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Plastic bolts are called all bolts that are made of plastic. Plastic bolts are used wherever weight is of the essence.

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Plastic bolts, the new generation of bolt connections in high-tech areas. We can hardly imagine how plastic bolts have written a success story in recent years that is unparalleled. Since we are the plastic generation, it is no wonder that these screws, which are made of a plastic-like material, have found their way into the most diverse areas of the manufacturing industry, but let us start from the beginning when it comes to plastic bolts. If you want to fasten something and the connection between two different materials should be screwed together tightly and at the same time you want to experience a thermal separation as well as a current-separating effect, there is no getting around the topic of plastic bolts. But where does the plastic actually come from. Plastic compounds are chemical mixtures of oils that are modified under certain thermal influences and chemical changes in such a way that certain properties can be created. In this process, the molocules are modified to the advantage that they become interlinked and thus certain desired properties can be produced. The plastic itself was invented in the early thirties and since then has been refined and changed into various properties, so that today, highly durable plastic bolts are the result of many years of research over the past almost one hundred years. Plastic bolts do not differ at all from normal metal screws. The basic characteristics of plastic bolts merely describe the material or the material from which the screw is made. So plastic screws, as long as they are not studs or grub screws, always have a head that is equipped with a drive. This head then has a slot drive or a cross slot or even Torx drive or a hex drive. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Tools can be attached to the plastic bolts on the head to apply the necessary torque to tighten or loosen the plastic bolts. Directly connected to the head of the bolts connection is the shaft of the screw. The thread on a plastic bolts can be a partial thread or a full thread over the entire shank. These bolts can have a metric thread or an inch thread. In the further sections of this article we will then come to our stock of plastic bolts and also to the part that describes the production of plastic bolts.

Our stock of plastic bolts - buy online in our online shop

Plastic BoltsNow it is the same with the plastic bolts as with all other products that have experienced a great upswing in recent years and so these bolts are also a hit among all other commercially available fasteners. The problem is that if the demand is constantly increasing, the demand should also be permanently and promptly supplied with the appropriate materials. Now the online trade is further in the upswing and the online shops which offer the fastening elements, must extend further and further, so that the demand for such plastic bolts can be covered. The industry now demands large quantities, which must also be kept in stock so that orders can be shipped quickly and efficiently. Thus also we offer with our range of the "plastic bolts" to our customers in the future a large selection of special bolts, which can be bought by our on-line Shop 24 hours on the day favorably. So that the purchase of the plastic bolts can also run off surely, the topic safety is not indifferent to us and for this reason we have changed our complete web page some years ago to the safe SSL certificate. This conversion enables you to deposit your data securely and after a purchase your data can be transferred to our merchandise management system using the encrypted procedure. A data tap of your data is therefore no longer possible. Security that pays off in the long run! And while we are on the subject. Let's lose a few words in this article about what makes a fast and uncomplicated process in our online shop possible and which steps should be followed. If you are reading this article about plastic bolts, we assume that you have found us through a search engine to be able to buy your Scrub Hoods online. So you have found us and are now in the right category of plastic bolts, which allows you to get an overview of which screws in which diameters and lengths we have in stock for you. If you have found the right plastic bolts, please add them to the shopping cart and indicate the quantity. Now you can buy further goods or complete the order. So that the earen can be shipped to you, it is now time to create an account with us and enter your data, such as the mail or the shipping address. You have now created a login in which you remain logged in. Now go back to the shopping cart and click the button "continue" until you see the different payment options. Now you have the free choice to choose the best payment method for the purchase of your plastic bolts and to confirm it by completing the purchase. If the purchase was successful, you will then receive an order confirmation, in which you will find all details of the order for your plastic bolts. Now we can also process your order and send it to you promptly.

The production of plastic bolts and screws

Plastic BoltsNow we have reached the end of the article for plastic bolts again. We have been able to give you some details regarding plastic bolts, but many of you probably do not know anything about how the manufacturers of plastic bolts produce their products and pack them together in packages. Basically, plastic bolts cannot be produced on so-called CNC screw machines, as is the case with normal threaded bolts. Due to the material, which is plastic, such bolts cannot be produced on lathes, but on so-called injection moulding machines. This production method is completely different from the conventional production methods, which produce the screws with a CNC screw machine. Let us now come back to the production of plastic bolts. In order to inject such screws, an injection mould is always required, which consists of two separate halves. These halves fit exactly on top of each other and are held in position by centering pins. This mould then sits in an injection moulding machine. The lower part is firmly connected to the machine and the second part is connected to the hydraulic cylinder. When the mould is closed, an injection device is attached to it so that the empty plastic scrap mould can be filled with the liquid plastic. A program must be loaded into the CNC during this process. This program contains all the parameters for heating, closing pressure and many other things. Above the mould there is an extruder which can be heated. In this part the plastic for the bolts is loaded as granulate and heated. When the machine is set up and the program is loaded, the production of the plastic bolts can start. For this the extruder is set to temperature and the mould is closed. Under high pressure the hydraulic cylinder presses both mould halves of the future plastic bolts firmly together. If the temperature is correct, the injection process now starts. This now takes place under high pressure into the opening of the injection mould. The liquid material now fills the empty mould for the plastic bolts completely and the thread is already finished. After cooling, the cylinder opens the mould halves again and the cooled plastic bolts can be removed. This process of manufacturing plastic screws is repeated until the collecting container is full and these bolts can be stored as an assortment in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you for plastic bolts, we can process the order and send the goods to you. After a few days the package should arrive at your place and you can process or screw the purchased plastic bolts.


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