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Facade screws are used thousands of times every day and are also screws that are designed to fasten material to facades with facade screws.

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Many people today are looking for facade screws. These special screws are today indispensable fastening elements or fasteners that are designed for fastening to houses or facades. These facade screws can be manufactured and installed from a wide variety of materials. Among the most inexpensive facade screws are those made of mild steel. These are always provided with protection or a coating so that the steel or structural steel does not rust or corrode. However, the problem is that this protective layer, which surrounds the entire screw, cannot permanently prevent corrosion of the facade screw. This corrosion can only be delayed. It is precisely for this reason that stainless steel facade screws have become more and more popular on the market in recent years. Only these stainless steel screws do not require any protective sheathing and are nevertheless permanently protected against corrosion during normal use on facades and metal sheets. Of course, there are also exceptional cases in which the stainless steel V4A should be used for the screw material. These applications are on boats and yachts on sea or sea water or also in the chemical industry, where the facade screws can quickly come into contact with aggressive alkalis and acids. To name just a few of the applications where the use of V4A is absolutely recommended! Today, facade screws are almost exclusively screwed into house walls, i.e. facades and roofs made of sheet metal or trapezoidal sheet metal. But also in many other areas of houses and buildings facade screws made of stainless steel or steel can be screwed in. Basically, two different types of facade screws are used. One type is designed in such a way that it has a serh fine "coarse thread" with a point or a drill point and can be screwed to thin sheet metal or trapezoidal sheet metal. Only by the fine "coarse thread" it is possible to make a hold in very thin sheet metal possible. The second type of facade screw has a much coarser thread and can be used very well to allow a firm connection in wood or wooden beams or to screw directly via a dowel in a facade insulation. The head shapes of facade screws can also be as different as screw heads can be. The head shapes of a facade screw range from a standard hexagonal head with key surfaces to a lens head shape with a slight curvature to a head with a sealing washer underneath. These washers are usually a kind of curved washer with a matching silicone rubber. These silicone washers allow direct screwing of metal roofs or trapezoidal sheets to wooden beams or ceilings. The silicone sealing surface provides a perfect seal between the sheet steel roof and the substructure. These two functions, fastening and sealing, can be perfectly performed by metal facade screws. In the next article we would like to give you some more information about our stock programme of facade screws, so that you can see which types of screws are quickly available from us.

Our stock range of facade screws - Buy online in our online shop

Facade Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the first article we were able to give you some information about the use of facade screws, so that you now know where these special screws can be screwed to houses and facades everywhere. These special fastening elements are perfectly suited to create a connection between two materials and at the same time achieve a tightness that can be achieved with the facade screws via the sealing lip or the sealing washer made of silicone or rubber. These screws are increasingly being used by private house builders and especially by companies that are roofing companies or plumbers. So we offer our customers all over Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to order their facade screws fast and uncomplicated around the clock in our online shop. These are all the advantages of an online shop in which you only have to put all the desired items in the shopping cart and pay everything, then the goods will be delivered home or to your company. Of course, the topic of security should not be underestimated anymore. For this reason, we decided some time ago to convert the entire Internet shop to the very secure SSL certificate. The advantages are obvious! Your entered data, which are necessary to carry out an online order must be deposited naturally in our on-line Shop, so that we know the ordered facade screws also where these must be supplied. It is now no longer possible for third parties to access and read your sensitive data when placing an order between the shop and our merchandise management system. Because everything is encrypted and therefore useless for third parties. We would also like to briefly explain to you how best to make a purchase in our online shop and which steps are necessary before the order can be completed. Surely you have also come to us via a search engine and the search term "facade screws" to order your facade screws from us. It is best to take some time and select all articles you would like to buy. To do this, add all the desired quantities to your shopping basket, including your facade screws. Once this order section has been completed, you now have the option of purchasing further products from us or completing the order and paying for the facade screws. Follow the instructions of the online shop and you will now be offered various payment options. Choose one and complete the payment with your confirmation. If this section is completed, you will receive the order confirmation for your purchase of facade screws after successful payment. Now the goods can be made ready for dispatch for you in our warehouse.

The production of facade screws

Facade Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASurely one or the other of you is also willing to learn something about the manufacturing variants of facade screws? We would like to take a closer look at these questions in this amount, since most of you have already had some experience with the application locations of facade screws made of stainless steel or steel. In order to carry out any assembly work on roofs or facades on house fronts or buildings, the building owners should always obtain some information about which screw types are best suited for the application. In order to be able to screw and install all these different facade screws at the places of use, it is extremely important that these special screws first have to be manufactured in order to be sold and finally sold to you. Of course we don't want to withhold the production of facade screws from you and start now. In the past such screws were produced on very slow but effective and at the same time robust screw machines. These older machines are still in use today in some companies that produce facade screws and the reliability of such machines, some of which still have to be mechanically programmed with a cam disk control. However, it is problematic if competition continues to increase and the pressure from economic production pays its tribute. This is the only way that these screws can be produced in large quantities and thus safely and reliably supply the market with all the important utensils that have become indispensable little helpers in the fastening industry. Today, only CNC machines are used that can safely start production and keep changeover times as short as possible. This is because it allows a quick changeover from a certain size on a facade screw to another size on a facade screw, and only the positions have to be adjusted and the new program with the parameters loaded. Production can already start with the new series. Each of these machines has a processing station that has to be fed with the raw wire from the outside. Outside there is the drum with the wire on a spool. This continuous wire enables a long and uninterrupted production, even in night shift operation. Once this wire is inserted into the machine, the production of the facade screws can begin. The length is always cut off first and then the head is pre-pressed. The second step is the final pressing of the head shape with the corresponding drive. In the last working step the thread is rolled. In this way, your facade screws can be manufactured quickly and effectively.


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