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Dowel Screws have a cylindrical shank that can be fitted to jigs and fixtures or other assemblies. Dowel Screws can therefore also serve as pivot points on jigs and fixtures or for locking devices.

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Dowel screws are a very special type of screw that was designed to ensure that certain functions are fulfilled by the screws. Surely you have started looking for Dowel screws because you or your building project requires this screw for a very special application. Basically, screw connections are always designed to connect one or at least two components so firmly that they form a solid unit and are inseparable until the screw connection is opened again by loosening it. The Dowel screws also belongs to this large family of screws. This can be supplied as standard in many different materials. The normal steel Dowel screws is used as well as Dowel screws made of brass and the most common screws are made of stainless steel (V2A or V4A). Such very special screws are mainly used so that two separate components can be separated and rejoined in an exactly defined position. This special feature cannot be fulfilled by normal screw connections, because the fitting piece as a pin within the screw does not exist. Whereby we would like to give you an understanding of the structure of this type of screw. Dowel screws are mainly manufactured with a cylinder head that has a hexagon socket, just like a standard screw. Until now, a normal cylinder head screw does not really differ from a Dowel screws. At the head, the shank of the screw just goes away, which is freely available in some lengths at any diameter. Exactly this section between the head and the end piece with the thread, is the pin that has a perfect fit. Between the head and the thread transition there are so-called undercuts. These are very important because each undercut allows the Dowel screws to ensure that screwed components within the fitting piece really do lie up to the head of the screw, as this is exactly what the undercut allows. Between the fitting piece and the thread, the Dowel screws usually has a collar, which allows the screw to be screwed tightly into threaded holes with the collar and also serves as a fixed stop. This collar can be used when screwing in or it cannot be used due to the design. Thus, two components can either be firmly connected to each other within the Dowel screws or only up to the collar, so that the Dowel screws can act as a kind of joint or hinge. Due to the pin inside the screw, the screw is also often used as a hinge, as mentioned above. These special screws are actually mainly used in machines and technical equipment, which are of high precision. Dowel screws are also often used in jig and fixture construction, where a few micrometers are often required. The smaller screws of this type are also often used in functional model making.

Our delivery program of stainless steel dowel screws - buy online in our online shop

Dowel Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs we have already told you in the previous article, Dowel Screws are indispensable in industry and partly also in the private sector and in model making. So the steel fitting screws as well as the stainless steel Dowel Screws with collar and without collar could establish themselves in the last years more and more. This is not surprising, because more and more precise machine parts are used with such screws either as an accurate connecting element or as a hinge, where components can associate themselves via the Dowel Screws and act as pivots via fitting holes. The areas of application for such collar screws are almost unlimited and can be found in all conceivable areas today. The demand for fitting screws has increased proportionally in recent years. At that time, we started our company with standardized screws with NORM-metric threads or also as inch thread version. Here, cylinder head screws and hexagon head screws were the starting products, which are required in large quantities by industry or by hobbyists. In the process, we have continually expanded our range of stock items and have thus been able to build up a large stock. After some inquiries of our good customers from Germany and the rest of Europe for Dowel Screws with or without collar, we became aware that these screws also serve a very large interest. So we started looking for a manufacturer for Dowel Screws, who can also supply us with the corresponding quantities of quality screws. We were also able to find this manufacturer and so we can now be reliably supplied with all possible Dowel Screws in all sizes and lengths. With our online shop, we provide our customers with a powerful tool with which they can buy their Dowel Screws at low prices around the clock. To make the purchase even more secure, we have decided to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This makes shopping so secure that no third parties can access the data when your orders are transferred to our merchandise management system as a data export. So what is the best way of shopping in the shop? If you have come to our website because you are looking for stainless steel Dowel Screws, simply place them in our shopping cart. If this procedure is completed, you can now create an account where you can store all your data. To finally complete the order, you now have the possibility to choose one of many payment options. By your payment the purchase is completed. Afterwards you will receive an order confirmation from our system about your Dowel Screws and the other products. These are now assembled for you in our warehouse and shipped.

The production of dowel Screws

Dowel Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs with the other screws, Dowel Screws must of course first be produced so that they can be offered for sale and can be installed in machine construction companies on machine parts or other components. Many people know exactly what Dowel Screws are, but they have never thought about how they can be manufactured to achieve this fitting accuracy on the shaft. In this article, we would like to give you a brief explanation of how such special screws are usually manufactured. In order to be able to produce Dowel Screws, CNC screw machines are always of great advantage. These machines can only produce such screws with the desired economic efficiency, so that favourable sales prices can be achieved, from which you as a customer profit. CNC machines also have the advantage that they have short changeover times and all settings are loaded in one program. This further increases the economic efficiency during production. These screw machines always have a machining chuck which is rotatable and must also withstand high axial pressure when the heads are upset. Behind the machine there is a drum which has endlessly wound the raw steel wire as stainless steel wire. Now the wire is inserted into the chuck and the machine can start with the production of the fitting bolts. Once this process is completed, the head is pre-compressed. The collar of the screw head is pressed on. In the second operation, the final upsetting of the entire screw head including the hexagon socket for the fitting screw takes place. Now the shank is ground as a fit on a cylindrical grinding machine until the fit dimension is exactly right. In the next step the shank is turned down for the thread. Then the thread is cut to fit the shank of the Dowel Screws. When all these steps are completed, the screw is washed and the oil residues are removed from production. Now the Dowel Screws can be stored in our warehouse to be delivered to you when you order.


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