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Locking bolts are bolt elements that can be brought into different positions by snapping them into place. Locking bolts can thus engage in the open position and in the closed position. Locking bolts are always made of steel or stainless steel.

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In this article we would like to take a closer look at the locking bolts made of metal, steel, stainless steel, V2A or V4A and also go into some details of these standard elements. It must now be said that locking bolts can be one of the most important machine parts that can be installed on technical equipment or can also take over important functions. Locking bolts belong to the large group of Atteri elements and standard parts available on the market. In this context, we will go into more detail in this article about the actual function of a detent pin, as well as about the assembly of these pins, their structure and the materials used. In the same context, we would also like to explain our stock of locking bolts and finally the manufacturing process of such position assurance elements. In this article we would like to start again with the exact and detailed construction of a locking bolt. As a rule, this usually always consists of at least two different materials, if not three. The first is the base body of the locking bolts, which can be either steel or stainless steel, but must always be made of a metal. The actual pin, which enables the function of the locking bolts, and the handle or head of this entire unit. Only all parts together can finally function and work as a unit as one locking bolts. The pin is always freely movable, axially in the base body, so that it can perform an up and down movement. The main body can be screwed to one component by means of a male thread, so that a second component can be secured by the pin. The head of this entire locking bolt unit carries the decisive task of enabling a locking function. This head is firmly connected to the bolt and has a web that can be locked into the base body by turning. This presses the bolt of the locking pin into the component to be secured. This is made possible by a spring which can constantly exert a certain pressure. If the engaged head is now pulled up and changed in position by turning it slightly, the locking bolts remains in the unengaged position at the top. Now the bolt can be guided downwards again by turning it. The materials used for the basic body are always a metal housing made of steel or stainless steel V2A or V4A. The bolt is made of the same resilient material. The head of the locking bolt can also be made of metal or, in most cases, of a plastic material that can be baled.

Our stock of locking bolts - buy online in our online shop

Locking Bolts Stainless Steel Metal V2A V4ADue to the further industrial increase in technical equipment and technical devices, the use of auxiliary elements for positional securing, such as locking bolts, has also increased in recent years. Of course, there is a reason for this, because the requirements have also increased further. The problem with this is that these special securing elements must also be supplied by the online shops in an ever-increasing demand. This is not always a matter of course. So we would like to offer the market a wide range of locking bolts made of steel, stainless steel or plastic, to give them the opportunity to buy these parts at and in the shop. For this purpose we have created a large platform where it has become easy for you to choose all your products, including the locking bolts, and to buy them cheaply in our online shop. In order to make sure that this purchase is secure, the issue of security should not be neglected completely, because your data that you deposit with us should be secure and encrypted. We were able to achieve this now because we have converted the entire domain to SSL encryption. Only this encryption enables us to store your data securely and to transfer it encrypted to our merchandise management system when you place an order. Please let us also say a few words about how a purchase via our domain can be implemented quickly and easily, so that you can see in detail how such an order process can be implemented. Surely you have also found our website, because many other people have also found us through the search word "locking bolt". Of course we welcome this very much, because now you have the possibility to choose your metal locking bolts and put them in your shopping cart in the quantity you need. The first order process is now complete. If you would like to go one step further, you can now create your account with us in order to store all data for the purchase of the locking bolts. Once you have done this, step three comes, which now gives you the opportunity to choose your payment options. Once you have found the best payment option, confirm your payment. Now we receive your locking bolts order and can finish it in our warehouse and send it to you.

The production of locking bolts

Locking Bolts Stainless Steel Metal V2A V4AAs with all other products, of course, the locking bolts must first be produced and manufactured so that they can be installed in machines and systems. In plain language, this means that there must be companies that specialise in such securing and fastening elements and that can produce them in an economic and economic context. This can only be done by machines to enable cost-effective production. Since such a locking bolt can consist of two different materials, i.e. on the one hand a metal or a plastic part, we would like to briefly explain both manufacturing areas in more detail. We would like to start again with the pin or the bolt and the basic body. Both can be produced quickly and cheaply on today's CNC machines. In order to further increase efficiency and to allow the price to fall, it is important that production can be fully automated. For this purpose a loader must always be connected to control the material feeds. Once the CNC program is loaded, the production of locking bolts bodies and pins can begin. First of all, the outer contours are always machined and then the inner hole is drilled. Afterwards the thread cutting and the following cutting off and deburring of all parts is done. When manufacturing a plastic head that is attached to a locking pin, the bearing for a production is slightly different. Because it is a moulded injection moulding part, a different type of machine must be used. These are injection moulding machines that fully inject a certain metal or steel mould so that the finished indexing pin handle can be produced. Once this has cooled down, it can be removed and the next head can be injected. After enough individual parts have been milled, the final assembly is carried out. Now all parts, such as the base body, the bolt and the head are assembled to form a finished locking bolts. This can then be stored in our warehouse and made ready for dispatch when you order. After a few days, you should find your purchased locking bolts in your mailbox and the parts can be installed at the technical rings.

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