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Half-round screws are also found in the large families of screws and have a semicircular area at the head. Such half-round screws are usually made of steel or stainless steel.

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Half-round screws are also today, like all other screws in the large family of screws, one of the most special screws that can be used today on machines and equipment. Especially in industry, it is no longer possible to do without half-round screws. These very special screws were introduced further and further during the industrial revolution at the beginning of the 19th century, when the rivets were so slowly replaced by the screws. Today, half-round screws are manufactured and installed which are intended for use in metal on the one hand and mostly also have a machine thread which can be designed metrically or as an inch thread or also as half-round screws which are intended for use and screw connections in wood on the other hand. With the screws which are screwed into metal or steel, there is usually a threaded hole inside the steel part, which can then receive the half-round screw directly. Such screws are used as completely different material forms in all industrial applications and in private areas. This material can always be used as a base material for structural steel or as a stainless steel half-round screw. In the structural steel version of the half-round screws, these screws are always coated with a protective layer that protects the corrosion so that the structural steel screws do not begin to corrode so quickly. Of course, corrosion cannot be ruled out, even if a coating is over the material. This can be an eloxate or a nickel layer, which has been applied wafer-thin. This makes the half-round screws a bit more robust. The really robust and durable half-round screws, which are mostly used everywhere today, are stainless steel half-round screws. Only this material is so resistant that it can be used also durably in the interior with air humidity or also in the external area harmlessly. The alloy composition of such screws with the half-round made of stainless steel are designed in such a way that they are available in V2A stainless steel or V4A stainless steel. V2A half-round head screws are therefore perfectly adequate in all common areas and protection against corrosion is provided. Of course, there are also exceptions where the use of V4A half-round screws is absolutely necessary. These special fields of application include saltwater and seawater, for example when screws are used on boats and yachts to hold covers securely or to secure other railing parts. Here the salt is very aggressive and can damage the half-round screws made of stainless steel V2A under circumstances in the long run. The same is true when these screws are used in the chemical industry, where bases and bases are in direct contact with the stainless steel of the half-round screws. How exactly is such a screw constructed? The head of the half-round screw is designed in such a way that it has a half-round head area. Inside the head is the drive with which the screw can be screwed in and unscrewed. The shaft of the screw, which is equipped with the suitable thread in metric form or with the inch thread, opens directly at the head. However, it can also be equipped with a pointed thread and a very coarse wooden thread. These half-round wood screws can then be screwed very easily and without cracked pressure into all wooden beams and squared lumber, for example when building a carport or similar.

Our stock assortment of half-round screws - Buy online in our online shop

Half Round Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AFor many years we have been offering our customers throughout Europe and from Germany the opportunity to buy their half-round screws made of steel, stainless steel in V2A or V4A from us. These special half-round head screws we did not have at that time, when we began with our enterprise, naturally immediately in our delivery program. Only after a few years, after many loyal customers from all over Europe had occasionally asked us whether we could also offer half-round screws made of stainless steel or steel (metal), we set out to find a supplier who could supply us with these special screws permanently and in large quantities, even in large quantities. This task is not so easy, because many of them offer half round screws made of stainless steel, but partly in a not so good quality. After a long search, we were able to find a reliable supplier for our half-round screws and he supplies us since then with the required quantities in an excellent quality. With our online shop we offer our customers the possibility to buy all their screws around the clock at a reasonable price. But not only that is and important, because many different customer data run over such an on-line Shop, which you enter, so that we can deliver your supplies fast to you. In order to ensure a further security aspect when storing your data and exporting them to our merchandise management system, we have converted our entire website to the secure SSL certificate. What this means we would like to explain to you in more detail when you purchase your half-round head screws. Due to this special encryption, it is no longer possible for third parties to access the exported data that you have entered in our online shop when exporting the data. This encryption makes the data unreadable and therefore worthless! In the same breath, we would also like to explain to you how a purchase of your half-round screws with us should proceed, so that the delivery can be dispatched quickly to you. Certainly you have also come to us via the search term "half-round screws" in the online shop and have thus found your products. Now you can put all screws and the other desired products into the basket and afterwards create your access data. To do this, create an account and enter all your data. If you now want to complete your order, simply follow the instructions of the shop system and you will now be given different payment options to choose from. Now select the best payment option for you and trigger the payment by your confirmation. If your payment was successful for your half round stainless steel screws, you will receive a payment confirmation by mail. Now all purchased parts will be assembled in our stock and shipped to you.

The production of Half-round screws

Half Round Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AEvery year millions of half-round screws and other types of screws are installed and screwed in Germany and Europe on machines and technical equipment as well as in the automotive industry. These enormous numbers, which do not only apply to half-round screws, but also to all other types of screws, must of course first be manufactured by screw manufacturers so that these quantities can be produced and then sold and finally delivered to you. In the past, many older machines made of metal or steel were generally available for this purpose, which had a purely mechanical control system. All screws that were to be produced had to be adjusted on the machine after long set-up times or changeover times. This process could be provided by adjusting the cam plates. The failure rates were also very low and these old but slow machines were able to produce half-round screws for decades without major problems. These slow machines were then gradually replaced in the last decades by ultra-modern CNC screw machines. These have a particularly high economic efficiency because they can be changed over quickly and without long downtimes to other half-round screws with different lengths when converting or setting up. All other physical data for the production of such screws are stored and loaded by the stored CNC program. This means that only a few steps are required to change from one type of screw to another. These modern CNC screw machines have a machining chuck in which most operations take place. Outside there is the storage drum which stores the endless material made of stainless steel or steel. This enables unmanned production even in night shifts. The raw wire is inserted into the machine and the first step is to cut the future half-round screw to the correct length. Then the head of the screw is pre-pressed by means of an upsetting tool, so that the collar of the screw is created. Now comes another upsetting tool which presses the final shape to the half-round screw. The drive is also integrated. Now only the rolling of the thread takes place, which takes place under high pressure between two thread rolls. Then the half-round screw is finished and can be stored in our warehouse. When we receive your order, all purchased half-round screws will be shipped to you.


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