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Post screws have their name because these types of screws are used to anchor posts to concrete floors. Post screws can do this perfectly, because they are designed exactly for this purpose.

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Post screws are no longer a rarity today, because most of you have probably noticed a certain type of screw that was created for a very special area of application. In this article we would like to go into more detail about what exactly post screws are and what they can be used for. At the same time we would like to explain how these post screws can be manufactured and also which materials are used to produce such screws. We would like to start with the term "post screws made of metal, steel or stainless steel". When hobbyists or assemblers talk about metal post screws, they always mean a category of screws that can be used to connect metal or steel posts to a wooden beam or to fix a metal angle of a post to the ground. Let us take a wooden fence for example. This is always equipped with posts that securely anchor the individual wooden panels and form a fence, if a row of posts can be linked together with a fence. In this case the posts must always be connected to the ground, the base plate and the steel post holder to the wooden post. Now it is so that exactly this type of screw is called the post screws, because they can connect best. Here again two kinds of screws are used. On the one hand such post screws are used, which connect the metal holder with the wood post. These post screws are inserted crosswise and screwed together. Secondly, such post screws are used again if the metal holder has to be firmly mounted on a base plate. These screws are also called post screws. Here the name or search term "post screw" always only indicates the range of applications for which this type of screw is to be used. Now, not many online shops offer the required screws, i.e. the post screws, so that we decided to offer these also to our customers from Europe at a reasonable price. But in addition later with the delivery program at post screws, somewhat more. The material used for post screws is always normal construction steel, which is a little tougher, with an alloy or coating. But now it is like this, as everyone knows, that such screws tend to rust after a few years of outdoor use. This process with the post screws simply cannot be prevented. Exactly here every user can use stainless steel post screws. It is exactly this material that defies corrosion. As a rule, a stainless steel, V2A, is completely sufficient. However, care should be taken that the rain is not too salty. So if such post screws are used at the sea for ice netting, we always recommend the use of stainless steel V4A. Only this is absolutely resistant to all salts, alkalis and acids.

Our delivery program of post screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Post Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow it is the case that in recent years, the sales or demand for post screws has increased to a large extent. A few years ago, this prompted us to set up our stock of post screws and also to increase it drastically. We would like to offer you these post screws not only in coated steel, but also in stainless steel. As already explained in more detail, also the stainless steel versions, V2A and V4A. With these common post screws in steel or stainless steel you have all possibilities to cover your building project and to install the right screw types at your building project. Thus we offer with our online shop to our customers from Germany and Europe the possibility to buy your post screws fast and uncomplicated, 24 hours a day, cheaply over our online shop. You can buy your screws early in the morning and late in the evening and have them delivered to your home. In this context we would like to make sure that all your data is stored securely and can be handed over to our merchandise management system securely and without being tapped by third parties. Therefore we have decided to change the whole website to the secure SSL certificate. This was a good decision when it comes to security and we can make a big contribution to this. At the same time we would also like to say a few words about the actual purchasing process of steel or stainless steel post screws and how an optimal process should be carried out via our online shop. Of course, we can also assume that you have found us, because you have entered the search term "post screws of steel or stainless steel" in a major search engine to order your screws. Then you are in the correct category and have now also immediately the possibility to select your post screws and put them into the shopping cart. You will also be asked in which quantity the goods are needed. Please enter the desired quantity. If all your required post screws made of steel or stainless steel are now in the shopping cart and also all other articles which we offer via our online shop, you can now enter your personal data. To start this, simply click on the button "Login" and you can create a personal account. Now enter all your data, like the address and the email. After this step you can now buy your post screws. If you have decided to do so, you will now be taken to the shopping cart and click on "Continue" until you are shown a selection of payment options. You now have the opportunity to choose the best one for you. Now the actual purchase of the post screws can be completed. If the purchase of the post screws was successful, you will receive an automatic email purchase confirmation with all individual details of your purchase.

The production of post screws

Post Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have come back to the last article and as always we would like to tell you in this article some things about the production of such screws for posts. Surely many of you know exactly what a post screw can do and from which material it is made, but only few of you have got an insight how such high load bearing screws can be manufactured in today's modern production methods. A short comparison. In the past, the production of such post screws was possible on slow screw machines, because firstly, the demand was not yet so high and secondly, the economy did not yet play such a large role. In short, the mechanical machines used at that time were equipped with a cam control, which required a lengthy retooling, which was only really useful for large quantities. Today, all this has changed somewhat. Today, other criteria play a role, which allow the post screws made of steel or stainless steel to be produced cheaply and in high quality. There is a reason for this, because you surely want to buy the post screws at a reasonable price. Now we come to the actual production process of the screws. Today CNC automatic machines are in use, which have short set-up times and also have a CNC control with all parameters. So short set-up times are possible and a changeover from one type of post screws to another can be carried out even for small quantities. The machine itself always has a machining centre where all processes for production converge. Outside there is a drum loader or satellite loader to accommodate thicker stainless steel material or steel material. When all parameters are loaded and the zero points are exactly aligned, the production can start by inserting the stainless steel wire. First of all, the calculated length of the future post screws is cut to length. Once this has been done, the head of the screws can be pre-compressed and re-compressed. In this process it is also necessary to insert the drive. Once this has been done, the rolling of the metric or inch thread or the wood thread of the post screw made of steel or stainless steel takes place. Two thread rollers are used, which work in opposite directions. The screws are held between the rollers and the wood thread is transferred to the shaft. The post screw is now finished and can be stored in our warehouse. After an order from you we can prepare the goods for dispatch to you.


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