4. Stainless steel brackets - Maritime Articles
5. The eyebolts - boat accessories for every owner of a yacht or a boat - all around Maritime Articles
6. Maritime Articles: Stainless steel eye plates on boats and yachts
7. More Maritime Articles
8. Our stock- and delivery program of maritime articles around the boat need - Buy online in our online shop
9. More websites about Maritime Articles

Maritime articles also include the boat accessories. Therefore please visit our shop for maritime articles and boat accessories. In the last years we have extended our Maritime Department to offer you a rich assortment of boat accessories and maritime articles due to the increasing demand for boat accessories. Thus our extensive assortment includes predominantly spare parts or attachments for boats and yachts, which we would like to explain to you in the further breakdowns still more exactly. Our extensive assortment will please your heart and so we cover almost all current articles in the maritime area, so also in the boat accessories. You will find our products in a first-class quality, so that you will enjoy the accessories for a long time. When comparing prices, you will find that you will find favourable sales prices for all our products.

Which boat accessories as Maritime Articles do we carry?

In the selection of the maritime articles and the boat accessories we have grown slowly over the last few years and have thus been able to expand the range further and further. So we build on the success of recent years and can offer you a steadily growing range of stainless steel parts for the boat needs or as boat accessories in the maritime sector. Just have a look at our categories to get a picture of the large selection.

Fishing rod holders as boat accessories

Fishing Rod Holders Stainless SteelFishing rod holders as boat accessories or for the maritime sector are becoming increasingly important for all water sports enthusiasts and boat and yacht owners. Nowadays, comfort is important in living on the yacht and therefore fishing is also the focus and is becoming more and more important as a meaningful leisure activity. But how are fishing on boats secured? Simply leaning on the rod is risky, when a fish bites, the rod disappears quickly. Of course no boat owner wants that. Here different fishing rods are used as boat accessories. The fishing rod holder with polished stainless steel base plate, the fishing rod holder for the stainless steel railing and the fishing rod holder can be lowered into the deck. This boat accessory gives you more freedom on your boat or yacht.

Stainless steel brackets - Maritime Articles

The stainless steel brackets, one of the most important boat accessories, are used thousands of times on boats and yachts. They can also be fixed securely to railings, railings or railing supports. So the antenna can be safely picked up and if necessary plugged in and removed again. The whole thing is held in place by a secure screw connection.

The eyebolts - boat accessories for every owner of a yacht or a boat - all around Maritime Articles

Eye Plates Stainless SteelThe eyebolts do not seem to be recognizable at first glance as articles for maritime use or as boat accessories, but they are also needed thousands of times every day on boats to secure wooden walls, hooks or other elements. There are two eyebolts for boat accessories: the eyebolt made of stainless steel with thread and the eyebolt with ring. Both can be used quickly and without the use of a lot of tools.

Stainless steel eye plates on boats and yachts

Stainless steel eye plates with a highly polished finish can also be used as boat accessories. We supply eye plates for your yacht in various sizes and shapes. Thus, fastenings can be carried out quickly at the most different places on boats. The eye plates as boat accessories are screwed on floors or on wooden planking and many different fastenings can be accepted. Here is the link to our product range of eye plates made of stainless steel.

More Maritime Articles

D-Rings Stainless SteelIn order to have given you only a small insight, so we would like to enumerate to you only approach-wise which further boat accessories we lead in our extensive assortment and/or delivery program. These include, among others, stainless steel eyebolts, such as blocks and rollers, floor jacks and bolts, as well as all types of stainless steel D-rings and hooks, stainless steel karabiners, chains and hooks, stainless steel cleats and clamping rings, as well as the full range of railing accessories, railing accessories as boat accessories, stainless steel pipe clamps and round rings, stainless steel shackles, keys and retaining rings, screw hooks and jib hooks, and swivels for boats and yachts. See for yourself how extensive the range of stainless steel boat accessories in our shop is. We supply with our program customers all over Europe with the most important spare parts around boats and yachts in the boat accessories area.

