Belt buckles are buckles that are intended to fulfil various functions. The stainless steel buckles are made in such a way that they are adjustable and self-tightening. For the production of belt buckles, mostly steel or stainless steel V4A or V2A is used.

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The belt buckles made of stainless steel sits today on many bags and straps without many people knowing that the stainless steel belt buckle is actually a great invention, which is one of the most sensible inventions. Because it connects - or better said - it stops belts or straps at desired, exactly defined positions. Exactly at these positions the straps stay as you want them to, not longer or shorter! The stainless steel belt buckles are available in many different sizes, but the most well-known belt buckle is made of 25 mm and of stainless steel V4A with a self-locking roller. This means - that the belt buckle can handle all straps or belts up to 25 mm. To do this, the strap must simply be threaded through the buckle, but this must be done in the correct order, otherwise the stainless steel buckle cannot be self-locking and develop its clamping effect. We will explain more about this in the following paragraph, how the belt buckle can be used. Basically we find belt buckles in many different areas of the economy - like the fabric and sewing industry, where bags with straps are used as carrying straps or on boat clothing. So also with tarpaulins on trucks. Also there a fast opening has to be guaranteed and a safe and fast closing has to be ensured. In these applications, where the buckles are exposed to the weather without protection, it is very important that the material of the belt buckles is stainless steel. This is the only way to permanently prevent corrosion. At the same time, stainless steel belt buckles impress with their shine, which they achieve in the polished version. It flashes us when the sun hits the buckles. And it stays that way, because the stainless steel does not change the surface any further! If you want to know more about stainless steel belt buckles, just read our blog post about it.

Our delivery program of stainless steel belt buckles - buy online in our online shop

Belt Buckles Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn our delivery program we have different sizes of stainless steel belt buckles. The most requested belt buckles are made of metal with an inner distance of 25 mm. These belt buckles accept all straps that are up to 25 mm wide. Thus we cover the average of these widths in the industry and for private use. The material is stainless steel V4A, the highest quality in its class. In order to make online shopping in our web portal easier for you, we would like to briefly explain in more detail how the ordering process can be carried out. To buy the metal belt buckles, please put all the products you need into the shopping cart. It does not matter whether you only need a small quantity of belt buckles or larger quantities. Once all items are in the shopping cart, you can create a customer account and enter your delivery details. If you now want to buy the goods, follow the further ordering process and you will be taken directly to the selection of payment options. You can fill these out freely according to your wishes. Once you have done so, you will be redirected to the secure payment page of the respective credit card provider. Once the payment is completed, you will be redirected back to our website. You will then receive an order confirmation from our shop system. Once your order has been received by our system, the stainless steel buckles will be packed together for you in our warehouse. Afterwards, they will be shipped via our shipping company. You should then receive your ordered goods within the next few days.

The application possibilities of the belt buckles

Belt Buckles Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe belt buckles can be used in two different applications. Since the belt buckle is made of a rectangular bent steel wire, in which a pin is located that has two holes and can move up and down inside the wire frame, this pin can then also stop the belt straps that are pulled through. The movable pin is knurled with a ribbing or a rough surface to create the necessary friction when stopping the belts. In this variant, one end of the webbing is simply placed around the wire clip, which is horizontal to the locking pin. This end of the strap is sewn tightly all the way through. The second end of the strap is now threaded between the opposite wire hanger and the locking pin, wrapped around the locking pin and the strap is led back up between the wire hanger and the strap, outwards to the buckle. When the belt is now under tension on this side, the gripped pin pulls upwards and blocks the belt so that nothing can slip out. With this variant the belt is simply pulled around the first horizontal wire buckle. Then opposite over the locking pin and again behind the wire hanger that is opposite the other wire hanger. Now a loop is made at one end and the webbing is looped back parallel on the first webbing through the first wire stirrup, then over the locking pin (stop pin) and again outwards over the first stirrup. In this way the belt buckle can be moved back and forth on the straps and can change its position. Just as you like.

The production of stainless steel belt buckles

The production of belt buckles is nowadays always done on so-called CNC machines, as this is the most cost-effective way to produce the buckles. These machines are called wire bending machines, which do this job with bravura. At the beginning a wire is always inserted into the machine, which is then bent into the rectangular shape. During the bending process of the belt buckles, the knurled bolt with the two locating holes is inserted into the wire body at the same time. Then the last two wire elements can be folded together and the ends neatly welded. The knurled bolt that locks the belt is freely movable, which is very important for the function. Finally the almost finished belt buckle is now polished to a high gloss in an electropolishing bath. With this the belt buckle looks beautiful and is well protected against corrosion with the processed V4A material. The goods can now be shipped to the warehouse and if required to you.


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