Spring Lock Washers

Spring lock washers are locking elements which protect a screw connection against unintentional loosening. One end of the spring lock washer claws into the component and the other into the nut. This can be made possible by the pretensioning of the spring lock washer. Stainless steel or spring steel are the preferred materials.

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Spring lock washers can also be found in the large family of retaining elements. The Spring lock washers made of metal or steel or stainless steel (V2A or V4A) is only one of many elements that can be counted among this large group. However, the Spring lock washers has a very special function among the retaining elements. We would like to go into this application and function in more detail later. We would also like to say a few words about the metarials used for Spring lock washers and about the design. We would also like to inform you about the production of Spring lock washers. However, spring washers do not belong to the subgroup of retaining elements as axial retaining elements, but as radial retaining elements. These elements do not secure axial positions, but a rotatable position, as is the case with nuts and bolts. We will start with the assembly of Spring lock washers. A spring washer is basically a square wire that has been twisted together in one turn, i.e. 360 degrees. Now, however, came the exciting part of this element. The ring is broken at one point and one side stands off in one direction and the other side stands off in the opposite direction. Both curved sides are so pronounced at the end that the shearing points form extremely sharp edges. These edges are of crucial importance in the function of a Spring lock washers. How does a Spring lock washers work when it is mounted as a locking element under a bolt head or under a nut? Because the direction of the two locking teeth is designed so that tightening of the screw or nut is always possible. Only unscrewing is possible under difficult conditions. Since the Spring lock washers is under an enormous preload and is compressed when tightened, a constant counterforce from the Spring lock washers to the nut is acting. This counterpressure presses or claws the sharp corners into the end faces of the nut with a high pressure. The sharp edges literally bore into the material. If now the nut is to be released into the opposite side again, a greater opening force, i.e. an extremely high turning minute must be applied to the nut to overcome this locking effect. Attention: Spring lock washers which are under pre-tension, and that is all, must be replaced by a new Spring lock washers when opening a screw afterwards! With the length of the insert under the nut the Spring lock washers loses its tension and literally gets tired! Now we come to the material of Spring lock washers. They can be made of bare steel which is nickel-plated or the elegant option of stainless steel V2A or V4A.

Our delivery program of spring lock washers - buy online in our online shop

Spring Lock washers Stainless Steel V2A V4AToday, spring lock washers are indispensable in the industrial production of technical equipment and machinery, such as in heavy engineering, apparatus engineering or all other mechanical instruments that require bearing protection. Almost no proper bolted joint can do without a spring lock washer, which is installed under a bolt head on a machine part or under a nut. The benefit is to the cost of the spring lock washers are in a very good price-performance ratio. The rings are essentially very favourable to the benefit of optimised opening protection on active screw connections. Since the beginning of our company, we have firmly integrated the spring lock washers in our product range, so that every screw connection can be made quickly and safely with a spring lock washer and a washer. As a rule, the spring lock washer is placed once under the face of a bolt head and equally under the nut on the opposite side, so that both sides have a secure locking toothing. However, in other cases, this configuration can look completely different and should only be mentioned as an example. So we also offer our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy your spring lock washers quickly and easily in our online shop at a favourable price, thus ensuring prompt delivery. In order to enable a secure order via our online shop, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This certificate enables a modern encryption of all stored data when they are transferred to our merchandise management system. Access by third parties is then no longer possible. This creates more security for data export and your purchase of your spring lock washers made of stainless steel or steel. In this context we would also like to explain to you how a purchase can be made on our platform. If you are now on our website, you now have the possibility to assemble your spring lock washers in the desired quantity and diameter and put them into the shopping cart. Once this ordering process is complete, the next step is to create an account. Thereby you put all products into the shopping cart. If you have now decided to complete the purchase, simply follow the instructions in the shopping cart and it will now show you a selection of payment options, where you can choose one. If your payment now confirms and completes the purchase, you will now receive an email confirmation for the purchase of your spring lock washers by email.

The production of spring lock washers

Spring Lock Washers Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn most of our articles, we would also like to explain to you in more detail how these spring lock washers can be manufactured on modern machines without losing a lot of time or inverting a lot of costs. Of course, we would also like to tell you how spring lock washers used to be produced on older machines so that they could be used on bolted joints. In the past there was much more time and so the working speed of the mostly mechanical equipment was very slow compared to today's machines. But the susceptibility of these old mechanical machines was of course much more robust compared to today's modern CNC machines. The older machines were operated in such a way that they still had to be programmed with a cam disk, which stored all sequences and also the feeds and all other parameters were stored by these disks. The disadvantage was on the one hand the slow thread speed and on the other hand the long changeover times from one spring lock washer to another size or a completely different product. Modern machines do not have these problems. They can be changed over quickly using a CNC program and a fine control system, which saves time and costs and the production speed is very high, especially in the manufacture of spring lock washers. All parameters required for a successful production are stored in a CNC program. These include feeds and speeds of drives and spindles. Outside the machine there is always a wire coil as magazine and stock. This square wire can be unwound from the drum and fed directly into the machine. The production can also start already. When all production parameters for the spring lock washers have been loaded and set, the spring lock washer production is started. The ring is bent around an axis using a tool and cut off sharply by a steel knife. It is important, at least in this case, that the edges are really sharp! In this shearing process the two cut ends are also bent apart in the same way. All spring lock washers, which are finished, now fall into the collecting container. This collects all the parts and if necessary they are now sent to our warehouse. These spring lock washers are now waiting to be ordered by you, so that the rings can be assembled in our warehouse and shipped to you.


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