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Safety screws have the task of securing certain components against unauthorized removal. Safety screws have a certain shape so that they are not so easy to open.

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Stainless steel safety screws have taken on a very special position in today's world, because they have a very specific function to fulfil. They are intended to protect components or assemblies from unintentional disassembly, i.e. theft. Safety screws are specially developed screw types in the large family of screws to act like a safety lock on a door or a case. The user - who is not authorised to remove these security screws - is made so difficult that a specific tool or tools are required to release this type of security connection without destruction. The safety is achieved exclusively by the head of the screw requiring a specific tool holder to generate a torque. Whether in the direction to tighten or loosen the screw. Safety screws made of V2A or V4A can have very different head shapes. These include the screw head form, flat round head, half round head, lens head or even the countersunk head form. The cylinder head form can also be equipped with a safety fixture on the screw head. The safety screws are usually identified by the following safety seats inside the head of a screw: the screw head can be equipped with a 2-hole version, which means that the safety screw has 2 holes drilled in the front side so that a two-hole spanner is required to tighten or loosen the screw. Or the security screw has a 5-lobes head. This safety head is similar to a Torx screw but has a significant small modification. In the middle is a bar. This prevents that a standard Torx holder can be inserted into this tool holder. Furthermore, the hexagon pin also counts as a safety screw version. This is actually a hexagon socket in the head of the screw, but it also has a central web. As already explained, this safety screw also prevents the penetration of a standard hexagon key. Another security screw shape is the One Way head. With this head design, the screw head consists of a contour that allows the screw to be tightened only once with a slotted screwdriver, but not to be loosened again. As last security screw form we would like to introduce the Resis-Torx form. With this special head shape the tool holder is again equipped with a special Torx design, but this shape is more special and much deeper. Here again, a pin in the middle is built in as a safety screws feature.

Our delivery program of stainless steel safety screws - buy online in our online shop

Safety Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASafety screws are very special screws in the large spectrum of the screw connection family. Many years ago, when we started to build up our company, the standard screw was of great importance for our customers, as this type of screw is simply used very often and therefore needs to be available in larger quantities. Not much has changed in this respect, except that safety screws have taken up an important position in our product range when it comes to protecting objects, wheels or tyres or machine parts or technical equipment from unauthorised access with the right safety screws. This task can only be performed by a special safety screw. So we offer our customers the possibility to buy their safety screws in stainless steel V2A or V4A for twenty-four hours at a reasonable price in our online shop. It does not matter whether you buy the goods at midnight or during the day. The online shop is always open for you as a customer. To make your purchase even more secure, we decided long ago to switch the entire website to the very secure SSL certificate. We succeeded in doing so and thus the data export of your orders to our system can be realized without access by third parties. This creates even more security for your purchase. Whereby we are straight with security, we would like to explain to you also briefly more near, how a purchase in our system can be arranged best. Once you have collected your stainless steel safety screws and also all the other products you need, put them in the shopping cart in the desired quantity. If all parts are in the basket, open a customer account or a guest account to store your data. If this section is completed and you are ready to pay for the goods, you will now be offered several different payment options, of which you can choose one. Now follow the instructions for the payment and confirm the payment by pressing the button "Buy". If the payment was successful, you will receive a confirmation of payment directly after the order in the form of an order confirmation by e-mail, where you can again check all products, such as the safety screws and possible other items.

The production of safety screws

Safety Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AOf course, in all conceivable areas of business and industry as well as private users, such safety screws are constantly needed and installed. There is an important aspect, which requires that the screws must be produced first, so that they can be used in the industry. In today's world, this of course also requires the right machines, which require and can implement such production processes. In order to be able to produce safety screws, modern CNC screw machines are becoming increasingly important in manufacturing companies. These CNC-machines are therefore so important, so that a cost-effective production can be carried out and at the same time very good prices for safety screws can be passed on to you as a customer in our shop. This also makes an unmanned night shift operation possible and thus a further cost reduction. How exactly does such a production of safety screws work? The screw machine has a chuck in which the entire production takes place. Behind the machine there is always a drum with the raw material made of stainless steel or steel. On this drum is the endless material and is inserted into the chuck. First the safety screws are cut to the desired length. Then the 1 part of the head is upset to form the collar of the screw head. When this process is completed, the 2nd part is done by pressing in the final scrub head with the tool holder. Now the safety screw with the shank and the head is almost finished and only the thread on the shank is missing. The shaft of the screw is now rolled back and forth several times between two hardened thread plates, so that the thread has transferred to the shaft of the safety screw under the pressure created. Once this stage is completed, the screw only needs to be washed and freed from production residues and can then be stored directly in our warehouse. If your order arrives with your safety screws, the products can be packed and shipped directly.


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