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Floor lifters also belong to the category of martimen articles and can also be safely classified there. Because floor jacks, as the name suggests, lift floor plates or doors or lids that are located on boats and yachts. Floor lifts also come into contact with water and should therefore be water-resistant. For this reason, always use stainless steel.

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Floor lifters are small, almost invisible, collapsed, barely visible, if you really pay attention to the fact that they are mostly small ring lifters or floor lifters that are sunk into recesses and have only one purpose: to open flat doors or covers easily and simply. This is especially important on boats and yachts. But it is also important that stainless steel floor jacks are designed in such a way that when not in use they disappear flat and almost invisibly into the "sinking" again. Because this point is so important, because otherwise there could be the danger of getting your foot caught on the floor lifter when running over. That would be fatal! For this reason, retractable floor jacks made of stainless steel were developed. You can read more about the subject of mounting floor jacks on our blog. But not only on boats and yachts floor lifters made of stainless steel are used, but also in the packaging technology in the industrial use with the production of boxes from wood. The advantage is, as on the boats, that the bottom lifter is also safely sunk. This makes the boxes look even better and gives them an additional eye-catcher.

Our assortment of stainless steel floor lifters - Buy online in our online shop

Floor Lifter Stainless SteelFor many years we have also been a reliable partner for the supply of stainless steel floor lifters to industry and private consumers. We could inspire many satisfied customers from the most different industries for our products and thus our assortment of floor lifters always further develop. In order to make your purchase even more secure via our website, we have decided to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This has the advantage that you can buy without risk from us in the online shop, can deposit your data, and we can download them without the access of third parties. This ensures the sensitive data when purchasing floor lifters considerably. Likewise, we would like to briefly explain to you how a purchase on our website should proceed. First, assemble all your products, such as floor lifters or the other products and place them in the shopping basket. Once this order section has been completed, create your guest account or customer account. Now you will be asked to make your payment selection. Different payment methods will be suggested to you. Simply select the best payment option for you and then confirm the purchase by clicking the payment button. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation which is automatically sent by our system. Now we can assemble your order (stainless steel floor lifter) in our warehouse and send it to you. After we have handed over your order to the transport company, your parcel should arrive within the next few days.

What types of stainless steel floor lifters are there?

Floor Lifter Stainless Steel1.) The floor lifter, which is made of stainless steel sheet in a cost-effective deep-drawing process. It is usually rectangular and has four fixing holes, which serve to screw the bottom lifter firmly to the lid or flap when it is recessed. In most cases, a retractable flap is installed by means of a spring, which ensures that the flap snaps back into the lifter after it has been released and disappears. 2.) The second type of stainless steel floor lifter is similar to the first, but more wide than long. This bottom lifter also has four fixing holes to screw it to the lid or the board wall. Also here a spring is mostly installed to pull down the tab automatically. Also this floor lifter was manufactured by the economical deep-drawing procedure. 3.) The third type of stainless steel floor lifter is made by the investment casting process. Liquid stainless steel is poured into a sand mould or into the Wax-Lost mould and then has to be ground and polished by hand. Of course, this stainless steel floor lift is an optical highlight among the floor lifters. Its round shape also makes it something special. The floor lifter is prepared with three holes for fastening on board.

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