Key rings have become indispensable for martimen articles. Because what if there were no key rings? Tarpaulins and foils can be quickly secured on boats and many things more. Here, too, stainless steel is an indestructible material.

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Key rings made of stainless steel should no longer be missing in any household today. Key rings are more likely to be found on boats and yachts, where their purpose is to secure collar bolts with a cross hole. The stainless steel locking ring is simply threaded into the socket pin with the cross hole as if it were a key ring. Key rings or circlips can also be used to attach to stainless steel shackles. This is how both types of ring have found their purpose. But: since key rings made of stainless steel are constructed in the same way, except that the ends of the key rings are "oblique", like a key ring, so any of the key rings made of stainless steel can also Access key rings. The differences are not visible on the key ring or on the text holder on the key. The price for a key ring is similar to the price for key rings. Both types are produced on a ring bending machine, which has a mandrel and the endless wire is inserted from behind. The wire is now pushed over the mandrel and the key ring to be produced follows this shape and winds itself outwards. When the desired turns of the key rings or the safety rings have been reached, the finished key ring is cut "straight" at the ends using sharp metal scissors. The procedure is similar for the stainless steel key rings, but the scissor cut is oblique. These are actually all the differences between a circlip and a key ring. Of course, with some special circlips a nose can still be bent outwards at the end to make it ready for use for special applications. All key rings are made of V4A stainless steel so that they do not rust or fall victim to corrosion. Read more about stainless steel key rings on our blog.

Our range of key rings - Buy online at our online shop

Key Rings Stainless SteelFor many years now we have been stocking the most common circlips as well as key rings made of V2A or V4A stainless steel rings in our range in order to give customers the opportunity to buy their products quickly and cheaply via the Internet - i.e. our online shop - 24 hours and thus have the goods delivered quickly and easily to their homes. That was not always so, because when we started to build our company, we had no key rings or retaining rings in the offer. As we got more and more inquiries, whether we can also offer key rings made of stainless steel as well as retaining rings made of stainless steel, we searched for these connecting elements to find a supplier who can supply the appropriate quality. After some time of searching, we have finally found a supplier who produces both stainless steel retaining rings and stainless steel key rings in a high quality. Now you can find all common sizes of rings, which we can quickly deliver to you in small as well as very large quantities with an online order. In order to further protect and secure the data you have to enter, we converted our online shop to the very secure SSL certificate some time ago. Your data can be transferred to our connected system in an encrypted mode without third parties being able to access your data. This has many advantages in online trading. At the same time, we would like to explain to you how you can make your purchases in our online shop quickly and securely. Select all parts (key rings) and put them together with the other products in the shopping cart. If this process is completed, please create an account with us to enter your data and leave it for the invoice and delivery. If all articles are in the basket, and you would like to complete the purchase, you are now requested to select one of the innumerable payment methods. Now complete the purchase by paying for the key rings. If the payment was successful, you will receive an automatic order confirmation by e-mail. At this moment, when we receive your proof of payment, your key rings  are assembled in our dispatch warehouse and handed over to the transport company. Now you should receive your order after a few days.

The manufacture of key rings made of steel or stainless steel

Key Rings Satinless SteelAs already briefly described in the upper section, key rings are manufactured today on modern CNC machines, which are also called ring bending machines. Either the machines have a winding mandrel which winds up the wire and cuts it off after the windings have been reached. This is the first variant to produce circlips or key rings. The second variant is that the machine works thornless and the wire is pushed out as in spring production and wound into the corresponding form as a ring form by means of a forming arm. Many thousands of circlips or key rings can be produced per hour. The raw material for the production in the CNC machines is always, when it is quite thin, fed into the machine on rolls or large spools and can then be unwound during production. On these rolls or coils there are usually some 1000 meters of key ring wire or safety ring wire in stock. If the rings are shaped after the manufacturing process, they are cut to length by a straight or diagonal cut. The cut with the scissors must be serh sharp, otherwise too much burr can remain. Of course this is not desired. In order to obtain an attractive surface for the key rings, they are given a high gloss finish after the manufacturing process in a finishing bath, the electro-polishing bath. This process is made possible by means of electricity and a conductive liquid. Once all the retaining rings or key rings have passed through the process, they can be stored in our warehouse so that they can be delivered to you after an order has been placed.

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