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Drywall screws are intended for timber constructions so that quick connections can be made. Drywall screws have a coarse thread and can be screwed in directly.

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Many people ask themselves again and again what exactly Drywall Screws are and what these screws can be used for. At the same time, we would also like to explain how these metal screws can be assembled and what materials they are made of. We would like to start with the name alone, which is already very promising and very meaningful "Drywall Screws". As the name suggests, this is a type of screw that can be processed very quickly on building sites. Why this is so, we would like to explain to you in more detail. Drywall screws have not been given this name without reason. Because of the arrangement of the thread, which can be a coarse thread or a fine thread, the screw has to be screwed into all materials intended for this purpose at a high speed during assembly. Thus, the use of a drywall screw is always to be processed with the use or in connection with a powerful drilling machine or a powerful cordless screw, which is the right drive, which was equipped as a Torx or Phillips drive. The standard drywall screws are actually always made of mild steel, which is coated so that corrosion can be slowed down. Of course, the rusting process cannot be completely excluded if the screws are made of mild steel. In recent years, stainless steel screws have become more and more popular, as these materials are far more resistant to corrosion and other chemical substances. The two alloys are called V2A and V4A. V2A dry-wall screws are usually completely sufficient if they are used indoors or also outdoors or in bathrooms. If you would like to use such screws on boats and yachts, you should pay attention to V4A alloys for the drywall screws. Basically, all kinds of materials can be screwed with these drywall screws, which can be used with or around wood or metal frames. However, these screws were especially designed for fast and secure mounting on pieces of wood in drywall panels. Especially when building drywall walls, time equals money. Because many hundreds of drywall panels or gypsum plasterboards will be quickly attached to a metal frame. Or even overhead on ceilings and ceiling suspensions, which in turn have to be screwed to plasterboard or drywall panels. Here, speed is of the essence and only drywall screws made of metal, steel or stainless steel can achieve the desired installation effect. As far as the construction is concerned, drywall screws are usually always used with a countersunk head, so that this can also be countersunk into the drywall panels so that the filler can be placed over it later.

Our delivery program of drywall screws - buy online in our online shop

Drywall Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAfter we had to realize that the demand for drywall screws has increased many times over in recent years, we have also decided to include metal drywall screws in our stock program, so that our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe can buy their goods from us. As the main component we offer in our online shop the drywall screws as a type of screw, which is available in a stainless steel version in an alloy version in V2A and in V4A in a high quality. The same applies to the different thread types for these screws. On the one hand, our product range includes dry-wall screws with a fine thread, which are suitable for mounting in dry-wall frames made of metal or sheet steel, and with a coarse thread, which are suitable for use and screwing into a wooden beam. This means that the right drywall screws are available from our stock for all applications for interior and exterior use, so that we can always supply you with the right screws. Thus we offer our customers from Germany and Europe around the clock the possibility to buy your Drywall Screws, independent of the day, cheaply through our online shop and have the goods delivered to your home or company without any problems. A purchase of drywall screws made of metal has never been as easy as today. We do not want to disregard the subject of security, because when shopping online for products in our online shop, we place great importance on data security. For exactly this reason we decided some time ago to change our website to the encrypted SSL certificate. It is important that your data cannot be accessed by third parties during data export, because everything is securely encrypted. At the same time we would like to inform you how to buy your drywall screws easily in our online shop and which steps are necessary. Surely you are one of many customers who have found us via a search engine and the keyword "Drywall Screws". There sist beautiful and we welcome you very warmly on our website. Now you have the possibility to assemble your drywall screws in peace and quiet and put them in the shopping cart with the other products in the quantity you want. If this process is completed and you would like to take the next step, you now have the possibility to enter all your data and to open an account with us. To do so, enter all your address data and also your email address and password. If you would like to finish your purchase of drywall screws, follow the instructions which will be offered to you when you click on the shopping cart. Now you will usually see a selection of payment options, from which you should choose one. Your payment confirms the purchase of your drywall screws. If the payment was successful, you will automatically receive an e-mail from us with all order data.

The production of drywall screws

Drywall Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs with all other products from the large family of fastening elements, of course, drywall screws must first be manufactured so that they can also be screwed and installed on building sites. Of course all fitters know exactly what Drywall Screws made of metal / steel or stainless steel are, but most of them know nothing about how these types of special screws can be manufactured. We have also received a number of e-mails on this subject, where we were also asked if we could explain a few things about the production process of drywall screws. Of course we were happy to do so and have collected some information about the production of such screws. Basically, two processes were and are the rule, whereas the older production process of drywall screws is based on the fact that these screws were exclusively produced on mechanical screw machines. These robust machines, were designed so that all parts were made of steel and the programming was done by curved discs. This did not, of course, exclude the long changeover times that such old mechanical machines brought with them. Today's modern, fast and economical manufacturing processes of CNC screw machines and automatic machines are based on the same principles as the CNC machines mentioned above. These machines are supplied by a programming of the individual data and parameters, so that the production of drywall screws can take place promptly and economically. The central component within the machine is always the chuck, which guides and processes the bare wire, so that a finished dry-wall screw is produced from this wire. Outside is always the drum which has taken up the wire, which is introduced as raw wire as stainless steel or as steel wire. Due to the endless material, after the setup, a fully automatic production can be carried out on the drywall screws until the wire is completely processed. If the wire is now inserted into the processing chuck, production can already begin. Now the first step is to cut the shank of the metal drywall screw to length. Then the head with the collar is cut before pre-pressing. The third stage of the production is the rolling of the thread, which can be a coarse thread for wood, or a fine thread for metal or steel. According to the application of the drywall screws. Once all these steps are completed, the screws are washed and freed of oil residues so that they can be stored in our warehouse and then sold to you via our online shop.


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