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Trunnion Screws have a stud below the head. So Trunnion Screws can use this pin to serve as pivots and fulcrums on machine parts.

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Many people often ask themselves what exactly Trunnion Screws made of steel or stainless steel are, how exactly they are constructed and in what materials they are manufactured and available. Furthermore we would like to clarify the questions, which metal Trunnion Screws you can buy in our online shop and how they are used in the industry. As last, but not least, we will talk about the manufacturing processes of these screws. Now, of course, it must be said that these screws with the Trunnion Screws also belong to the large family of screws, although they do not really belong to the fasteners and also not to the fasteners. We would rather assign these screws to the positioning elements. Why we say this, we will gladly explain to you in more detail, so that you understand what we mean. Let's go straight to the construction of a Trunnion Screws made of steel and this is how we would like to start. This type of screw actually only consists of a tenon piece and a threaded piece. These two elements form the shoulder screw. It must be said that the tenon can be in the diameter of the thread or even much larger. This depends on the individual requirements. In this case, the Trunnion Screws has a drive integrated into the upper face of the pivot, which can be either a slot or a hexagon socket. This drive then allows the Trunnion Screws to be screwed firmly into an existing component later during assembly. In industry today, Trunnion Screws are indispensable positioning elements which ensure that one component is fixed in a very special position with the other. Let us take an example. Two parts of an injection mould must always lie exactly one above the other. Now a threaded hole is made in one half of the mould and a hole corresponding to the diameter of the pin is made in the second half of the mould above it. If the stud screw is now screwed into the threaded hole, the second mould half can be pushed directly over the stud. The position is thus clear and fixed and separating and rejoining is no longer a problem. Alternatively, Trunnion Screws are used as trip cams in mechanical engineering, whereby the switch can be switched on the Trunnion Screws. From the material point of view, steel is always used as the basic Trunnion Screws. This is usually blank or nickel-plated. If a stainless steel version is preferred, the stainless steel alloy V2A is usually sufficient. However, if you want to use these screws on the high seas, you should always use stainless steel V4A, because this alloy is absolutely resistant to salt water and, in the chemical industry, to acids and alkalis.

Our delivery program of Trunnion Screws - buy online in our online shop

Trunnion Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs you can see, today Trunnion Screws can take on a wide variety of tasks within industrial products, but also in the private sector many have discovered the Trunnion Screws made of steel or stainless steel for themselves and their building projects. Thus, with the increasing number of special technical solutions in mechanical engineering or mould making as well as in many other areas, the demands are constantly increasing, so that the positioning elements have also been continuously improved. These elements also include the screws with the journal. For this reason, we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy your metal / steel or stainless steel Trunnion Screws at a reasonable price around the clock via our online shop. Of course, this has the advantage that you can easily order your products from us and we will deliver your wait to your home or company. So that the purchase of your goods can be arranged also surely, we created our on-line Shop at that time, so that you can order your products also in the evening or at night promptly. To make your data even more secure, we have decided to change the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate. This creates even more security for your stored data, which we need for shipping. This also means that access by third parties is no longer possible when your order is transferred to our merchandise management system. Where we are already on the subject of buying. Let us briefly explain how an optimal online shop purchasing should be designed so that you get a guideline and know how the processes are. Certainly we may also welcome you, because you have found us via a search engine, even via the search word "Trunnion Screws". Now you are with us and have the possibility to put together your goods in peace and quiet and to put them in the shopping cart with the other products in our online shop. If this order process is completed, the login creation is done. Now you create your account and deposit all your data. If you want to check out now, just follow the instructions of the online shop and you will now see the different payment methods. Choose the best one for you and pay the amount for the Trunnion Screws made of steel or stainless steel. Then you will receive an automatic email with the order confirmation. We can now assemble your article in our warehouse and send it to you.

The production of Trunnion Screws

Trunnion Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIf of course you are familiar with the Trunnion Screws and you are possibly also constantly handling, assembling and installing these screws, then you have enough knowledge about the construction and their application. This is very good, but how many fitters and locksmiths have never had anything to do with the production of such small, slim screws, which are used in many different technical areas today. Of course we don't want to leave you in the dark and tell you how a production of Trunnion Screws made of steel or stainless steel V2A or V4A can be manufactured and produced. It doesn't matter if the Trunnion Screws have a slot or a hexagon socket as drive. So let us start to tell you more about this. The beginning is always an economical and fast as well as high quality production of Trunnion Screws. In order to achieve this as effectively as possible, today we always use ultra-modern screw machines with a CNC control or CNC lathes. These are always coupled by means of a loading system, which is located behind the machine, so that the economic efficiency can also be maintained. The raw materials are always in the form of steel round material or stainless steel round material. The machine must, of course, undergo a set-up process before it can be started. For this purpose all data is loaded within the CNC machine. With this all parameters are stored and the start button for the Trunnion Screws production can be started. For this purpose the machine first fetches the raw material, which can be steel or stainless steel, into the machine. Now the jaw chuck starts to rotate and the chamfers can be applied. Now the screw is slotted or the hexagon socket is drilled and pierced. Now the thread can be cut with a thread chisel. Once this manufacturing process is also completed, the tapping of the Trunnion Screws is done. This now falls into the container provided for it. If enough screws are finished and collected, they will be sent to our warehouse and are now waiting for your order. This is then commented and sent to you Trunnion Screws.


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