Partial return deliveries

When you have placed an order with us and the delivery has arrived at your home, our order is complete. If you now notice that you do not need or do not fit a part in a delivery, you have the possibility to return the part to us within the legal right of withdrawal of 14 days. This only applies if you have ordered privately from us. If you are a company and have placed an order with us, a revocation as B2B is excluded.

Pack the partial return delivery into the package and enclose the delivery bill. Inform us in advance by mail, so that we know that you will arrange a return delivery to us. After we have received and checked your return delivery, we will refund the amount for these parts. However, this only applies if the amount of the partial return delivery is higher than the minimum order value. If the total value of the partial return delivery is below our minimum order value, we will not refund your payment, because then the partial return delivery will be charged with the minimum order value of 20 Euro.

It has been tried many times to order parts with a total value of 20 Euro. Then resourceful customers came up with the idea to send back parts with a total value of 19 Euro in the hope to get 19 Euro. They wanted to save money and avoid our minimum order value. This is not the case, because the 19 Euro will be automatically charged in the reduced order value, because we only deliver goods above this amount.

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Hinweis / Note
Hinweis / Note