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HV screws are special screws which are mainly used in steel construction and mechanical engineering. HV screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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HV screws are today not the most bought screws in the Internet, but rather a small niche, which is supplied exclusively in steel construction or construction. Especially when locksmiths, metal construction companies or steel construction companies have to accept and process orders, where steel girders have to be used and installed, HV screws are the first choice. HV bolts belong to the large family of bolt connections, but they are not intended for general use and simply have to be used mainly for steel construction, i.e. in connection with steel girders. But what exactly does the term HV screw mean? In this article we would like to answer this question in more detail and explain the interrelationships of such HV screws. HV always means with a screw that the "H" is valid for strength class 10.9 and the "H" for high strength. In this way, the current requirements can be taken into account and the strength class 10.9 can be met, so that the "V" for pre-stressed must be incorporated. HV bolt, for example, means that it is a high-strength, prestressed bolt that meets today's 10.9 strength class standards. These HV bolts can thus be used and clamped on a steel frame or steel structure with a precisely pre-defined pretensioning force. This preload is extremely important for dynamic steel structures as they remain in "constant motion". This means that they are constantly exposed to dynamic load conditions. Most bolt connections do not require any bolt pretensioning, this applies to about 85 percent of all bolt connections, as these are not designed to be slip-resistant, but it nevertheless makes more and more sense to use such pretensioned high-strength HV bolts. Only in this way can the load components be increased by far and the overall deformation of steel structures be limited. HV bolts can be used as normal high-strength prestressed bolts, or as fitting connections in bores in steel structures. These whole criteria are decisive whether effective shear or supporting forces are applied to the steel structures and can arise. HV screws can be designed with a corrosion protection layer and be made of steel or can also be made of stainless steel as V2A or as V4A version for external structures. Nevertheless, it is always important that HV screws are tightened with a torque predefined by the manufacturer in order to reduce the sliding forces and effectively suppress shearing of the HV screws. In order to mount such HV screws safely, a torque wrench must always be used so that an accurate adjustment of the applied torque can take place.

Our delivery program of HV screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

HV Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AHV screws have continued to increase in population in recent decades. In the past, when the first steel constructions were still riveted, such a bolt connection was not yet conceivable. But it soon became clear that riveting steel structures was not the solution to modern fastening for economic reasons. This is exactly where the triumphal march slowly began, when the HV screws slowly took over the steel construction market and replaced the rivets with HV screws. Bolted connections are the modern fastening standard today and so HV screws have become important elements in the construction of such connections. Since we have received many enquiries in this field in the past, we have looked for a manufacturer of HV screws to be able to offer them to steel construction companies in Europe. Through the integration of our online shop it is now possible for our customers to buy their required HV screws quickly, easily and cheaply via our online shop 24 hours a day. Of course, this also requires a high degree of Internet security, because your stored data must be safe from unauthorized access. For this reason, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate and thus still meghr data security to ensure. Surely you have also found our website with the HF screws over a large search engine in the net and therefore you are now also in the right selection category to buy your suitable steel HV screws. Take your time and have a look around our online shop. If you have now discovered the suitable HV screws, you simply put them of the quantity you need into the shopping cart of our online shop and then start to create a login area in our online shop system. You deposit your email address and your delivery address as well as your invoice address. If this order section of your HV screws is finished and you want to pay YOUR HV screws now at the checkout, so you follow now in the logged in condition the further instructions of the shopping cart. After a few clicks you will be shown the payment options. Select the best payment option for you and buy your HV screws with one click. If the payment was successful, you will receive a confirmation email after the purchase, which lists all details of the order. With the arrival of your order, we can now compile your order in our warehouse and hand it over to dispatch. After a few days you should receive the order with your HV screws, so that you can install the products on your steel construction.

Production of HV screws

HV Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last article we would like to give you also a small insight, how such HV screws can be manufactured today in modern manufacturing processes, so that the economy remains and the HV screws can be sold also at a favourable price to you as a steel builder. In the production of HV screws, two manufacturing processes can be used. On the one hand such high-strength screws can be manufactured in a forging process or in the conventional way, the manufacturing on a CNC lathe. If HV screws are manufactured with a Schmideverfahren, then these can be forged in a drop forge under high pressure within a form. This gives the HV screws a very good microstructure and the load capacity is accordingly very demanding. If, however, the screws are produced on a CNC machine, we would like to describe this method in more detail. In order for an economic production of HV screws to take place, computer-aided lathes must be used today. This means that these machines are also equipped with a loading system. This loader contains the raw material as steel or stainless steel variation. If the CNC lathe is equipped, the production of the HV screws can begin. The raw material is then drawn into the machine and clamped in the lathe chuck. Now the rough roughing down of the material takes place to produce the shank of the screw. When the halfway correct diameter is finished, the hexagon on the head or the cylindrical head on the screw body can be milled. After this procedure, the shank of the HV screw is now in the row. The thread on the HV screw must now be rolled onto this shank under high pressure. Rolling is done by pressing the shaft of the screw between two thread rolls under high pressure so that the thread can be rolled in. A rolled thread or a forged thread on a HV screw is far more resilient than a cut thread. After this final machining process, the HV screw is almost finished and can be stored in our warehouse. When you place an order, the goods are then made ready for shipment to you and shipped to you.


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