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Cabin hooks, as the name suggests, are hooks for cabins. Cabin hooks made of steel or stainless steel are one of the most important elements that can be used as holders and shelves. Basically, cubicle hooks are similar to a cabinet and things can be stored. So cabin hooks are one of the maritime items and can be used and placed inside a cabin of a yacht or boat.

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What awaits you in the following sections on this page? Here you will find all the important information about stainless steel cabin hooks or steel as well, the variations, the surface finish and our stock. How cabin hooks are attached to walls of a yacht or boat and many other important insights. Basically, cabin hooks are not a new invention. Back when the first boats existed and people sailed the seas, there were cabins inside these boats. With the cabins of these boats, there was the desire to also fasten jackets and pants to cabin hooks. If one wanted to leave the cabin, the things were so always fast ready to hand. Or you entered the cabin, so the cabin hook was already waiting on the door or the wall to be available as a useful helper.

Our range of stainless steel cabin hooks - buy online in online store

Cabin Hooks Stainless steelCabin hooks have a very long history within the history. Since we have been running our online store for a very long time, but had never considered the stock of coat hooks, we also wanted to meet this customer request and thus expand or create our range of cabin hooks. When we thought about which material would be the best to produce cabin hooks, actually only stainless steel and steel came into question. So we started to search and found suppliers. Now you, the customer, come into play. If you are now also interested in cabin hooks made of stainless steel or steel, always start your luck first by searching for such parts within big search engines and look for the word "cabin hook". You would like to know which possible hooks exist at all and which ones could be considered. Now you get all cabin hooks displayed. If you now also see our cabin hooks and click on them you will be redirected to our website of cabin hooks. You are now also in exactly the right category of cabin hooks. Within the overview all stainless steel cabin hooks are now displayed. The selection menu makes narrowing down your search even easier and clearer. You now have the opportunity to pick out your cabin hooks at your leisure. If you have found the right cabin hooks, put them in the desired quantity in your shopping cart. Afterwards you create an account. Enter your email address and password. Afterwards you change in the logged in state again to the shopping cart and enter your invoice address as well as your delivery address. If you now click on continue, you will be taken directly to the shipping costs. Select them and continue. Now select the payment option that suits you. Now press the buy button and you will be redirected to the payment page of the supplier. If the payment of the cabin hooks has been successful, you will receive an email confirmation with the entire order summary sent. A few days later you will receive mail with your cabin hooks.

Stainless steel cabin hook for boats and yachts

Cabin hooks are mostly, because you also need to be modern and get a clear line, mostly made of stainless steel or steel. Cabin hooks made of any other material would not be so good. All cabin hooks made of stainless steel as well as steel can be subject to different manufacturing processes. We would like to start with stainless steel cabin hooks. These can be in a casting, that is, investment casting or turned part. Let us first talk about the stainless steel cabin hooks in the investment casting process. Here, as the initial piece is always a blank as a negative part the product, which is used to initiate the casting process. Once the mold has been produced with the entire outer contour, the part must now be immersed in a slurry bath. The slurry is thick and tough. This is now burned out in a furnace. The wax of the cab hook evaporates. All that remains is the hard outer shell. Now the liquid stainless steel is used. If the mold is now poured out, the cabin hook can see the light of day. After that, it only needs to be cored. The stainless steel cabin hook is now ready as a blank. In the final process, the surface treatment follows. This can be done as a smooth finish or brushed. A turned part, as a cabin hook is always round and has a hole inside the center. Such varieties of cabin hooks are made on lathes.

The different stainless steel and steel cabin hooks

Cabin Hooks stainless steelIn the previous article, we were able to tell you quite a bit about the stainless steel or steel cabin hooks. Of course, there is much more knowledge, which we could still explain to you, but it would be too many sections and it would go beyond the scope. In the last section, we want to talk about the rotating parts of the cabin hooks. When we talk about rotating parts for cabin hooks, this refers to all cabin hooks that have a round shape. This is the only way to ensure that these parts can also be produced easily and cost-effectively on an automatic lathe. And this is exactly what matters. If a cabin hook as a turned part consists of a round shape, the production of such cabin hooks can be done by clamping a blank made of stainless steel in the machine. After clamping, the contour can be shaped into the desired form. Finally, each cabin hook is given a hole in the middle, i.e. centrally, which goes through and through. This hole on the cabin hook ensures that a screw can later be inserted through it. This screw then engages inside a dowel on the wall or with the wood screw directly on the door. This gives the cabin hooks a secure hold. We hope that we have been able to tell you something about the stainless steel or steel cabin hooks and that you can take some things with you.


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