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Folding spring pins are springs on a pin that are attached to the fork of a clevis. The fork can be quickly secured with the folding spring pin. Folding spring pins can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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This article will deal with the folding spring pins made of steel or stainless steel and as always we would like to go into more detail. Folding spring pins are safety elements that can only be assigned to a certain component. The folding spring pins can only be used on blower heads. Do not use a clevis without a folding spring pin. In this article we would like to go into more detail about how a folding spring pin is constructed and which materials it can be used with. In the following report we would also like to go into more detail about the production of these securing elements and how they have to be mounted on the fork heads. Of course, as always, the last article will deal with how these elements are now produced on modern machines and then sold as finished parts. Let's start with the assembly of a folding spring pin. The main component of one of these elements is always the pin. This is designed to secure components that can be flanged to fork heads with the pin. As these pins are not bolted but secured with a spring cotter pin, they are the main feature of each of these securing elements. A spring plate or cotter pin is attached to this bolt, which has a certain contour in order to be clipped around the edge of the clevis later during assembly. The spring cotter or spring plate is attached to the pin of the folding spring pin by a rivet and compression joint. The materials used for the folding spring pin are now commercially available in steel, which is always nickel-plated or has another inexpensive coating. This coating is important to prevent corrosion as far as possible. Of course, stainless steel can also be used as the material for the folding spring pins. Here we distinguish between two alloys. On the one hand it can be the stainless steel V2A or also the V4A. V2A as a high-grade steel spring folding pins is usually completely sufficient, but who would like to use the spring folding pins in the proximity of salt water or use these it machines and technical plants, which come into contact with acids or caustic solutions, which should always fall back on the spring folding pins from high-grade steel V4A. The mounting of such a pin with a folding spring pin on a fork head is very easy. To do this, the fork head with the component is brought into the correct position and the bolt with the spring plate is inserted through the fork head and the component. Now the spring cotter pin can be turned in the direction of the pick-up mandrel of the fork head until the clip engages over the fork head. The bolt is now secured. The connection can be released again by removing the spring cotter pin.

Our stock program of folding spring pins - buy online in our online shop

Folding spring pins stainless steel V2A V4AFolding spring pins made of steel or stainless steel are very much in demand today as securing elements. They are used in mechanical engineering and in almost all technical systems to connect components and divert the force in another direction. In most cases, fork heads equipped with a folding spring pin are screwed onto a thread of a pneumatic cylinder. But also in many other combinations the folding spring pins can be used with the heads. The list is endless and we do not want to go into more detail. The demand for metal spring cotter pins has become more and more constant in recent years with the further development of mechanical engineering and therefore the manufacturing industries must be able to cover the demand for these locking elements well. For this reason, we have also included the spring cotter pins in our stock programme, so that we can offer you the DIN connectors quickly and easily via our online shop. This way we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their fuse elements quickly and promptly via our online shop at a favourable price. To make sure that this is also possible, we have converted the entire online shop to the secure SSL certificate. This creates only advantages when handling your data, which you can deposit with us, so that we have your delivery address to be able to send the spring cotter pins to you. In this context, let us also deal with the order process, so that your purchase of such elements can be processed quickly. If you are now on our website and have found your spring lynch pins made of steel or stainless steel in the right size, you can put them into the shopping cart. After you have also put all other products you need in the shopping cart, you can enter your data in the next section of the online shop. To do so, you need to open a login account with us and enter all your delivery data. If you now want to complete the purchase of your folding spring pins and pay for them, follow the further instructions of the online shop while logged in. After a few steps you will see the different payment options. You simply choose the best one for you and pay the outstanding amount. If the payment process of your metal spring hinge pins was successful, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

The production of folding spring pins

Folding spring pins stainless steel V2A V4AIn the last article on this page we would like to go into more detail about the production of folding spring pins made of metal / steel / stainless steel. Certainly the application and assembly of these safety elements on fork heads is not an issue for people who work in mechanical engineering, but how many people really know how these elements are placed today? We would now like to shed more light on this question, so that this article can shed some more light on the dark. In order to be able to produce such folding spring pins, new, ultra-modern machines are used today. To be able to produce a folding spring pin, two components are connected with each other. On the one hand it is the bolt and the spring cotter pin itself. Today the pin is produced as a separate part on lathes. This lathe has a CBNC control and a connected loader. The raw material is located as metre bars in the loader. When the bolt production starts, the bolt is provided with a collar. Afterwards the bolt can be cut off and is already finished. The spring clip pin is produced on modern CNC sheet metal forming machines. For this purpose, the program is loaded and the strip material is inserted into the machine as spring material on a drum. Now the production starts and through various punching processes the spring lynch pin is first punched and then bent into the correct shape. When this process is completed, the two finished parts are assembled. For this purpose, the pin with the collar and the spring lynch pin are joined together and the upper collar of the pin is firmly connected to the folding spring pin by pressing. Now the folding spring pin is created. Now, if this element is made of steel, it is refined with nickel or another favourable surface treatment. If now enough plugs are finished and collected, they can be stored in our warehouse. If an order or purchase from you arrives via our online shop, we can ship the goods to you promptly (folding spring pin).

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