Our stock and delivery program of maritime articles around the boat you need - Buy online in our online shop

Everybody is talking about maritime articles for boat you needs, because there are more and more boat owners. Over the past 10 years, boating has become a national sport and is attracting more and more fans from various sectors. For this reason we have the maritime articles for the boat you need in the last years always further developed around you many different Maritime articles approximately around the boat need to offer to be able. So our offer has grown steadily with the demand of our customers and we were able to expand our range further. Today you have the possibility to buy your maritime articles fast and uncomplicated in our online-shop and to go through the order process fast until payment. In order to enable a secure shopping of your boat accessories, our website has been changed to https, so that all your data can be encrypted and securely transmitted to us. If you are currently shopping in our shop to buy your boat accessories, please put all products in the shopping cart and after shopping go to the selection of payment options. Once the payment has been completed, you will automatically be returned to the online shop and you will receive an order confirmation from us by e-mail after successful ordering. If we register now your purchase at maritime articles in our system, then all goods are arranged in our camp. If everything is packed, then the supply is handed over to you promptly to the dispatch enterprise, so that you can be delivered the commodity in the next days by the dispatch enterprise to you.

More websites about Maritime Articles


Antenna Holders

Antenna holders are elements among the maritime articles that can accommodate antennas of any kind and shape. Such antenna holders, because they are used outdoors, must be water-resistant, so...

Blocks and Wheels

Blocks and wheels have a very special position within maritime articles. Blocks and wheels are tensioning elements and fastening elements at the same time. Blocks and wheels can hold ropes and...

Boat Cleats

Boat cleats are indispensable helpers on any boat that is to be moored on a quay. For this reason a cleat belongs to the group of maritmen articles. Cleats are always highly polished and available...


Bollards are very special fastening elements in the field of maritime articles. How else could ropes and loops be fastened quickly and safely to jetties? Only bollards can do that. Again, rust...

Cabin Hooks

Cabin hooks, as the name suggests, are hooks for cabins. Cabin hooks made of steel or stainless steel are one of the most important elements that can be used as holders and shelves. Basically,...


Carabiners are also very special fasteners designed to allow quick and manual installation. These elements can also be found again and again in the martimen articles, because the karabiners allow...

Chain Hooks

Chain hooks are lifting gear that is indispensable in the maritime sector. Chain hooks made of stainless steel and steel are slinging equipment that is a basic requirement for handling goods,...


Chains, chain hooks as well as chain links belong undisputedly to the large group of the maritmen articles. Because one finds the chains, chain links or chain hooks very often in connection with...

Clamping Rings

Clamping rings are very popular and quick to install. So make also the clamping rings can belong to the large group of the martimen articles. Especially when it comes to quickly finding fasteners...

Coat Racks

Coat racks? what exactly are coat racks made of metal or steel or stainless steel? Especially in the maritime area with the maritime articles are coat racks on boats and yachts...

Compression Pipes

Compression pipes? Have you ever thought about what Compression pipes made of stainless steel, aluminum and copper are and what they are used for? In this article we would like to share with you...

Crimp Connectors

Crimp connectors are clamps that are generally used to constrict ropes or bands by applying a crimp so that a dimensionally stable and therefore highly stressable, non-detachable connection can be...

Crimp Sleeves

Crimp sleeves? Connectors for pressing are in the true sense also connecting elements, which are often and frequently used especially in the maritime article area. There are several different...

Crimp Terminals

Crimp terminals? Today, Crimp terminals are used in industry, but also more and more often and increasingly in private areas. But most people often do not even know what exactly a Crimp terminals...

Crimp Tubes

Today, crimp tubes are not only used in industrial areas but also more and more in recreational sports. Even in climbing or marine sports, crimp tubes made of stainless steel, copper or aluminum...


D-rings made of stainless steel are an important component within the maritime articles or this grouping. For example, D-rings made of stainless steel often have several functions. On the one...

Door Hooks

Door hooks? What are stainless steel or steel door hooks? What forms of door hooks are there and why do such small helpers find such a great appeal among the maritime articles? These and other...

Door Locks

Door locks have been around for a very long time. They are indispensable helpers when it comes to locking a door tightly. Especially among the maritime articles, such door locks find tearing...

Double Carabiner

Double carabiners are not only found among the maritime articles, but also or especially in the tent area or on boats and yachts. On yachts, double carabiners must be used to make connections...

Eye Bolts

Also eye bolts belong among the maritime articles to the elements which are often used as fastening elements. Eye bolts always have an eye bolt ring on which the actual fastening screw borders....

