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Screw hooks (martime items) are used on board a boat or yacht to create suspension elements on cabinets so that jackets and other items can be quickly secured. The stainless steel is the perfect material to keep the screw hook looking good.

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Screw Hooks Stainless SteelScrew hooks, yes, screw hooks exactly. For most of us this is an unnoticed connecting element, which should really get attention. Because screw hooks are almost all-rounders when ropes or flower boxes or hooks have to be hooked into toilet doors. But screw hooks made of stainless steel are not only useful for these applications. You can also hang your winter jacket on a screw hook on a wall. Of course, we can only outline the other areas of application, otherwise this page would not suffice to list all, but also all areas of application. So you find application in installation companies where water pipes have to be laid or other things have to be hung. Stainless steel screw hooks can also be found in the food industry, in bakeries even on boats or yachts and so on. At this point we would also like to explain to you what a screw hook is exactly and what it can be used for? A screw hook made of stainless steel is a structure bent at the head of the hook, which has a tapering thread towards the bottom. This means that the upper curved three-quarter ring is partially open so that the ropes or hanging baskets can be attached to this part. Screw hooks can be available in several different materials. Many use screw hooks made of steel, but these are not recommended, as they like to quickly attach rust. The only insignificantly more expensive stainless steel screw hooks are corrosion resistant and can therefore not only be installed in the interior of a residential house, but also in the exterior. Thus one must worry with screw hooks made of high-grade steel about the weather little. Screw hooks made of high-grade steel are equipped as standard always with a wood thread. The thread is at the lower part of the stainless steel screw hook. The wood thread or coarse thread is called, is strong at the upper part of the screw hook and runs out downward to the end of the screw hook and becomes thinner and thinner. This is important because this bulky beginning is so important to be screwed into a square timber. Simply place the screw hook on the wood and press lightly into the wood. If it is hardwood, please do not screw it in by force, as if it is too heavy, the screw hook can also tear off - this should always be avoided. But not only for wood the screw hook from high-grade steel is to be used, but it can be turned also into a wall, in addition only a drilling must be set into the masonry, a dowel from plastic insert and into the dowel then the screw hook with wood thread will be screwed in. This connection holds also optimally!

Our delivery program of stainless steel screw hooks - Buy online in our online shop

Screw Hooks Stainless SteelScrew hooks have been available for many years in our online shop for all possible customers from many parts of Germany and Europe in thousands of designs. In recent years we have been able to win more and more customers from all possible industries who install our products in machines and technical systems and are therefore quickly supplied by us. But not only customers from the industry need high-grade steel screw hooks in many different lengths and wire diameters, but also ever more private consumers found out the advantage of these small aids fast and result on the search. You will always come across our website and can buy the screw hooks made of stainless steel V2A or V4A cheap in small quantities in our online shop. In order to make the purchase of our products even more secure, we converted our website a few years ago to the highly secure encryption system called SSL certificate. This has serious advantages for you as a customer, because a data tap during the transfer to our merchandise management system is no longer so easy. Thus we would like to keep up also with the modern safety solutions and offer you the largest advantage thereby. In order to make a purchase at screw hooks in our online shop possible, please proceed as follows. To begin with, please select all the individual products you need for your building project. Then you put all parts in the correct desired quantity into the shopping cart and open a customer account or a guest account at the same time, so that you enter and deposit all your data. Now you can click on the button "Go to checkout" and you will be led to another selection, which allows you the possibilities of the different payment garden. Here you select the best payment option for you and confirm the purchase of your screw hooks by paying the open amount. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation about your purchase. Now we can also pack your order in our warehouse for you. The screw hooks and the other products then go out of travel and you should receive the goods soon.

Production of stainless steel screw hooks

In order to be able to use metal screw hooks, these must first be manufactured in a more or less large manufacturing process. For the sake of economy, this process is now produced on modern CNC wire bending machines. In the past, these manufacturing processes were much more complex and much slower. These wire bending machines are specially designed for such process applications to bend or shape a wire from a roll. There is a wire inlet at the machine which continues the starting wire and brings it to the individual process departments where the thread is rolled and the screw hook is bent into the desired hook. At the beginning, however, pieces of the same length are always cut from the endless wire using scissors. These are then rolled onto the thread and are then transferred to the next process, which can bend the three-quarter loops from the still straight wire element. Now the screw hook is almost ready and has to be stabilized and sealed in the surface. Several hundreds of thousands of stainless steel screw hooks are placed in a basket and hung in an electric polishing bath. In this electrochemical bath, the surface of the metal screw hooks is finely removed and sealed. Now the screw hook is beautifully shiny and can withstand any weather outside for many years without even a rudimentary tendency to corrosion. These finished screw hooks can now be stored in our warehouse so that they can be delivered to you quickly and promptly when you order them.


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