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Ball knobs are round handles that make it easier to touch with your hands. Ball knobs can be attached to brackets and fixtures. Ball knobs are made of steel, stainless steel or plastic.

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In this article we would like to devote ourselves entirely to ball knobs. Ball knobs are an important component in all manufacturing industries that deal with technical products, such as mechanical engineering or construction or fixture construction. These types of handles or handpieces are simple, yet sometimes complex products which, depending on the material, can be used in three different versions in industry or by private users. On the one hand it is the inexpensive alternative to ball knobs heads made of plastic or plastic. These ball knobs are light and can be used wherever a light ball knob is needed. The second variant of buttons with a ball is the steel version. This version can be used wherever heavier torques have to be generated and absolute robustness is required. These are actually always made of bare steel and can be operated bare, which is rare, or as a nickel-plated version or burnished or even galvanized. Lacquered steel ball knobs are also used on machines. The third version of ball knobs is the stainless steel version. For this type of bearing, the V2A version is always used as the standard version, as it is usually completely sufficient in industry. However, if you want to use your stainless steel ball knobs on boats and yachts or in industry or on technical installations where salt water is nearby or the ball knob comes into direct contact with acid or alkaline solutions, the stainless steel ball knob is the right choice. Here is with such a high-grade steel ball knob from V4A always an absolute corrosion security given, which is not so given with V2A, if more aggressive materials are in the proximity. Now we come to the construction of ball knobs. This is, as the name suggests, a spherical shape. A small collar is usually worked on the front surface and in the middle there is the hole with the respective thread. This is how stainless steel ball knobs are generally constructed. The construction of plastic ball knobs is slightly different. At the collar at the plastic ball there is always a metal piece, a metal insert bushing inserted, which has the metric thread. This metal piece is simply moulded in during injection moulding and then hardens together with the plastic. Such steel, stainless steel or metal or plastic ball knobs are ideally suited to serve as control elements in industry. These parts can be found very well on hand wheels on machines or on hoods of technical equipment. The ball knob can be easily grasped with the hands and the movement of the hand also moves the connected part.

Unser Lieferprogramm an Kugelknöpfen - Online kaufen in unserem Online Shop

Ball knobs stainless steel plastic metal V2A V4AAs we were already able to tell you in the above article, ball knobs heads have become indispensable in industry and private applications today. With the start of the industrial revolution after the 19th century, when manpower has been pushed further and further into the background and it has moved more and more into the mechanical field, ball knobs have of course inevitably moved into industry. As a result of this, the demand for such ball knobs with the ball has also steadily increased, which means that the market must react to this and should also offer the right stainless steel ball knobs and steel ball knobs as well as plastic ball knobs to the industry. We have followed this and have expanded our range of metal and plastic ball knobs to meet the growing demand. Through our sophisticated online shop system, our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe can access our entire product range around the clock and buy your goods quickly and easily through our online shop. In order to ensure a high level of security, it is important to us that all your data is securely stored on our web server and cannot be accessed by third parties. Therefore we decided some time ago to change the whole domain to the secure SSL certificate. This creates even more security when buying your ball knobs made of metal, steel, stainless steel and plastic. Let us explain briefly how an order should be handled, so that a purchase via our online shop can be made quickly. If you have found us using the search engine and the search word "ball knobs", you can now choose the best ball knobs for you at your leisure and place them in the shopping cart in the quantity you require. After this first order section follows the second one, where you can create your account with us and enter all your data. In the last purchase section follows the selection of payment options, which will be displayed to you. Choose the ones that are best for you and carry out the payment. If the payment and ordering process was successful, we will send you an automatic order confirmation and you can see exactly which ball knobs you have bought from us. Now we can also pack the order in our warehouse and send it to you.

Die Herstellung von Kugelknöpfen aus Metall, Stahl, Edelstahl und Kunststoff

Ball knobs stainless steel plastic metal V2A V4AOf course, we have now arrived at the last section again and of course we would not like to miss the opportunity to give you an understanding of the production of ball knobs. We think that many of you would like to get more detailed information in this area, so we would like to go into it now. Today we do not use slow, old machines for the conventional production of metal or steel ball knobs. They are ultra-modern lathes, which can now carry out the work with a precision never seen before, so that the economic aspect, the time required for production, can be fully satisfied. The CNC lathes that do the work today usually always have a loading system connected to them, which can pick up the raw material on steel or stainless steel round stock. In order to start the production of ball knobs, all parameters must be loaded first. That means the feed rate, the diameter, the speed, etc. Once all these start criteria are loaded, the production of ball knobs can start. Now the first thing to do is to drill the core hole into the material and then the threaded hole. The next step is the turning of the collar. Once this process is also completed, the ball knob is turned. Once this form turning is completed, the finished ball knob made of steel or stainless steel is cut off and the product is finished. Of course, the ball knob also has to be oiled when the order is placed. The production of plastic ball knobs is completely different. Here again on a lathe, a threaded insert with the thread wire, which is made of metal or steel, and the ball knob is overmoulded. This process takes place on an injection moulding machine, which has a mould. This mould has now removed the threaded bush and can be overmoulded by an injection process within the mould. After cooling, the steel mould is opened and the finished ball, i.e. the ball knob, can be removed. All finished plastic or plastic ball knobs can now be stored in our warehouse and if you place an order, it can be shipped to you.

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