Eye Plates

Eye plates are fastening elements within maritime articles that can be fastened directly by screwing. Also eye plates are used on deck of boats and yachts and fulfill the most different...

Eye Tensioners

Eye tensioners are tensioners that are used to securely lash a shroud. Eye tensioners also belong to the category of maritime articles. One side can be fastened to a secure attachment and the...

Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing rod holders are elements among the maritime articles that allow the fisher to safely insert or fasten the fishing rod. Such fishing rod holders are mostly made of stainless steel as...

Flagpole Holders

Flagpole holders are exclusively intended for the reception of flags within maritime articles. Flagpole holders are usually attached to the stern of boats and yachts or on the roof and flags can...

Floor Lifter

Floor lifters also belong to the category of martimen articles and can also be safely classified there. Because floor jacks, as the name suggests, lift floor plates or doors or lids that are...

Handrail Accessories

Handrail Accessories include all parts that can be used with a railing. So everything in the field of maritime articles. To build a fall protection on a boat or a yacht, parts of the Handrail...


Hanks are listed as maritime articles. They are a kind of quick release, because they are equipped with a bracket. Thus jib riders can be put on and taken off in shortest time. Also here applies,...


Hooks can be found today in all conceivable areas. Hooks are also popular elements in the maritime sector, where they can be attached to all kinds of pipes or rods so that all kinds of things can...


Key rings have become indispensable for martimen articles. Because what if there were no key rings? Tarpaulins and foils can be quickly secured on boats and many things more. Here, too, stainless...

Pelican Hooks

Pelican hook? What can pelican hooks do? They belong quite clearly among the group of martime articles, because a use on boats and yachts is almost always the reason of installation. They are...

Press Clamps

Press clamps are used to place ropes around thimbles in maritime articles and to press them securely. Only press clamps solve the task safely and quickly to connect rope ends permanently and not...

Rope Tensioners

Rope tensioners are almost exclusively used for tensioning shrouds on boats and yachts. For this reason you can count such rope tensioners also confidently to the maritime articles. Such rope...

Round Rings

Round rings! Round rings are round rings made of a round material. Perfectly suitable and therefore also usable as a maritime article. The welded round ring is cleanly processed and high-gloss. To...


Today, hooks or s-hooks are indispensable and in many areas, such as maritime articles, they are often used elements that can be quickly installed and quickly removed if necessary. This is what...

Screw Hooks

Screw hooks (martime items) are used on board a boat or yacht to create suspension elements on cabinets so that jackets and other items can be quickly secured. The stainless steel is the perfect...


Shackles, the perfect way to make a connection between two parts without the need for tools. Shackles are also maritme articles and are often used there. Also here stainless steel is the material...

Snap Hooks

Snap hooks - what actually are snap hooks? In this article we would like to explain in more detail what exactly snap hooks are and what they are used for. A snap hook can be made of steel or...

Snap on Hooks

Snap on hooks made of metal or stainless steel or steel are very special fasteners or securing elements! Especially in the maritime field, Snap on hooks are indispensable helpers, with all...

Socket Pins

Socket pins are easy to use because they can simply be inserted through the collar into a hole. So these elements also run under the rubric of maritime articles. So socket pins should also be made...

Storm Hooks

Storm hooks? What are storm hooks made of steel or stainless steel and what exactly are such storm hooks used for? Why are storm hooks indispensable, because especially in the maritime field such...

Strangle Clamps

What exactly are strangle clamps? Strangle clamps are fasteners that can securely connect steel cables and normal ropes by a positive connection. A strangle clamp made of stainless steel, aluminum...

Swivel Carabiner

Swivel carabiner? In this article we would like to introduce you to the swivel carabiners. It is mainly about stainless steel swivel carabiners, but also about steel swivel carabiners. Basically,...


Swivels have only one task: to create an anti-twist protection by unlimited twisting. Freely movable elements can be attached to this maritime article to prevent twisting. Maritime means also here...


Toggles are little helpers that are actually directional change elements. Also these toggles belong to the martitime articles. So a toggle can turn an element by 90 degrees and then continue 90...

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks belong to the category of connecting elements for maritime articles. Without wall hooks made of stainless steel in polished design or the cast form, it would be inconceivable to hang...

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