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Ball handles are all handles that have a ball at the beginning of the handle. Such bales at ball handles are useful because the ball handles of the hand gets a good grip. Ball handles are available in plastic, steel or synthetic material.

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When it comes to the procurement and use of grips, most companies cannot avoid the need for ball handles. Ball handles made of metal, steel or stainless steel, or even plastic, are perfect hand control elements that can be attached to handwheels or other pivoted parts, so that a rotary movement makes the ball handles rotate with the hand and they can be easily operated by using the hand. These handles can take on very different shapes and can be made of different materials. In this article we would like to go into some details about the ball handles, which materials can be used and which types of ball handles you can buy in our online shop. Like in the other articles, we would also like to discuss how metal ball handles and plastic ball handles can be made. We would like to start with the basic structure of ball handles. As the name suggests, such handles are constructed as bales. This means in plain language that the rear part is filled up as a bale, i.e. more strongly. In addition it must be said that the handle starts narrowly at the front part and becomes thicker and thicker towards the back. This round shape allows the user to hold the handle very well in his hand and use it as a control element. The whole handle is designed in such a way that it can rotate around its own axis, because in the ball handle there is an axle incorporated which is mounted rotatably. At the front end there is the receptacle for the axle, which is mounted as a thread. This means that anyone can screw the ball handle into an existing thread and operate it. Now we come to the different materials. The basic version of a ball handle is always the plastic handle. This is robust and at the same time extremely stable. The second material variant is usually the steel ball handle. This is convincing due to its low price and can be used as a bare steel ball handle or coated or painted. The third variant is the stainless steel ball handle, which can be found in many applications. However, it is also the most expensive variant, which is available in V2a or also V4A. These alloys of stainless steel are saltwater resistant and resistant to alkalis and acids, especially when it comes to V4A.

Our delivery program of ball handles - buy online in our online shop

Ball handles Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AThe industry as well as the private users have long since discovered the ball handles for themselves, regardless of whether they are made of plastic or steel, stainless steel or metal. The places of application are as different as they can be. The most common applications are ball handles to machine elements, such as the handwheels of boring mills or lathes. With the increasing demand, the market must also adapt and provide sufficient ball handles so that the production of machines and technical equipment does not come to a standstill and can always be supplied in sufficient quantities. So we have also made it our business to supply private customers and industrial customers throughout Europe and the rest of Germany with a wide variety of ball handles. This possibility was created with our online shop, with our customers around which you can buy their goods from us in our online shop cheap and fast. This service, which is available 24 hours a day, must of course also be ensured that all your data is stored on a secure platform and cannot be accessed by third parties. Thus we have some time ago our Internet site completely converted to the secure SSL certificate, so that all data can now be stored safely. Now it is no longer possible for data export of your purchase to be accessed by third parties. While we are on the subject of buying. In this context, let us also briefly explain how an optimal and fast processing via our online shop should be carried out when purchasing your ball handles. Basically, it is so that all purchased stainless steel ball handles you need can be simply put in the shopping cart in the desired quantity. Once this process is completed, you simply enter all your order data and leave your email address. When you have all products in your basket and you want to finish shopping, just follow the steps suggested by the order button in the shopping basket. If you have gone through the menu, you can now see a list of all payment methods. Now you only have to decide which payment method you want to use. Once the decision has been made how you would like to pay for your ball handles made of plastic, confirm the procedure. If the payment was successful, you will then receive the payment confirmation from us.

The production of ball handles made of steel / stainless steel / metal / plastic

Ball handles Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4ANow we have already arrived at the last article, where of course we would not like to deprive all customers of the production of ball handles made of metal, steel, stainless steel or plastic. Many people know the term only too well and of course know how these ball handles are installed on plants, but very few know how such ball handles are actually produced. In order to bring thereby somewhat more light into the dark, we decided also in this contribution again to start the production of these grips briefly once in the different materials at ball handles. We would like to start with the steel ball handles and the stainless steel ball handles, i.e. all metal handles. In order to machine these parts, even today only ultramodern CNC lathes are required, which are usually also coupled with a loader. The raw round material can then be fed into the CNC chuck of the lathe and the metal / steel / stainless steel ball handles can be turned exactly with a chisel. Once the ball handle is finished, the next step in the production process is to manufacture it. In this step the axles are produced in the machine. These are turned in such a way that a collar is created and this must then be provided with a thread. The rear part of the axle shaft can be fitted with ball bearings so that the ball handle can be attached and turned easily. It is then secured by inserting a circlip. This will prevent the position of the ball handle from shifting on the axle. Let us now turn briefly to the production of plastic bale handles. The axis is of course the same as for the steel bale handles. The plastic part, i.e. the bale handle itself, is naturally made of plastic. This is manufactured in such a way that a mould is created, which is made of steel and the ball handle is injection moulded. Injection moulding machines are used for this. Finally, when the ball handle has been injection moulded, it can be mounted on the metal axle in the same way as the stainless steel bale handles. A retaining ring is also used here to prevent axial displacement. Now all is safe. When the assembly is completed, all assembled parts are sent to our warehouse and can be shipped when you order.


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