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Composite screws are screws that can create a bond between different materials. Composite screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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Composite screws are a very special species among the screw connections within the large family of fastening technology. Many of you ask yourselves more and more often when you hear the name composite screw, what exactly does it mean? We would like to take a closer look at this question in order to give you an idea of what a compound screw has to achieve. In a further article, we will discuss how such composite screws are constructed and how they are assembled when a bond between two different materials has to be created. Furthermore, we would like to discuss how such screws are constructed and how they are assembled when a bond between two different materials has to be created. We would also like to briefly explain the materials used for such special screws. Finally, we will also explain our stock and the production of such screws. However, we would like to start with the construction of such screws. Compound screws are always very long by nature and, like all screws, have a head with the corresponding drive, as Torx or Phillips. Below the head, the shaft of the screw opens directly and continues with a groove pattern or another disc-like demarcation. Behind this demarcation a very long thread follows, which is formed as a coarse thread or wood thread. Towards the bottom, the compound screw continues and tapers out. The point enables you to place the screw also on a wooden structure and to screw it into the wooden plate under pressure without pre-drilling. A composite screw has the task, as a rule at least, of permanently and undetachably connecting a wooden plate or a wooden construction, such as a false ceiling, with a second layer, such as a concrete layer. If, for example, a false ceiling made of wood is installed in a house, a connection can then easily be made by means of the installation of the composite screws. Now the screws are not inserted into the wooden construction at 90 degrees, but are screwed into the wooden panel at a 45 degree angle. At a distance of 5-10 cm the composite screws can now be screwed in crosswise. Before this operation can be started, a foil should always be rolled out. Attention, screw in all compound screws only up to the half, so that the other half protrudes diagonally. Now the concrete can be poured over it. After hardening, the concrete screed is firmly connected with the composite screws. The concrete and the wood have now become one unit. A loosening of the composite screws is now no longer possible, except for the destruction of the concrete. The materials used are higher strength steel connections. However, these must be coated simmer, so that corrosion can be avoided. Or you can decide directly for the stainless steel composite screws, which are available in V2A or V4A. Especially such stainless steel composite screws are the optimum for the construction of composite wood panels and a concrete layer (screed).

Our stock program of compound screws - buy online in our online shop

Composite Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow it is also the case that the demand for composite screws made of stainless steel or steel has continued to grow. There is also a reason for this, because more and more often wooden constructions are connected with a concrete layer. This creates an inseparable and secure connection, i.e. a bond, between a wooden ceiling and a screed / concrete layer. As these composite screws made of steel or stainless steel can be screwed into the wooden construction with a Torx or cross-head, these "connectors" provide a secure connection after the concrete screed has been poured. This connection can only be released by destroying the concrete. Due to the increasing demand mentioned above, more and more onlien shops have to offer these screws for sale. As there are unfortunately not enough suppliers in this industry through the online shops on the Internet, we have decided to create this category of stainless steel and steel composite screws and to supply all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe with these screws. Now you can take your time to look at all the different composite screws and, if necessary, place the right screws in your shopping cart. Now we can also assume that you have found us via a large search engine to look at all products at your leisure. Then we welcome you most cordially! You are in the right category of composite screws made of steel or stainless steel. You can now choose your type of screw and place it in the shopping cart in the desired quantity. If this purchase section is completed, you can now buy further products from our online shop at a low price, or pay for the goods. If you now have all articles and want to pay for the goods, you can now create your own login within our online shops and enter all your important data. This is important because we need your darts for the invoice and shipping. In the next step you can simply pay for the goods while logged in and thereby confirm and complete the purchase. To get there you can simply follow the instructions of the shopping cart and click several times on continue. You will now be shown a selection of payment methods to give you the best result to choose from. Now confirm the purchase of your composite screws and you will receive an email from us with all data that are important for your composite screw purchase. Now we can process your order and send it to you.

The production of composite screws

Composite Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ACompound screws are important connecting elements that today have to connect wood and concrete and at the same time allow a certain flexibility. Now we have already been able to show you a few things about composite screws made of steel or stainless steel, but we would also like to give you some hints and insights into what makes the production of such screws possible. Composite screws made of stainless steel or steel with a coating have to be manufactured today for cost reasons always on the so-called CNC machines. Only these machines can combine the speed of production and the quality to produce an economic product and also to be able to offer cheap composite screws to the dealers, so that both the dealer and the manufacturer have the possibility to cover their costs. We would now like to describe this production of screws in a few words. These CNC screw machines have always integrated a machining center as the head of the machine for most machining processes. In this assembly, all the manufacturing steps are taken into account, as the screws go through during production. Outside of the machining center, there is usually a drum loader for thin continuous material, steel or stainless steel wire for the production of composite screws, or an attached bar feeder, which can handle thicker round wire material. To start a production of a composite screw, the machine must always be completely set up and the program with all parameters must be loaded. When the set-up process is completed, the machine can be started. Now the endless wire is drawn into the machining station and is cut to the calculated length. Now the countersunk head is pre-compressed at the compound screw. This process also includes the pressing in of the drive. This can be a Torx drive or a hex drive or a cross slot drive. In the next section, the rolling of the wood thread or the coarse thread takes place. This can now be inserted by strong pressure within the rollers and the thread is then transferred to the composite screw. After a few turns the wood thread is transferred to the screw shaft. The production of a compound screw is now complete. After a few hours of production, all produced composite screws can be stored in our warehouse. If you place an order, we can now process the delivery and send it directly to you.


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