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Countersunk bolts have been given the name because they can be embedded in the material. Countersunk bolts are flush with the surface. Such screws are often made of steel or stainless steel.

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Countersunk bolts can be found today in all areas of industry and also more and more often in private areas. this is no wonder, because such bolts, which can be countersunk in a workpiece, can be found everywhere. So the countersunk bolts are no longer a niche that serves these bolts. There are many other bolts that fall into the category of special bolts, which are exotic and are used less often. This is not the case with the countersunk bolts made of metal, i.e. steel or stainless steel. Today, countersunk bolts have found their firm place in mechanical engineering and equipment construction, where all parts are securely joined together and also allow a connection that can be quickly released again, as opposed to welding. In this article we would like to tell you a little more about the application of such bolts that can be countersunk. It is equally important to talk about the materials from which such countersunk bolts can be produced on the machines. The last point, which is however not unimportant, concerns the construction of a countersunk bolt and its installation in metal workpieces or all other materials. If we are already at the construction of a countersunk bolts, we would like to start right away. In contrast to a normal cylindrical screw, the countersunk bolt has a completely different structure. Just like any other screw, the countersunk bolt has a head that has the drive embedded in the head. This drive can be a hexagonal drive. But it can also be a Torx drive or a slot or cross slot drive. The possibilities are fundamentally different. It is important, however, that the drive is only used to apply the torque to tighten or loosen the countersunk bolts. As the name suggests, countersunk bolts have a head that has a certain angle to the shaft of the bolt. This is exactly the potential of a countersunk bolt. At this head the shank ends with the thread. This thread can be a wood thread, a gob thread, a metric machine thread or an inch thread. Thus, in comparison to all other types of screws, countersunk bolts can be embedded in a workpiece flush with the surface and are not disturbing. This option is a perfect solution to many space problems, especially in mechanical engineering, and that is why countersunk bolts have become very popular. The material used for countersunk bolts is always the steel version or stainless steel as V2A or V4A. As you can see, the applications of metal countersunk bolts are so varied that we cannot list all the possibilities alone, otherwise this would go beyond the scope of this article.

Our stock program of countersunk bolts - buy online in our online shop

Countersunk Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs we have already told you about the countersunk bolts made of steel or stainless steel, these bolts are really no longer a niche, but are being used more and more often in companies in the manufacturing industry. Due to this rapid increase in the demand for countersunk bolts made of metal, whether with wood thread or with metric thread or even inch thread, the market has grown so much that the market has to serve this rapid increase. The online shops on the Internet are responsible for this in order to be able to meet the constantly increasing demand. However, capacities often reach their limits when it comes to supplying raw materials such as countersunk bolts. So our longtime customers asked us if we could also integrate a category of countersunk bolts, so that they can also buy such coveted bolts quickly and cheaply. To take this into account, we decided to establish this category and slowly started to equip this category with the different countersunk bolts made of steel or stainless steel. However, this process takes some time, so that all individual products are also put online. So that your purchase of such countersunk bolts can also run safely, we have converted the entire domain to the secure SSL procedure. So all your data can be transferred safely from the online shop to the merchandise management system without your data being accessed by third parties. This guarantees only the encryption. Whereby we are already with the topic. So we would also like to give you a few words on how you can buy your countersunk bolts cheaply and quickly via our online shop, and to give you the most important steps on how a 24-hour purchase should be carried out. May we also welcome you on our Internet presence, because you have found us via a search engine? Let us assume that you have been searching for countersunk bolts and have therefore landed in the right category, namely that of steel or stainless steel countersunk bolts. Now you can put all your goods together and place them in the shopping cart with the quantity information. Now the creation of an account takes place. Thereby you open a login and now deposit your data which are important so that we know where the countersunk bolts made of steel or stainless steel have to be sent to. Via the email address we can contact you. If you now want to pay for the countersunk bolts, follow the further instructions of the shopping cart until a window appears, which shows you the payment methods. Choose one and buy the countersunk bolts and the other products. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from and sent to you, in which you can see exactly how many countersunk bolts you have purchased. Now we can finish your package and hand it over to the shipping company.

The production of countersunk bolts from steel or stainless steel

Countersunk Bolts Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have come back to the last paragraph in this description, where we will only deal with the applications and the general conditions of stainless steel and steel countersunk bolts. Now it is also so that, we think almost all of our customers know exactly what tasks countersunk bolts perform and how they can be mounted and screwed together. All customers also know that such countersunk bolts made of metal always form a flush material finish on the surface and especially in mechanical engineering, where technical systems have to be built more and more complex and space-saving, countersunk bolts are the type of bolts that fulfil exactly this function in the best possible way. But do all people or fitters know how such screws are manufactured? We do not believe so? Because often there is not enough time to get an idea. For this reason, in this article we have decided to give you a brief introduction to the production of countersunk bolts. Basically, it can be said that today the factor economic efficiency, in production in connection with the quality factor is at the forefront. Therefore, only CNC screw machines that meet these criteria are used. With these modern machines it is simply possible to achieve extremely short cycle times and short set-up times. Inside each CNC screw machine is a processing station which mechanically takes over all processes. Outside is the drum loader or the bar loader for thicker material for the production of countersunk bolts. Once the machine is released and set up, production can begin when the loader is loaded with the round material in stainless steel or steel. As always, the new countersunk bolt first gets the calculated length and is cut off. Then the head of the countersunk bolt with its conical shape is pre-compressed. In the last gear the drive is pressed in as well. This can be a hexagon or even slot, torx or cross slot. Now, with almost finished countersunk bolts, only the thread on the shaft is missing. In this part it is important to press the shank between two thread rolls and the thread is then rolled onto the shank. Now the countersunk screw is almost finished and can go through the final inspection. If it has passed the final inspection, the countersunk bolts made of steel or stainless steel are placed in stock and wait until you order them from our online shop. Afterwards the dispatch takes place and within the next days you should have the order of your countersunk bolts in your mailbox.


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